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Clay Matthews Steroids Use: Is the Footballer Natty or Is He Clean?

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American football is a sport in which both high performance and the substantial muscle mass of the athlete are crucial to sporting prowess and, extremely evident. Anabolic steroids enhance these parameters. Therefore, there are many American football players amongst athletes who used steroids. There are suggestions that Clay Matthews III (nicknamed Claymaker and Claymotion) of the Green Bay Packers is a “juice” cheater. Is it true or not? Let’s try to figure it out.

Clay Matthews’ Background

After finishing his triumphant career over 19 professional seasons for the Cleveland Browns and the Atlanta Falcons, Clay Mathews II (the father of the current American football star) moved to the West Coast and started living in sunny California, in the City of Angels.

Fortunately for him, the footballer married, a woman called Leslie, and the couple had a son. The family decided to name the boy after his father and his grandfather, William Clay. (The boy’s grandfather, Clay I, was also an esteemed and famous footballer in the States.)

Clay’s III daddy started to work at school as a football coach and dreamed of becoming a professional football handler. He could share his immeasurable experience with the younger generation of rising stars. Among them, the coach also saw his son Clay. However, what man proposes, God disposes, ain’t that the truth! The immature guy grew up quickly but did not really evince any promising footballing talent. He made it onto the school team but, despite his obvious connections amongst the coaching staff, Clay Junior usually had to settle for a place on the bench. The footballer’s dad realised that his son was just not cut out for this sport and maybe it was time to move on to something else.

But Clay Jr. had a different perspective. Football was his life, his lifestyle. Despite his unexceptional throw, he could not imagine living without this sport. He had an enormous appetite for the game little matched by his talent. Alternatives were not clear cut. There were no tempting offers of scholarships from colleges although there were overtures from local, conventional higher education institutions, but these were not welcomed or considered pertinent either by Clay or his parents. Armed with his massive ambition and the support of his progenitors, Clay enrolled at the University of Southern California (USC). While all his teammates played supported by decent funding via a sports stipend, Clay had to go it alone and was virtually wholly self-funded.

It was tough for him. He was the son of a famous sportsperson, but during the first season in college, he only played for a second team. Finally, at the end of the third season, the guy gets a lucky break. Brian Cushing, the main linebacker, sustained an injury, and Clay got his chance to play as a main team member in the final games.

By the beginning of graduation year, Matthews had gained weight and started working out in the gym. His coach was surprised when he met the young man at the first training sessions of the 2009 season. They simply had no choice but to sacrifice someone else and give Clay a place in the starting lineup.

Clay showed excellent results. There are few people who could match the skyrocketing jump in his career. After just one season, it became impossible to imagine the team without Matthews. Following his graduation, Clay was selected by the Green Bay Packers and thus made his break into the big time.

Clay’s Activity in Other Fields

Many sports stars do not limit their activities to just training and competitions. Often they try to get into television as actors and Clay certainly did not waste time in the offseason.

In 2015, the footballer starred in a small scene in the film, ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ directed by Elizabeth Banks, a musical comedy about a group of female Capella singers and their battle for glory on the international competition stage. Matthews had a recurring role in the film and was featured in the movie’s trailer as well.

He is also a growing Instagram star (@claymatthews52).

Did Clay Matthews Use Steroids?

In 2009, a website alleged Matthews tested positive for steroid drugs, NFL sources said this was bunkum. Users wrote that this was just a smokescreen with no validation, an unsubstantiated report.

We do not know whether the hale and hearty Clay Matthews uses steroids. What are the arguments for the assumption he did? Just look at the photographs of this petite football player. He looks huge, his biceps probably measure 50 cm (20 inches). At a sports forum, users created a thread called, “Does anybody truly believe Clay Matthews is natty?” (“natty” means natural). Commentators wrote that during his studies in high school he only weighed 160 lbs. As of 2011, he had already weighed in at 240 lbs. Is it possible to get 80 pounds of pure muscle mass in 4 years just through training? Hardly, unless you use cunning medicines or possess unique genetics, which contributes to a startling increase in muscle mass. Therefore, maybe he does take short-estered testosterone, for example, testosterone propionate. Or perhaps he administers Winstrol before the start of the season. What is the evidence to the contrary? These are the words of Clay Matthews himself and the opinions of some forum visitors, he describes himself as a “late bloomer” with exceptional genes.

Clay Matthews’ Position Statement on Steroids

In 2010 the celebrity said: “I have never taken steroids.” He added he had never taken any unsanctioned drugs in his life. He told newsmen they can look at his genealogy. He thinks the story of his family speaks for itself. There are talented people in his kinsfolk and he has inherited these abilities. He takes it very seriously when people throw accusations his way because he has achieved every ounce of success through the sweat of his brow and is not a fake or counterfeit personality. Matthews also added that he had employed omnifarious things to develop his current status as an ace sportsman. He steadfastly maintains this line despite the persistent knocks of detractors.