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Crazy Bulking Stack: a Set of Natural Steroid-Like Products for Best Gains!

Do you want to gain good muscle mass but do not want to use anabolic steroids? Fortunately, there is a solution. You can buy a unique Crazy Bulking Stack, consisting of several natural supplements, the effects of which are the same as the effects of anabolic steroids. But natural products have an important advantage: they do not cause side effects. In addition, they are completely legal and can be freely purchased without a doctor’s prescription.

What Is It?

Crazy Bulking Stack is a powerful combination of several natural supplements that allows any person to achieve excellent results within just 30 days. This stack makes it possible to build up an impressive muscle mass, increase strength and recover faster after training.

Advantages of Crazy Bulking Stack

Benefits of Crazy Bulking Stack are undisputable:

  • This is a completely safe alternative to steroids;
  • This is a legal alternative to steroids;
  • You will not need doctor’s prescriptions and painful injections;
  • Fast results within 30 days;
  • Excellent muscle mass and incredible strength.

Composition of Crazy Bulking Stack

Crazy Bulking Stack consists of the following natural supplements:

All these supplements have been tested by thousands of athletes who have left only positive reviews.

How the Stack Works?

The mechanism of work Crazy Bulking Stack is based on the work of products that are included in this stack:

  • D-Bal. This supplement delays the nitrogen in the body, creating a favorable anabolic state.
  • DecaDuro. A unique combination of herbal ingredients is designed to enhance sports performance, which leads to improved muscle growth and power parameters.
  • Trenorol. This supplement improves the supply of oxygen to the muscles, and also contains the components that the body uses to build muscle tissue.
  • Testo-Max. This product boosts testosterone naturally.

All the useful properties of these products are due to their powerful component composition.

Description of the Most Important Ingredients

Here are descriptions of some of the most important components of Crazy Bulking Stack:


BCAA are included in the group of essential amino acids, since the body is not endowed with the ability to produce them independently. Therefore, supplements with BCAA are very popular among athletes, especially in bodybuilding.

BCAA amino acids make up more than 1/3 of the total number of essential amino acids contained in the muscles. They are one of the basic “building materials” for muscle fibers. But their functions do not end there. BCAA have signaling properties, they activate the processes of synthesizing muscle protein. Also, these amino acids can be a source of energy during intensive training.

Many scientific studies show that the use of BCAA before and after training sessions has a beneficial effect on reducing muscle damage caused by physical stress (the so-called anti-catabolic effect). In addition, if you do cardio on an empty stomach, taking BCAA in the morning will help you prevent muscle damage during training.

During the training, athletes face not only the problem of muscle fatigue, they may also experience mental fatigue. Scientists have proved that mental fatigue worsens the activity of muscle tissue, greatly reducing the athlete’s efficiency in intensive training. BCAA regulate the flow of tryptophan into the brain, which removes the feeling of mental fatigue, since tryptophan acts soothingly on the central nervous system.

As a result of BCAA administration you will receive:

  • increased endurance and strength;
  • rapid recovery of muscle tissue after training;
  • less fatigue during exercise;
  • increase in athletic performance;
  • increase in lean weight of muscle tissue;
  • burning of excess fat;
  • improving stamina.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is a natural protein that helps you to achieve the desired results faster. It is suitable for both lean muscle mass and fat burning during cutting or weight loss.

Whey protein concentrate in the product was obtained by the ultrafiltration technique. It consists in the fact that the whey is sent through a special membrane, which transmits liquid, lactose and fats. As a result, only proteins remain on the membrane, and they retain all their useful properties. Whey protein is produced by microfiltration, in which the ultra-filtered protein is additionally filtered at very low temperatures. This results in a pure protein with an extremely low fat content.

Whey protein is characterized by a very high biological value and contains a complex of various amino acids (including BCAA, which were described above). It quickly absorbs, activates and improves metabolic processes, and also helps maintain a good level of lean muscle mass. Whey protein accelerates the recovery process after physical trainings and promotes fat burning.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus terrestris is a perennial herb growing in temperate and tropical climates in southern Europe, South Asia, Africa and northern Australia; this plant has interesting flowers and fruits. This plant is widely used in bodybuilding as a natural booster of testosterone and sold without a prescription. There is nothing illegal here: it is popular among the bodybuilders, and therefore it is of interest to guys who are striving to increase muscle mass.

Good nutritional value of the plant is explained by its composition. The plant includes flavonoids, substances of the group of saponins and alkaloids. Tribulus came in bodybuilding due to athletes from Eastern countries. They have used the plant before preparing for the Olympics or championships in power sports. Athletes who have taken the plant, often have received the top places in world-class competitions. Today, Tribulus supplements are widespread throughout the world.

The active substances of the plant increase luteinizing hormones (LH), and this leads to an increase in testosterone levels. In the United States and Canada, researchers conducted an interesting study during which healthy men regularly took Tribulus. After the end of the experiment, the level of testosterone in their bodies increased on average by 40 percent, and LH by 70 percent. Due to the production of testosterone, the growth of muscle tissue is increased and the strength indicators are enhanced. The drug affects the libido, increases the potency. People taking this supplement increase their desire and improve the quality of their sexual life.


Nettle is rich in minerals and vitamins, which provides a wide range of its general strengthening and therapeutic and preventive effects on the human body. Vitamin K, which is contained in it, increases blood coagulability in case of bleeding (external and internal), also it has anti-inflammatory effect. This is especially important for the gastrointestinal tract, where microdamages are constantly occurring. There is evidence that the intake of nettle leaves helps sportsmen stimulate the functions of beta cells of the pancreas. Due to the combination of nettle lignins and cellulose polysaccharides with vitamins C, K, E, B in plant fibers, it absorbs toxins throughout the gastrointestinal tract when consumed. All these beneficial effects provide a positive action on athletic performance and other parameters.

How to Use the Stack

To get good results, use the product for 1 month (4 weeks). To achieve maximum results, the recommended cycle time should be 2 months. Undoubtedly, you will be surprised by the final effect.

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