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David Ortiz steroids: legendary player and biggest amount of drug tests.

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David Ortiz is the real Red Sox which has an amazing career. During the whole way, he denied that steroids took any place in his life and even after scandal which happened in the 2003 year (information was published in the 2009 year), when he was included into the list of confession about sportsmen who uses drugs, he continued to deny all possible connections with this deal. David’s position always was simple. He explains his attitude to drugs in a very interesting way. Once he told that in case if bodybuilding supplements that work like steroids or something like that will ever appear in his life, the first thing he supposed to do is a public confession. After his professional career was finished in the 2009 year, he decided to ignore the whole themes about doping etc.

The only one interview which David made included very interesting point of view about whole hype. Sportsman told that everything was made just to create fake news and to defame honest people. By the way, drugs which publishers connected with him appeared only in the 2004 year, but information was made in the 2003 year. It means that it is a fake and it is impossible to make serious attitude to that.

Despite many problems which appeared right after he got judgments, he continued his career without any changes. The position about drugs always was pretty strong and all his adorers were separated into two camps. One of them thought that he used some natural steroid alternatives. Others thought that in case if he would use something like methenolone enanthate, it would be impossible to continue the career. Their explanation was very simple – for example, he used such heavy meds like Clenbuterol. After the publishing of the whole information, it would mean that he supposed to be very careful because paparazzi and different tests were directed to the only one target – to uncover the riddle of his success.

During the period of hype on this theme, he went through many tests without any resistance. It was the honest fight and he won it. He confessed that he is the leader in baseball players who did more tests than anyone. The official statistic shows that all tests were successful. It is possible to believe this information and possible to ignore that because David Ortiz is a star and all tries to spoil his popularity will bring the deficit of money. It means that people who care about this will always protect this turf and even in case if some tests were failed, In this corruptible world it is possible to buy everything (and even change the official truth). So, today we will make a little research and find the truth about David Ortiz and his story with steroids.

17 secrets about David Ortiz, his career, and problems with steroids:

1 – He was born in the 1975 year and his nickname is “Big Papi”. It happened because he has Dominican roots.

2 – His first position in the game meant that he should attack. It is the most aggressive position which depends on the special character features.

3 – He has a lot of different prizes as the best player.

4 – In the MLB rating, he is in the 27 place.

5 – Summary calculations of all results bring him leadership on his position.

6 – He graduated high-school at the Dominican Republic and some people think that his aggressive line of the game is the result of national features.

7 – His first place on a baseball team was opened in the 1996 year and it was the unknown club.

8 – When he moved to Minnesota he changed his name to actual.

9 – His professional debut happened in the 1997 year.

10 – During his career, he shared the field with a huge amount of teams.

11 – He got several injuries during games.

12 – In the 2005 year he got problems with the knees but continued to play and brought to team many victories.

13 – Once he left the club just because they denied pay the fee.

14 – The top of his career was in the Boston Red Sox.

15 – He was a rare but very effective player in the Boston Red Sox.

16 – All guesses about drugs appeared right after he showed the amazing result on the field. It is habitual for the sportsman but it turned into the huge stress for David Ortiz.

17 – Today if journalists are trying to prove that he used steroids and sometimes during interviews they asking such questions like “how to control cortisol” to make him unawares confess. That is the reason why he decided to avoid interviews.

Finish of career and last words about steroids

He spent 19 years in baseball and today it is possible to call him a legend. Members of his team noted that he has amazing talent – to concentrate all power right at the moment when it is so much necessary. There were many interesting moments in his career and there are no empty lines because everything is possible to get from baseball he was done. His situation is possible to compare with Vitor Belfort steroids judgments. These two legends made so many good things for sport and today when people should remember their efforts, society spoiled all impression with the steroids theme.

Some proofs for defense

First of all, it is important to remember that his body wasn’t with the signs of any forbidden pills. By the way, some of his friends noted that question “can you drink alcohol while on steroids?” and the answer – “no” as the main evidence of innocence. It means that sometimes David Ortiz drunk beer and all sportsmen who use any steroids cycles can’t do that because the even smallest dose of alcohol brings real damage. It is impossible to show the progress – everything such kind of choice can bring – slow degradation. In David Ortiz, it is possible to find strong power and will force. By the way, every sportsman who took a piece of success always suffers from such kinds of attacks, like that. It is just another society’s reaction to find the truth and it doesn’t always mean that all popular sportsmen are on steroids.

So, as you can see, David Ortiz is amazing sportsman and a strong person. Even after long periods of attacks he still loves his game and stays strong in his position about steroids.