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Cytomel – the hormonal generic drug for quick weight loss in sports!

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Cytomel is a hormonal drug. In medicine, it is used to cure hypothyroidism. It provides an additional amount of thyroid hormone or replaces it.

The drug is an excellent copy of the naturally produced hormone thyroid triiodothyronine or, as it is commonly called, the T3 Hormone. While the synthetic Cytomel(one of the types of steroids ) has been available since the 1950s, thyroid hormones, including T3, have been used in medicine since the 1890s. Early plans for the treatment of the thyroid gland included biological extracts of animals that contained pure forms of hormones T3 and T4. The extracted thyroid hormones proved to be very useful for therapeutic purposes, especially for the treatment of hypothyroidism.

Cytomel dosage: using in sports for cutting

The main component of the drug significantly affects the metabolic rate, stimulating it. This hormone is involved in a lot of cellular functions, including the metabolism of carbs, fats, and proteins. If the human body does not produce enough of this hormone (hypothyroidism), the metabolism mechanism can’t work properly. With hypothyroidism, the fat deposits will increase, which is extremely difficult to combat. There may also be a loss of energy, and in some situations, hair loss. The medication intake provides the body with the thyroid hormone necessary to solve this problem.

Usually, low doses of the drug are used to treat hypothyroidism. This will not necessarily contribute to weight loss but should return the metabolism to proper functioning. However, many sportsmen prefer to take the drug in order to increase fat loss. Taking the medicament, along with a diet that limits calorie intake, will contribute to a fast & strong fat burning. This is one of the most powerful tools for weight loss. Because of its effectiveness, this drug can be applied without the use of anabolic drugs.

Experts recommend starting the drug taking from 50 mcg per day, 2 times a day (25 mcg x 2) in the first half of the day. Gradually increase the dose to 150-300 mcg per day, 3 times a day until 18:00. Do not stop taking the drug abruptly: start lowering dosage 2 weeks before the end of the cycle, continue the gradual decrease until complete withdrawal.

If you have diarrhea, include loperamide in the cycle (1-2 capsules per day). If there are problems with pressure, you need to use beta-blockers. A minimum break after finishing the course is 3-4 weeks.

Cytomel weight loss reviews of results

Cytomel weight loss provides the following results (when used in sports):

1) metabolism acceleration;
2) enhancement of heat production;
3) fat burning (which is also provided by Winstrol);
4) stimulating effect on the central nervous system;
5) suppressing appetite;
6) decreased need for sleep;
7) improving physical performance.

According to sportsmens’ reviews, the effectiveness of the drug surpasses most of the existing fat burners, including pharmacological.

Side effects of Cytomel generic drug

The medication may lead to the following side effects:

1) tachycardia (palpitation) and increased blood pressure (these consequences can be eliminated by using beta-blockers);
2) osteoporosis;
3) diarrhea (this adverse effect may be eliminated by special drugs, such as loperamide);
4) excitement;
5) insomnia;
6) muscle trembling;
7) dry mouth;
8) allergic rash;
9) sweating;
10) feeling of heat;
11) decreased thyroid function (occurs with long courses and very high doses of thyroxine, with the use of recommended doses, the function is restored after 3-4 weeks)

A detailed description of the mentioned adverse effects can be found in the instructions to Cytomel or Cytomel generic. It is also necessary to consult a specialist (doctor or sports expert) to find out contraindications.

Cytomel buy online – how to do it?

The medicament is available to buy online for people having a prescription issued by a healthcare professional. Those who don’t have the necessary document can’t purchase the drug legally. Therefore, generic versions of Cytomel weight loss are sold at black market.

Price of Cytomel drug

The price of the drug is from 1.25 to 1.7 dollars for 1 tablet containing 5 mcg of an active agent. 25 mcg tablet cost more – around 2 dollars. This info can be found with the help of Pharmacychecker resource.