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Detailed steroids definition: key facts about anabolic and other substances!

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Nowadays young generation is getting involved in the mainstream of becoming professional athletes. It is very attractive to have strong and beautiful body as well as earn good salary, participating in sport competition or training other people working as a personal coach.

The tendency we have been observing for the recent years is that some athletes manage to create the enormous shape of their body. Many records have been broken due to this.

You may wonder: what is the key of this secret? Some athletes admit using steroids. They are considered artificial hormones aimed at improving both the person’s strength and muscle shape and mass. It is worth noting that steroids are forbidden in the sphere of professional sport. Besides, their application can lead to severe health problems. Unfortunately, the young generation, especially kids and teens watch videos, where steroids are advertised and believe in their benefits. So let’s discuss steroids definition, their biology, impact on your health and the necessity to stop using or never use them.

Define steroids – what is the meaning of this word

How do scientists define steroids? “Steroids” have various meanings. In order to help your body in a fight with stress and make the process of puberty more productive, your body basically produces some particular steroids. Being a clever mechanism, our body produces the exact amount of steroids we need for these purposes. Besides, steroids are the name of some medicines people take to cope with pain, skin problem, or allergic diseases, in particular asthma. But you shouldn’t associate these kinds of steroids with those, which are spread in the sports industry. Athletes use anabolic androgenic steroids (anabolics is another drug definition).

Medicine steroids definition

There is a specific group of steroids called corticosteroids. When we consume this group of steroids the inflammation in our body is easily fought. These medicines made in lab conditions affect the organism in the same way hormone cortisol (produced by adrenal glands) does. As a result of its action, substances needed for causing inflammation are not produced, because cortisol (definition medical of this harmful hormone) enables the immune system to maintain this process. These medicine steroids are aimed at treating conditions, which lead to swelling or irritation. Besides, they are great remedies for reducing the symptoms of different diseases, such as:

  • rheumatoid arthritis;
  • asthma;
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (also COPD);
  • different autoimmune disorders, including lupus;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • rashes and various skin problems like eczema.

Moreover, it is advised by doctors to take them in order to treat various allergic reactions.

Anabolic steroids definition – what is this?

It is still the question why steroids are associated with anabolic steroids, which are illegal. What is anabolic steroids definition? These steroids (like anadrol steroids) are hormone-based drugs produced in an artificial way. They are very similar to androgens, sex men hormones. Testosterone has the biggest power. Anabolic steroids are available in powders, pills and injections forms. The illegality of anabolic steroids means that it is forbidden by law to buy, sell and take them.

Athletes find anabolic steroids (such as Nandrolone) attractive because they act like testosterone, causing the muscle mass increase. You may think that it concerns only male persons, but using steroids is becoming more and more popular with girls, who want to have a well-shaped body.

According to the recent research, consuming steroids is also practiced by people, who are not professional athletes (teens, athletes’ friends etc.).

Supplements containing anabolic steroids are available online or “offline”. You can see a lot of ads on Internet websites or in gyms offering them (Oxymetholone for sale, etc.). Some of them are forbidden in the USA, but a large part of them is still legal and people with appropriate prescriptions have access to them. Anyway, legality doesn’t mean safety for our health. So, if you really value your health do not use steroids. They require conducting post cycle therapy which can cause extra side effects, such as Nolvadex side effects.