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Did Ken Griffey Jr. Take Steroids – the Truth About the Famous Outfielder

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George Kenneth Griffey Jr. debuted on April 3, 1989, performing in the big league in Oakland, California. On the Seattle Mariners channel it was claimed that it was a historical moment, which would stay in the spectators’ memory forever. The athlete hit a double in the first match and several days later made his debuting home run. This player was nicknamed “Younger” and “Kid”. The Mariners’s broadcaster appeared to be a prophet. Griffey became a star.

Ken Griffey’s Sports Career

The baseballer was born in 1969 in Donora, Pennsylvania. He has a common natal day with another Pennsylvanian and Hall-of-Famer, Stan “Stasiu“/”The Donora Greyhound” Musial. His father was an astute outfielder (also Ken Griffey, but Sr.).

Ken Griffey Jr. started to play in the AL for the Seattle Mariners in 1989. In 1990, he performed on the field with his dad (as outfielders). This event remains an exception in MLB. The sportsman played over two dozens of seasons in the League.

In the vast majority of his professional path, he worked with the Mariners and the Cincinnati Reds, and also collaborated for a short while with the White Sox. A multiple participant of matches of all MLB stars, he is considered one of the most known knock-out players. He also proved to be a good defender and received 10 Golden Glove awards among center-fielders.

The athlete was recognized the skookum universal player of the 90s. In the AL, he was successful in some perfect homeruns in 1994, 1997-1999, he also made 56 homeruns in 1997, 1998. Ken did his jubilee 500th homerun in 2004. He shared the record for MLB by the quantity of matches played in a row, in which the homerun was knocked out.

Nowadays, the former athlete works in the management of the Seattle Mariners. He is an expert. In summer 2013, Griffey became the seventh person to be listed in the Seattle Mariners Hall of Fame. As we mentioned above, Ken is a second-generation baseball player.

Achievements of Ken Griffey Jr.

The synopsis of his basic achievements:

  • he is a 13-time participant of MLB stars matches (the first time in 1990, and the last one – in 2007);
  • he has received the Golden Glove 10 times;
  • he has made 40-homer plateau in 7 games;
  • he has been awarded with the Silver Slugger 7 times;
  • the most prominent sportsman of AL (1997);
  • the most valuable sportsman of the match of all the stars of the US MLB (1992);
  • the return of the year (2005);
  • he won the HomeRun Derby 3 times (1994, 1998, 1999);
  • he is included in the MLB’s team of the century.

And most importantly: in 2016, KGJ was balloted and then elected to the Hall of Fame. The decision was almost consentaneous (over 99% votes).

Interesting Facts About Ken Griffey Jr.

  • Long ago, KGJ and his manager Lou Piniella started a dispute. The winner had to treat his opponent with dinner. Lou Piniella won, but instead of a steak, he found in his office an entire live cow. The way Ken delivered the animal to that place remains a riddle.
  • In 2016, the world-famous company Nike released Air Griffey Max sneakers, created in honor of the eminent player.

  • In 2017, Homer Simpson, the hero of the animated television series “The Simpsons” was included into the Hall of Fame. It was intended to coincide to the 25th anniversary of the episode “Homer at the Bat”, where the team with Simpson won. In the series, there were characters of MLB, namely Roger Clemens & Ken Griffey.
  • Only once pater and son played in one MLB game and both knocked out on a homerun. This happened in the competition against the Angels on September 14, 1990.
  • In 1989, Ken Griffey Jr. signed an iconic baseball card at an average of $30 – $40. Most likely, now it costs much more. The only question is how not to buy an ersatz.
  • His wife is Melissa. They have two children, Trey and Taryn.

Did Ken Griffey, Jr. Use Steroids?

There are players who took steroids in baseball. These are guys like Mark McGwire, Alex Rodrigues, Rafael Palmeiro, and others. Although a particular baseball representative may not have gotten a positive result at anti-doping test, indirect evidence is pretty convincing. In addition, there is a big group of players who, according to many fans, didn’t resort to prohibited substances to increase performance. But why do users exclude such possibility? The main argument concerns the absence of the large musculature in such individuals. But the theory that all persons who take anabolics become a big and awkward muscle mountain is false.

It is believed that Alex Rodriguez took fordidden Primobolan. It’s an expensive preparation that doesn’t lead to water retention. Therefore, the muscles don’t look swollen, they look quite ordinary.

Why then don’t people assume that Ken Griffey Jr. took steroids? He grew up inside the culture where it was normal to take pills to get necessary advantage. In addition, during the first 11 years of his career, he was fairly persistent. Since the 2001 season, he has missed many matches because of injuries that could have been caused by anabolic steroid abuse. Nevertheless, we hope that the sportsman didn’t use them. Reddit users also think so: “he didn’t balloon to cartoonish proportions throughout his career”, ” [he] never ballooned up the way the guys most commonly associated with it did”. However, some people do not believe these anecdotes. Their reasonings include in particular the fact that Rodriguez was also not distended.