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Cortisol in the blood: Normal cortisol levels, how to control cortisol.

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Cortisol. What is it? What are normal Cortisol levels?

Cortisol is a biologically active glucocorticoid hormone of a steroid group. A lot of indicators of health depend on the level of Cortisol because the main function of it is the regulation of lipid, protein and carbohydrate metabolism. In a calm state, there is a normal range, but changes of it indicate the presence of various pathologies. Often Cortisol is called as the hormone of stress or even death.

Excessive secretion of the hormone in the blood especially after repeated stresses leads to the metabolic disturbance in a body. Cortisol calls harsh mobilization of all forces of the body, leap energy that consumes glucose, glycogen. Too frequent or very strong stresses lead to permanent increased Cortisol that adversely affects the nervous system, destructively affects muscle tissue and causes deterioration of the metabolism and serious breach metabolism.

If we speak about normal level chart it should be noted that the concentration of hormone in the blood will be different at each time of the day. Thus, morning normal range is at its highest level; then it falls (18-23 hours) and reaches a peak of a minimum value. The normal values in different laboratories can differ a little. Here are some averages, however, when decrypting analysis should always be based on the norms of the laboratory where the analysis was completed:

– up to 10 years — 28-1049 nm/l;

– 0-14 years — 55-690 nm/l;

– 14-16 years — 28-856 nm/l;

– over 16 years — 138-635 nmol/l;

How to Control Cortisol levels?

As the level of Cortisol is so important for the general state of human health, it’s highly necessary to maintain it in the normal range. There are a great variety of methods to control the level of this hormone in the body. As in the case of any hormones, the body itself can regulate the level of Cortisol.

In many ways, it depends on the person’s lifestyle, nutrition, habits and physical activity:

– Carbohydrates raise blood sugar, so the pancreas produces more insulin to control the process. Insulin reduces the production of Cortisol.

– Drink more water. Anxiety accelerates the heart rate, breath becomes harder, it leads to the fluid loss. Even if we drink much water we still can’t avoid dehydration because of stress. You may add some trace elements and amino acids to support the normal Cortisol levels.

– Practice relaxation. We should mention about spiritual practice because it helps when you are worried. You can pray, walk in the forest, do yoga. Your body must be sure that you are calm.

– Take the right time for sport. Rigorous exercises increase the level of Cortisol and it’s good for those who look for the further impetus of energy in the morning or at midday, but evening or night trainings lead to anxiety or insomnia. But still, if you want to have hard sport and you are interested in the results, some anabolic steroids pills can help you. Besides, they are good for making Cortisol level normal but you should mind the steroid dose you take.

– Don’t be hungry! Try to minimize the starvation situation. Hunger is already the beginning of a stress, which is harmful to normal Cortisol levels! That’ why you should take food before feeling hungry, not after this!

How to Control Cortisol with the Help of Sport?

We know that it’s important to be careful with our health. Sport can help to enhance immunity. However, many of us in the pursuit of slim figure increase workload constantly, ignoring the fact that after intense workouts sometimes you feel sickness and weakness. This is especially true for professional athletes, law enforcement and army men.The level of this hormone in enhanced pace could jump by as much as 50% after training. That’s why after it you shouldn’t run on business, increasing stress levels that the organism has got during sports. If there is a sauna in the fitness center you visit, take it to give the body an opportunity to unwind and relax. It relieves muscle tension, heart rate calms down and there are normal Cortisol levels after visiting the relaxing place.

There is such a thing as physical stress. The intense release of the hormone in the blood occurs under stress.

Physical stress occurs when the excessive amount of training:

– long cardio trainings;

– too long and heavy loads;

– poor nutrition, lack of protein, expressed feelings of hunger;

– unhealthy night sleep.

In all these situations, Cortisol is released into the blood stripping muscle tissue. Thus, Cortisol is trying to replenish the energy system, which will be able to resolve the problem that is caused by stress. So it’s clear why Cortisol blockers are necessary for sportsmen. Thanks to blockers, the release of Cortisol in the blood diminishes leading to a decreased Cortisol concentration in the blood.

How to Control Cortisol while Managing Testosterone level?

Testosterone is a hormone well-known for professional bodybuilders, has a beneficial effect on muscles and male reproductive organs. Therefore most professional sportsmen know how to control Cortisol levels: they take anabolic steroids, which are produced on the basis of testosterone. Besides, testosterone is a natural antagonist of Cortisol. It means that high testosterone diminishes Cortisol level and vice versa. That’s why anabolic steroids are widely used for the increase of testosterone level thus diminishing the level of Cortisol.

For instance, nebido is produced on the basis of testosterone undecenoate, which is the ether of natural testosterone. This preparation is usually produced in the form of injections that means that it is a very strong med with lots of contraindications and it should be used only when medical supervision provided. It’s highly recommended to have this injection only after the results of testosterone level tests. The injection is done intramuscularly not more than once in 3-4 months. The testosterone increase is usually marked on the next day.

If we say about such kinds of sport like powerlifting, weightlifting, American football and so on, you’d better take methyltestosterone pills. Workout while taking this preparation is used as a component of rehabilitation therapy of athletes. Here we mean decreasing the level of Cortisol either. However, this preparation is produced on the basis of a synthetic testosterone, which doesn’t break down in the liver. It makes this preparation to be toxicant. And you won’t find it on General Sales List.

As for professional sportsmen, the best helper for normalizing the level of Cortisol is Trenbolone. It is one of the most powerful steroids in their ability to increase power rates and muscle mass. Besides, it’s effective in supporting the normal level of Cortisol. As it’s written in its instruction for use, it’s necessary to start taking this preparation with the minimal doses increasing them gradually. It allows the body to accustom the regular intake of testosterone. This preparation can be combined with Oxymetholone intake, which is usually used for a “quick start” when sportsmen changes their steroids. Some experts believe that this product binds and activates estrogen receptors, therefore, it is recommended to add estrogen receptor blockers to the course.