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Did Tom Hardy Take Steroids to Get Bulked-Up for Warrior & Bronson?

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Tom Hardy is one of the most well-known actors, producers, and scenarists from the United Kingdom. He gained incredible musculature before acting in “Warrior” and “The Dark Knight Rises” (TDKR). He was ordered to put on almost 20 kg over several months to get a role in “Bronson.” How did he manage to do the impossible and sculpt this enormous physique with steel muscles? We will investigate this issue in this article, but first, maybe you want to know more about this talented actor.

A Short Biography of Tom Hardy

Edward Thomas “Tom” Hardy is originally from the UK capital, London, where he was born on September 15th, 1977. Tom’s mother, Anne Hardy, was a creative artist who made beautiful paintings. His father, Edward Hardy, wrote scripts and comedy bit pieces for commercial purposes.

Tom was interested in the acting profession since his childhood. He graduated from Richmond Theater School and later studied in the London Drama Center. A teacher who had taught Antony Hopkins (one of the greatest Hollywood stars of the twenty-first century) trained Hardy. It was a huge honor for the young guy.

The beginning of his career in the film industry dates back to 2001. He debuted as John Yanovech in the military multi-series drama “Band of Brothers,” which was devoted to the Second World War. The picture was based on the similarly named novel written by Stephen Ambrose. The aspiring actor performed alongside such castmates as David Schwimmer, Donnie Wahlberg, and Ron Livingston.

In 2001, Hardy episodically appeared on the big screen in “Black Hawk Down” a military flick by Ridley Scott, but in a minor role. Later he experienced considerable success, receiving invitations to play greater roles. For instance, in 2002, he showed his worth in “StarTrek: Nemesis,” the genre action movie, where he impersonated the prominent character — Enterprise’s Capitan Reman Pretor Shinzon (a clone of Jean-Luc Picard). He also starred in “Simon: An English Legionnaire” and “Dot the I.”

In 2005, “Venom” became a participant in some TV projects, in particular, the historical series “The Virgin Queen,” where Tom morphed into Robert Dudley, a companion of Queen Elizabeth I. Besides these parts, the actor was involved in live theater as he’s also an accomplished thespian. In 2003, he received the London Evening Standard’s Theater Award.

In 2007 “Stuart: A Life” was released. In this film, based on real facts, Tom played the major character, Stuart Schorter, a vagabond addicted to alcohol and narcotics. The actor impressed the audience with his virility and persuasion and gained in popularity.

He has played both secondary and major heroes. He is also credited with both high- and low-budget projects. In 2008 he performed one of his most eminent roles in “Rocknrolla” a criminal comedy created by Guy Ritchie. His colleagues were the great Gerard Butler and Mark Strong. Tom played the homosexual Pretty Bob, who fell in love with the bandit group’s leader. After that, he appeared in:

  • “Thick as Thieves” 2009
  • “Inception” 2010
  • “Lawless” 2012
  • “Loske” 2013
  • “Mad Max: Fury Road” 2015
  • “Legend” 2015
  • “Dunkirk” 2017
  • “Venom” 2018

According to the New Straits Times, in China, the actor is known as “Tang Lao Shi”, which means “always wet”. Very likely, they associate this sobriquet with his slicked-back hair.

Sports and Martial Arts in Tom Hardy’s Life

To prepare for movies where his character boats impressive muscle volume, the actor has to train intensively. He also was required to master various types of martial arts, namely:

  • Boxing
  • Thai boxing (Muay Thai)
  • Kickboxing

The actor’s popular exercise program included: barbell bench press; lifting heavy loads from various positions; squats with a load (dumbbells, barbells); deadlifts; push-ups, pull-ups, and others. He had to perform at least two sets of each exercise, with each set comprising six to eight reps.

Hardy said he constantly varied the load in his workout routine and alternated between many sports. For example, he combined heavy lifting with boxing, and so on.

The Hollywood star had to train for at least six days every week. He was engaged in such a bonkers exercising schedule for a two-month film shoot, but the results were easily visible with the naked eye and Hardy acquired the kind of body that makes women swoon. On average, he spent at least fours hours in the gym per workout.

The Actor’s Nutrition System

Before acting in “Bronson” he was reluctant to stop consuming unhealthy junk foods, such as pizzas and burgers, because he needed to eat a lot of carbohydrates and fats. Tom had never followed a proper nutrition plan comprising wholesome food and maximum proteins. He adored sweets, cakes, and ice cream and indulged himself with such dishes. Such eating habits contributed to his eventual bulking.

Prior to Tom’s part in “Warrior,” the basis of his diet comprised rice or buckwheat, vegetables (broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes), and boiled chicken. His diet at that time was low carbohydrate because he needed to have good muscle definition — and not just be huge like in “Bronson”. He had to forget about fast food and various unhealthy snacks. He had a meal 5 to 6 times a day. In case he consumed extra calories, he increased the load in a gym.

Among sports supplements, Hardy enjoyed proteins (protein cocktails, pancakes based on this ingredient, etc) which contributed to his musculature enlargement. He drank BCAA before or after a workout session. This regimen allowed him to gain rippled muscles and look lean and mean. Tom Hardy’s figure three to four months before filming and after filming is completely different. It’s all because of balanced nutrition and intensive exercise.

Tom Hardy and Steroids

When Tom starred in “The Warrior” (as Tommy Riordan Conlon), “Bronson” (as Michael Gordon Peterson) and “The Dark Knight” (as Bane), he was over 30 years old.

He needed to expend significant efforts to break into the public eye in his best shape ever. In an interview, Hardy claimed that he had no connection with steroids or any desire to use them.

At the moment, there is no concrete proof or argument indicating that Tom Hardy has used “juice” to get any short-term effect from steroids. His extremely muscular body in some films does not mean that he has taken illegal drugs.

Unlike sports, where athletes undergo regular doping tests, Hollywood movie stars are not subject to such controls. Remember Dwayne Johnson or Arnold Schwarzenegger? No one had any idea to test them, though it would be interesting what was found!

Viewer Viewpoints: Tom Hardy and Steroids

Internet users have differing viewpoints regards Tom Hardy’s relation to steroids. Some believe the actor was on the juice to gain such a huge muscle mass in such a short time. Others argue that Tom has more fat than muscle, therefore he has achieved his necessary goals because he ate high-calorie foods.

Bodybuilding experts state that if Tom really resorted to a steroid cycle, he did it incorrectly as his figure left much to be desired compared to those who worked out rigorously. The media doesn’t show great interest in this matter because the public generally accepts the fact that movie stars may consume steroids when preparing for a film. Sportsmen, working in a competitive industry, are strongly criticized for such practices.

All in all, there is no evidence proving that Tom Hardy used steroids, only mere gossip exaggerating the rumor. At the end of the day, it’s up to the cinema celebrity to clarify this. Maybe someday he will admit to or deny taking drugs to bolster his muscle mass.

In cyberspace, you won’t find any information about the types of steroids presumably used by Tom Hardy. These might have been Anavar, Trenbolone, or Nandrolone.