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Did Jim Thome Take Steroids or Does He Have Clean Reputation in Sports?

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Today, many athletes take divers supplements and meds, from vitamins to stimulants. These remedies help to eliminate fatigue, excessive excitement before oration, poor concentration, etc. Such products can enhance mental performance, temporarily increase concentration and capacity. They also contribute to the increase in muscle mass. Some American baseballers don’t want to play fair and start using illegal steroids or performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). Below we’ll talk about James Howard Thome, a US baseball player who had been in the top league of the United States for over 20 seasons. Well, did Jim Thome take steroids?

Jim Thome’s Key Life Facts

The renowned baseball player was born in 1970 in Illinois to a family of working-class folks who were involved in sports activities. The boy attended Limestone High School. During his long career, he was a player in six Major League baseball clubs, but he was most successful in the Cleveland Indians during the nineteens and also in the famous Philadelphia team in the early 2000s. “The Thomenator” had great kick power. In the MLB sports games, he knocked out over 600 home runs (HR), which is the seventh indicator in the country, and also made 2328 hits and 1699 runs batted in (RBI). He participated in the matches of all MLB stars five times, and in 1996 he received the Silver Slugger Award award as the best offensive player.

The career of the Victorious Baseball Player: the Nuts and Bolts

In 1989, after studying at the Central College of Illinois, he was “handpicked” as an “afterthought” in the draft by the Cleveland Indians. In two years, the athlete performed in the main league of America. At the beginning of his career, Jim was a reserve player, but soon he became the key one in the team. Thome was one of the main players of the Indians when his club took part the World Series 2 times in three years. After over 10 years in Cleveland, in 2002 Tom shifted to the Philadelphia Phillies as a free agent. He played there for 3 sports seasons.

In early 2006, the athlete moved to the Chicago White Sox, in which he got his performance back on track, and owned the Comeback Player of the Year Award and exceeded the mark of 500 HR. By this time, acute back pain didn’t allow him to participate in the matches with full vigor and he went to the catcher position. Later he performed in Los Angeles and Minnesota with a brief return to Philly. The prolific power hitter completed his enduring spots career in Baltimore. At the end of the career, he received a central position in the White Sox.

Throughout his baseball occupation, his primary forte was leaden hits. In six seasons, he beat over 40 HR, and in 2003, knocking out 47 HR per season, became the superior baseballer in this indicator. In 2011, Tom received over 600 HR (only seven players before him had managed to set this record). Tom was also a prominent person due to his gregarious personality, cheerful attitude towards life, and sociability. He actively participated in charity and philanthropy activities donating his money and time, for which he twice received public awards. The Hall of Famer also headlined the 69th Annual Rochester Press-Radio Club Day of champions children’s charities dinner in 2018.

What do Jim Fans Think About His Possible Steroids Use?

We have found a discussion of the use of anabolics by Jim in one of the American forums dedicated to sports. One user asks: “Does Jim Thome use steroids or is he just fat?” Some users answer that Jim is already 39 years old, that is, he has a slow metabolism, so he looks great. Others have left a link to the video, where Jim does incredible things on the field which are beyond the power of a human with excess weight. Still, others have written that they cannot claim that Jim took “juice”, but they would be very surprised if it turned out to be untrue. Some people report that the player has always been a big guy, in particular, he was the biggest child in the lower leagues and during training in high school.

Is Jim Thome’s Reputation Clean?

American blogger and investment manager Jeff Miller believes that the assumptions that Jim used AAS are just theories. He says he has no idea if Jim Thome used steroid pills, but he doesn’t like it when amateurs start counting numbers to figure out what makes or breaks baseball. This is a ridiculous practice because there is no reason to think that if a baseball player improves his yearly statistics, he uses performance-enhancing medications. It could just be luck or skill improvement. When there is no factual evidence, there is no point in blaming someone.

No one knows, except Jimmy, whether he has been taking medicines increasing productivity over a 21-year career, but quite a few people swear that he is dissimilar to other sportspeople who were caught using illicit drugs. Therefore, at the moment, the athlete’s repute is pure like a crystal bell.

The slugger is in the list of “The Best Hitters Who Are Believed Not to Have Juiced” compiled by Bleacher Report.

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