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Cris Cyborg steroids: problems with forbidden meds or just mistakes.

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It would be interesting to learn that Cris Cyborg is a unique woman. The thing is that her body has amazing evolution and it can’t be compared to any competitors of MMA. Her power and stamina make people surprises and her strikes are really amazing. There is no another woman with the same power in the whole sport. Power is not the only one thing she has. Professionals noted that she has amazing potential and incredible techniques.  It helps her create amazing fights. All competitors know that fight with Cris means pain. She won the majority of her fights and it makes people scare her. Anyway, today she is well-known as the Dwayne Johnson steroids reflection. In case if we will try to compare her body with someone from the male world, this man will suit her. The thing is that people couldn’t believe in the story that her muscles are natural and after one accident which happened after some drug-tests, her popularity turned black. It happened right after one fight and serious injury. Anyway, this situation turned into the scandal because the first version was about Stanozolol use and only after that it has been changed.

Her own point of view

“Everything that I can explain you now is that now USADA creates detailed observation of every step which my doctor made during treatment. I’m totally sure that everything will be fine because I know that there was no any forbidden steroids and drugs. Everyone knows that my health problems were real and I still in the recovery phase. It happened after exhausted weight loss that I got. All the deal consists of the side effects which appeared after this period of my life. I don’t have anything to hide. I just want to make people understand that I never used something like steroids. It was just simple treatment and I’m sure that I will prove that”.

Her boyfriend’s point of view

“We are talking not about steroids. The thing is that Cris has own recipe which was created especially for her right after the fight. It includes recovery therapy which was directed on injuries which she got after a very fast overweight loss. It was the real race and her body spent all resources. We already receive the information that the main reason is pills which were prescribed by a doctor and now he works in contact with USADA. In case if it will be important to offer something (documents etc.) we are always open to all contacts. The main problem is in the spironolactone. The thing is that she got problems with liver and blood pressure and spironolactone is the basis of her treatment because it brings a positive influence on health. As the result, it is possible to get a fast recovery. The doctor who prescribed spironolactone is very popular and people respect him. It means that he knew what to prescribe and who was his patient. Now he works with a huge amount of professional sportsmen and there are some fighters of UFC which were tested by USADA too. The spironolactone was prescribed on Monday right after weight check. She never used overdoses and open for all conversations about the actual situation.

I am not a doctor and I can’t explain all features of her treatment and every single drug, but at the same time, I can say that this treatment becomes the main reason to cancel fight which should be right next to this date. The doctor told that this situation with weight loss brought amazing collateral damage to her health. I think that the doctor soon will explain everything to press. It is sad when people are trying to compare her with Jose Bautista steroids situation. She is honest and that is not fair”.

Guesses that information about steroids was real

In fact, in case if someone spends a lot of time inside the sports society where every second sportsman uses steroids it is easy to find the truth. That would be enough just to look at her to understand the real situation. There are some features of her appearance which makes people think that she uses steroids:

– Her voice is too low.

– Her head is bigger than it was in her photos when she was younger.

– Her strange body shape. It looks like it was prepared from the different pieces of muscle blocks.

– Her man’s face. She does not look like a woman.

– Aggressive behaviors which tell us that there is a lot of testosterone inside her body.

At the same time, she has a boyfriend and that is a good sign. Anyway, it means that she still has female hormones and her natural health still has resources for recovery.

No proves – no problem

This situation is very interesting because all circumstances show that she is innocent but at the same time no one can explain where from did she get this element. One of version was about self-use of some forbidden drug without advising with a doctor. After results were published, the only one way to save reputation was to deny everything. Anyway, people will be asking questions and direct them to a doctor. Another version was about doctor’s plans. Maybe he did that to disqualify her from the competitions – everything is possible in this harsh world. Anyway, no one has pieces of evidence that we have an author of this situation.

About her story

There is another one side of the medal. The thing is that Cris Cyborg started her career very early. She spent a lot of time at the gym and it is possible to say that even in case if she used something, she built her body. It is well-known fact that without active trains it is impossible to create muscle volume and get stamina. Professionals noted that her active changes which are possible to find in case if someone will compare her photos started only some years ago. Maybe she used forbidden steroids to keep her shape or to increase actual form. Anyway, she deserves to be respected for her willpower.

So, as you can see, Cris is a real fighter. She fights in her life for the truth. It is possible to understand how that is unpleasant to hear from people around you that you use forbidden elements in case if that is not the truth. Even if that was real, society should understand that sometimes professional sport force sportsmen to use additional support.