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Clay Matthews Steroids Use: Is the Footballer Natty or Is He Clean?

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American football is a sport in which not only just high performance is important, but also the muscle mass of the athlete. The use of anabolic steroids can help improve both of these parameters. Therefore, there are many American football players among athletes who used steroids. There are suggestions that one of the cheating athletes is Clay Matthews III of the Green Bay Packers. Is it true or not? Let’s try to figure it out.

Clay Matthews’ background

After finishing his successful career in 19 professional seasons for the Cleveland Browns and the Atlanta Falcons, Clay Mathews II (the father of the current American football star) decided to move to the west of the states and start living in sunny California, in the City of Angels. Fortunately for him, the footballer managed to marry a wife, Leslie, and the two had son. The family decided to name the boy after his father, and at the same time his grandfather, William Clay. (The boy’s grandfather, Clay I, was also a famous footballer in America.)

Clay’s III father started to work at school as a coach and dreamed of becoming a professional football coach after finishing his career at school. The father was able to share his invaluable experience to the young rising generation of stars. Among them, the coach also saw his son Clay. But things don’t always turn out as expected. The young man grew up quickly, but it was impossible to make out the special talent of a footballer. He got onto the school team, but even having such connections in the coaching staff of the team, Clay Jr. had to settle for a place on the bench, because the other players were more talented than him. The footballer’s father began to think that his son was not meant to be good footballer, and it was time to stop with football.

But Clay Jr. had a different point of view. From the very beginning, everything that surrounded him was football. Although he did not have a good throw, he could not imagine his life without this sport. All that he had was a huge desire. It is clear that there would be no tempting offers for scholarships from colleges. There were some suggestions from local, conventional higher education institutions, but they were not considered to be appropriate either by Clay or by his parents. Armed with his goal and support of his ancestors, Clay decides to enter the University of Southern California. While all the partners in his future team played, getting for it not small money due to a sports scholarship, Clay acted on a virtually voluntary basis.

It was very hard for him. He was the son of a famous person, but the first season in college he played for a backup composition. Only at the end of the third season of staying at the university team, a guy was given a chance. Brian Cushing, the main linebacker, had an injury, and Clay had a chance to play as the main player in the last games.

By the beginning of the graduation year, Matthews began to gain weight and decided to go to work out in the gym. His coach was very surprised when he met the young man at the first training of the 2009 season. They simply had no choice but to sacrifice someone else, and make Clay the player of the starting lineup.

Clay began to show excellent results. There are few people, who managed to do such successful jump in the career. In one season, the team could not be imagined without Matthews. After graduation, Clay was selected by the Green Bay Packers during the draft. Thus, Matthews got into a big sport.

Clay’s activity in other fields

Many sports stars are not limited to training and competitions. Often they try to get on the TV screens as actors. Clay also did not waste time in the offseason.

In 2015, the footballer starred in a small scene of the film Pitch Perfect 2, about a group of girls who ventured into the world battle of voices, in which US representatives have never won. In this film, he got a recurring role. Also, Matthews was featured in the movie’s trailer.

Did Clay Matthews use steroids?

We do not know for sure whether Clay Matthews uses steroids or not. What are the arguments for the assumption that he did? Just look at the photo of this famous football player. He looks huge, his biceps probably 50 cm (20 inches). At one sports forums, users created a thread called “Does anybody truly believe Clay Matthews is natty?” (“natty” means natural). Users write that during his studies in high school he weighed 160 lbs. As of 2011, he already weighed 240 lbs. Is it possible to get 80 pounds of pure muscle mass in 4 years? Hardly, if you do not use special drugs or do not possess unique genetics, which contributes to an incredible increase in muscle mass. Therefore, maybe he uses some short estered testosterone, for example testosterone propionate. Maybe he uses Winstrol before the season. What are the arguments “against”? These are the words of Clay Matthews himself, which you can see below.

Clay Matthews’ position statement on steroids

In 2010 Clay said: “I have never taken steroids.” Then he added that he had never taken illegal drugs in his life. He told reporters that they can look at his family. He thinks that the story of his family speaks for itself. There are talented people in his family and he believes that they are doing everything right. He takes this very seriously when people throw accusations on his way, because he works and is not a cheater. He also added that he did everything he needed to become what he is. But if someone tries to knock him off his path, he will be steadfast. He will continue to be himself.