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Did Derek Jeter Take Steroids During His Famous Career in Baseball?

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Derek Jeter belongs to the category of the most successful ballplayer in the baseball history. Moreover, his name is associated with the central figure in the NY Yankees in the period from 1990s to 2000s. It is because of his great success that fans have speculated whether Derek Jeter used illegal steroids or not.

Years of discussion were devoted to clearing up whether Derek Jeter had ever taken steroids or not. He personally claims that he has not used anabolic steroids. Jeter is the embodiment of an ideal baseball player, due to his leadership skills, powerful hits and incredible running strategy.

Let’s investigate Derek Jeter’s sport and personal life, and in particular, his unity with Alex Rodriguez and his attitude towards steroids.

Derek Jeter’s career in baseball

The sportsman’s statistics are indisputable evidence of his legendary participation in the Yankees. Team games, plate appearances, bats, hits, stolen bases, times spent on base, and doubles – this isn’t even the whole list where the player proved himself the best baseball player of all time. The sportsman is in the 6th place among all baseball players and the absolute MLB leader among shortstop players.

During his astonishing career, he managed to win the most remarkable awards, in particular:

  • Golden Glove Awards;
  • the Hank Aaron Award;
  • the Roberto Clemente Award;
  • multiple All-Star selections;
  • some Silver Slugger Awards.

Talking about Jeter as a Yankees athlete, it is worth noticing that the team’s success almost completely depended on him.

There were many rumors concerning Jeter’s use of steroids. Paying no attention to these rumors, he gained enormous success almost immediately after appearing in the Yankees directly after he graduated from school. This success led him to be the team captain. There are some nicknames Jeter has garnered due to his outstanding playing, such “Mister November”, and “Captain Clutch”. His revenue in the last Yankees playing period was about $17 million.

Did Derek Jeter take steroids to improve his performance?

Many fans are wondering whether Derek Jeter has gained such incredible results with the help of steroids or whether this is due to his talent. Steroids in professional sports are a very widespread phenomenon. That is why even Jeter, who is actually clear, has been suspecting to use enhancing drugs.

The suspicion has grown after Skip Bayless from ESPN alluded that Derek Jeter is one of those numerous players who use steroids to enhance their sport rates. Bayless thought this way because he was really shocked by Derek Jeter’s bounce-back he did at the age of 38.

Obviously, Jeter denied that he took steroids and other enhancing drugs. He said that the attention on him as a steroid user is caused by firstly, his results, and, secondly, the wide range of MLB players who take these drugs.

Is there any evidence that Derek Jeter took steroids?

There is no evidence proving Derek Jeter’s experience in steroid taking. He was just legally prescribed to use cortisone injections for maintaining his ankle strength after injuries. Unfortunately, it did not help. Jeter fractured his leg while playing the American League Championship Series’ first game.

Unlike anabolic androgenic steroids, which are being condemned in the sport industry, cortisone corticosteroid is highly recommended and accepted by professionals. In most cases, a cortisone injection is not aimed at complete removing the problem and treating injury. This is the case with Jeter.

The targeted aim of this steroid injection is to remove pain and help the player keep playing, despite the injury. The disadvantage is that cortisone can badly influence bones and tendons, which, eventually, will deteriorate and slow down the process of recovery.

Despite the pain removing effect which cortisone gives not being long-lasting, it is widely used by players, who want to play and not feel the terrible pain their injury causes. Cortisone won’t help to heal the injured body part. The only effect is masking the pain. That is why its legality is not unjustified. Probably, Jeter was prescribed cortisone steroid shots for masking the horrible pain of his injury.

Among other players who used this injection as a painkiller are Michael Morse and Carlos Beltran.

Friendship between Derek and Alex Rodriguez

Derek Jeter was not satisfied by the behavior of his friend and teammate Alex Rodriguez. Derek considered that taking steroids is the worst thing Alex Rodriguez did.  Nevertheless, he never let him down and always supported him, because he understood that making mistakes is something that everyone does. Jeter showed his attention to steroids and with the help of his condemnation he proved that not every successful player is addicted to steroids. He always said that success can be reached through hard work and self-confidence.

Rodriguez did not deny using steroids in the period from 2001 to 2003. Jeter’s reaction to his admission was very gentle – he said that the entire team should help Rodriguez to deal with it. Jeter also said to his friend that he could completely rely on him, especially with help for stopping the addiction to steroids. That was how the close friendship between two teammates began.

However, at the very beginning they did not get on well. In one of his interviews Alex Rodriguez said that all that people notice about Derek Jeter is his incredible career and thousand enormous hits, but there is something more precious – Jeter’s great personality, his big heart. Rodriguez also said that Jeter was the biggest motivation for him. When he needed to be inspired, he looked to Derek. He also coached him a lot about playing.

We have highlighted the sportsman’s attitude towards steroids, such as the fact that always denied that he was taking them and tried to combat this problem in the team. Nevertheless, we cannot say for sure whether he took them or not, or if he just tried them once in a while. Whether Derek tried steroids or not he will be always associated with the greatest baseball player of all time.

Derek Jeter and steroids – our assumptions

If we suppose that Derek Jeter used steroids to enhance his professional performance, he probably took Winstrol similarly to most MLB players. This is a very popular anabolic in the bodybuilding field, because its action differs from most steroids. The main component is Stanozolol. The drug slightly increases muscle mass, but it gives the muscles a pronounced relief, increases vascularity and promotes fat burning. In addition, Winstrol can be used alone very effectively. Taking this will lead to improved muscle definition, and increase in power and performance, which is very important in baseball.