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Chinese Steroids for Sale – Steroid from China and Risks of Its Using.

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In recent years, the Chinese government has been implementing various programs aimed at improving the pharmaceutical industry in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). As a result, the volume of drug making has increased by 20% annually. Its foreign trade turnover is also increasing at the same rate every year. The share of pharmaceutical products from this colossal Asian country in the global pharmaceutical industry is also advancing.

The structure of the industry is constantly optimizing, and today more and more meds are meeting international quality requirements (like Good Manufacturing Practice, or GMP, standards), as they’re imported to various jurisdictions worldwide.

The key competitive advantage of these products is their low cost. People searching for where to buy steroids often find Chinese products at a cheap price. However, this practice is associated with certain risks.

The Black Side of Drug Making in China—Counterfeited Chinese Steroids for Sale

Many experts believe China is the world’s leading producer of steroids (in our humble opinion, it’s a moot point, because there are also tons of Indian drugmakers). It’s worth noting, though, that Chinese legislation virtually does not regulate the manufacture and distribution of anabolic steroids.

To date, masses of laboratories and factories are producing anabolics, their precursors, and preparations for post-cycle therapy, such as Arimidex and Clomid. The relatively small demand for anabolics in China contributes to their exportation to many Western countries, primarily to the likes of the US.

All you need to do to buy the drugs is pay a visit to the official portal of the Chinese anabolic steroids manufacturer, make a selection, and order fast delivery of the chosen product from China directly to your home in the states or whichever country you live in. All concerns regarding bringing banned anabolic steroids (testosterone injections, oral tablets, etc.) through North American border customs clearance are taken care of by the supplier. However, athletes are often deemed liable, since it’s extremely difficult to find or impose the responsibility on the Asian drugmaker. It’s often unfeasible because of international legislative hurdles.

Unfortunately, as mentioned, the activities of PRC drugmakers aren’t lawfully regulated. Many will produce counterfeit elixirs for earning a profit. Some specialists consider this state the largest producer of counterfeited medicines in the world.

The control of pharmaceutical companies by the government is hampered by a bureaucratic confrontation between government bodies and overindulgent decentralization (local governments have many legal rights). This lack of proper supervision creates huge problems. For example, some Chinese manufacturers mask their products’ ingredients and official buying information.

Furthermore, consider the shocking incidents related to the quality of meat and agricultural products. For example, many sheep receive livestock artificial growth promoters and sell meat in different provincial-level administrative divisions. During the World Swimming Championships in Shanghai in 2011, the International Swimming Federation (FINA) advised contestants to eat only in proven canteens, as Chinese meat contains steroids (like testosterone cypionate) that can enter the body of athletes and lead to prompt disqualification.

Clinic Trials of Steroids in Chinese Labs

The situation is escalated by large-scale research falsifications, as on their basis drugs are approved to be marketed. The key reason for massive misrepresentations is the sharp competition in the Chinese market of medicines. Chinese pharmaceutical companies want to achieve steep profits at any cost.

An investigation by the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) has shown that up to 80% of clinical trials in this field are either partially or completely falsified. According to the report, the central reason for such massive falsification incidents is the stiff competition in the Chinese drug market and the release of large numbers of drugs.

For example, Chinese producers produce a lot of steroid inhaler names. While in the US the market is largely monopolized (except for new sectors), China’s pharmaceutical industry operates under conditions close to the market economy.

Brand Names on the Market

There is a horde of steroid brand names from the People’s Republic (sources: Made-In-China, Alibaba):

Brand NameCompanyCertificates
Drostano Enantha 100mgWuhan Cool Achieve TradeHSE (Health, Safety, and Environmental), ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9001, USP certification
Mass 500 Bold+Test+NandroShenzhen ZhanxiISO 9001, ISO 14001, QC 080000, GMP
Clobetasol propionate powderLFY Bio-Tech (Hubei)No data
AnapolonShanghai Stero R&D Co.ISO 9001
Liquid Supertest 450Wuhan Cool AchieveHSE, ISO, USP, BP
PentadexWuhan Shu Ou TechnologyUSP, BP, Research
Oil Methyl TrenolonnWuhan Cool AchieveHSE, ISO, USP, BP
Mastern PShenzhen Simeiquan Biotechnology Co.GMP, ISO 9001, USP

Fighting Against Counterfeit Anabolics in PRC

A few years ago, Chinese authorities introduced criminal penalties for counterfeited data in clinical trials. But the problem did not disappear, although purposely distorted data in such studies will lead to imprisonment or even capital punishment in extreme cases.

Under new rules, if an approved product causes harm, the manufacturer can be imprisoned for 10 years or killed. Also, knowingly manipulating results may lead to three years in jail. However, because of such corruption, it remains unclear which pharmacological company representative or employee would be punished.

Several years ago, only the production and sale of disapproved medicines was considered a crime, but tampering with clinical trial data remains an unsettled debate.

Interesting Tidbit: the word “steroid” in Chinese is 类固醇 (transliterated to English as Lèigùchún).

How to Protect Yourself Against Risks when Buying Steroid at Chinese Websites

Avoid buying Chinese steroids for sale if you cannot verify the retailer’s reliability. We also don’t recommend using steroids without a doctor’s prescription. In athletics, they may cause severe adverse effects.

Professional athletes shouldn’t use the drugs without consulting a specialist in this arena (it’s better to not use steroid drugs at all, but the reality in professional bodybuilding is different).

Some Chinese companies have a fairly good reputation in the market for steroids. In particular, these are Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals and Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co Ltd.

Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals (GdPharm) is a Hong Kong-based pharmacological corporation which engages in the production of steroids. They create all their meds for athletic purposes. Upon viewing the promotional video of this Hong Kongese company, you’ll discover that it features the latest, newest, innovative technology, with the capacity to produce over 5000 tabs in 60 seconds. Also, the company provides detailed instructions on how to use steroid drugs properly.

Zhengzhou also has earned international glory in the pharmaceutical sector. Since the firm’s establishment in 1972, a huge amount of scientific research has been performed and over 100 active ingredients and new formulas for pharmaceuticals have been developed.

Just be careful and choose only reliable drugs and companies!