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Curt Schilling and Steroids – the True Reason He is Not in the Hall of Fame

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American baseball players often use anabolic steroids. Therefore, this issue is extremely popular and causes a lot of hype. Some former athletes accuse their partners of taking prohibited substances, although they themselves are probably former steroid users. In this article, we’ll tell you about extraordinary Curt Montague Schilling (“Top Step Schill”).

Curt Schilling’s Life Path

The future sportsman Curtis Montague Schilling spent his childhood in Phoenix (the capital of Arizona), attending a comprehensive high school called Shadow Mountain, then Yavapai College (which had Athletics Department) in Prescott. He led his local team to a great victory in the US Tournament among all junior colleges in 1985.

In winter 1986, he was inducted into the Red Sox baseball crew. He entered into his first PRO agreement with the professional team on May 30, 1986 and performed in the low league with the unrenowned Elmira Pioneers (NY-Penn League). The following season, Schill tied his career to the Hornets of Greensboro. On July 29th, 1988, after starting a season with the New Britain Red Sox, the athlete was invited by the Baltimore Orioles. First, he played in the low league with the Charlotte Knights, then he finished the year with the Orioles where he performed in four games.

When performing a starting pitcher’s role for the Wings in 1989, the sportsman started 27 games, launched 9 complete matches and succeeded in 3 shutouts.

Within Major League Baseball framework, a shutout, abbreviated as SHO or ShO, means the act a starting pitcher is credited with when he pitches the entire game for a team and does not allow the opposition to score.

Schill gained 13 victories and sustained 11 losses. After 5 performances, he finished the season with the Orioles. Having experienced a defeat for the first start, he had to play as a relief pitcher in the four following tournaments. Switching from Rochester to Baltimore, the baseball player spend the next period. He performed in 14 matchers for Rochester with the equal number of wins and losses – 4 and played 35 games as a rescuer with the Orioles. He managed to get 3 saves and earn 2.54 runs. January 1991 saw his moving to the Houston Astros where he acted as a relief pitcher in 56 matches, completed 34 tournaments and obtained 8 saves. After coming to Philadelphia in 1992, he performed for the Phillies again.

Having finished 1993 with astounding results made up by 7 losses, 16 wins, 4.02 earned runs, over 180 strikeouts, Schill was recognized the leading player of the Phillies. Later his impeccable performance contributed to the Phillies’ surpassing the Braves (a two-time winner) in the US League final. 20 strikeouts helped the iconic player gain another trophy — the prize of the best player in the series. After that the Phillies meeting the Toronto Blue Jays followed. Curtis was credited with the failure in match 1, but was redeemed in match 5, where he launched a full match without a point. The team won the game 2-0, avoiding elimination. However, the next day, the Phillies were vanquished in the final round while they led 6 to 5.

The Phillies no longer played leading roles in subsequent seasons, although our character was one of the league’s best pitchers. He demonstrated his big dissatisfaction with the authorities of the Phillies, saying the leaders were not attempting to build a title-scoring team. In 2000, the star asked to be purchased and on July 26, he was swapped for some Arizona Diamondbacks (or simply D-backs) baseball players.

In November 2003, D-backs swapped Schilling for 4 Boston Red Sox players. From his 1st season with Red Soxes, he won 21 victories for 6 misfortunes. The Iconic baseballer announced his career termination on March 23, 2009. The baseball guru played his last major game in September 2007 with Boston, and his last playoff game in October that year, recording a final prize for the Reds Sox in the MLB annual World Series.

After the finishing his pro way, he started his own business, founding Green Monster Games company (later renamed to 38 Studios). In winter 2012, the firm released Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, but then the crisis occurred and he fired all staff because of financial difficulties.

Here are key facts about Schilling:

  • He upheld the honor of five illustrious high-ranked teams.
  • Curt’s achievements include 6 matches of all the US League’s stars.
  • He has been recognized the champion of the World Series 3 times.
  • In 2001 Schill was named the most valuable sportsman.
  • Schilling debuted on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball as an expert analyst.

The Dismissal of Schill and His Provocative Tweet

ESPN launched the debatable legend of Schilling after a tweet. He lost his job after comparing Muslim extremists with German Nazis. On August 25, Shilling bursted the twittersphere. He posted a meme of Adolf giving salute on his Twitter account (@gehrig38) and commented: “It’s said that only 5-10% of Muslims are extremists. In 1940, only 7% of Germans were Nazis. How’d that go?”.

The former player changed his mind and deleted the post, but its screenshots quickly spread through the World Wide Web. It induced a storm of indignation. The scandal persuaded the ESPN management in the necessity to dismiss Curt. “His public announcement is fully unacceptable and doesn’t correspond to the ethics and the standards of the company. Curt is suspended from working in the Little League World Series program,” asserted ESPN.

Why Was Curt Schilling Not Included in the Hall of Fame?

Curtis is a contradictory man who is trying to gain popularity with the help of extra-special statements. Such behavior prevented him from being listed in the Hall of Fame (one of the organisation’s voters said: “His recent antics forced me to reevaluate his personality, which ultimately turned him to a ‘no’ vote”). This is not because of his involvement in cheating and using forbidden preparations, since there is no evidence for that. Although we will never be 100% sure who had a relation to performance enhancing medicines, Curt was one of the few sportsmen willing to speak out against his colleagues who allegedly resorted to them. Curt Shilling raised complex matters because he claimed he believed Barry Bonds should be added in the Hall but Clemens & Alex Rodriguez are not appropriate candidates. There are assumptions, that Rodriguez could have taken steroids in the past. Therefore, it’s not known what Curt Schilling indeed considers when he states such things.

Did Curt Schilling Himself Use Steroids?

We have no real proofs that Curt Schilling practised anabolic steroids, such as Turinabol (CDMT oral tabs) or Nebido (a long-acting testosterone undecanoate). We have two hypotheses. The first one is that Curt didn’t use illegal drugs because he confidently charged other athletes with such offend and wasn’t afraid that they would put forward blames in return. The second conjecture is that Curt tried to divert suspicion from himself by relocating attention to other people. In 2001 Philadelfia radio show, he said: “There isn’t a team in the last 20 years that has won clean“. But he claimed that he did not take any drugs. But he actually contradicted himself. It turns out that all the teams were cheating and this athlete was a lamb among lions.

What meds Curt could use? Chris Street, a former worker of FLEX Magazine, has written an unpublished manuscript, in which he described sample steroid stack of an MLB baseballer:

  • Winstrol. It comes in oral and injectable formats. It is considered the third most popular anabolic medication after Dianabol and Deca. But Winnie was especially coveted among pitchers.
  • Testosterone cypionate. This is a test derivative in the form of an oil-soluble 17 (beta)-cyclopentylpropionate ester. Cypionate is a long lasting substance, which is used in sports, medicine, and by transgenders.
  • Nolvadex. It combats the negative effects of increased testosterone in the body, caused by the conversion of this hormone into estrogens. This drug provides a blockade of estrogen receptors, including in the pituitary gland. It can have a toxic effect (sometimes it is manifested by loss of appetite, nausea, an increased risk of thrombosis).
  • Arimidex. In medicine, this drug is used to treat breast cancer. However, athletes take it to reduce estrogen production.
  • HGH. It is primarily used to enhance muscle definition. Such baseballers as David Segui, Jason Giambi, and Jason Grimsley confirmed that they used HGH.
  • Metformin.This product is unofficially used for weight loss. Doctors prescribe it to diabetics.

Probably the athlete took some of the described meds.

Summing up: he is a discrepant figure, but this is not a trigger for blaming. Everyone may live as he/she wants (within the law, of course).