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Buying Steroids in Mexico – Getting OTC “Juice” in this Excellent Country

Posted by admin in Steroid Information Category. Reviewed and Updated: 30 January, 2019

Nowadays, the Mexican steroid market is a bit underestimated and ignored, though it is very rich in various steroids of high and mediocre quality. The main reason of the lack of popularity in Mexican AAS is that people from other countries don’t even know about this market, which abounds with different anabolis steroids. It is not advertised enough. However, it is a satisfactory place if you’re seeking for where to buy anabolics.

This article describes main characteristics and some unknown details concerning buying steroids in Mexico. You will know whether steroids are legal in Mexico or not, the places where it is possible to buy them online and the names of “juice” suppliers, which are the best on the market.

The Legal Status of Steroids in Mexico

Buying and distributing steroids in the USA, without an appropriate prescription given by licensed specialist, is prohibited. On the contrary, Mexican legislation is much softer with regard to anabolic steroids. There are no acts, regulating the subject of possessing, selling, manufacturing AASs and the process of buying them. That is why and due to territorial proximity, many athletes intentionally go to this North American state (Tijuana, Mexicali, Heroica Nogales, Ciudad Juarez, Laredo and other nearest cities) to purchase over-the-counter steroids, including Anadrol, Trenbolone, Dianabol and Winstrol. Mexican steroid market seems to be very attractive for sportsmen, who know about its advantages. However, some steroids in Mexico, such as Primobolan, still are required to be prescribed by a healthcare professional.

Reputable Steroid Suppliers in Mexico

To get the stuff safely, follow some very useful advice. There are distributors of Mexican oral and injectable steroids with an excellent reputation. They offer wide range of drugs and other supplements, in particular Clomiver, Testover C amp. etc. The price can vary from 7 to 420 dollars. PayPal and credit cards are the main methods of payment.

This option is very attractive for clients, who can use certain payment form. The buyer will be supplied with product delivery to any corner of the world: from Canada, USA, UK to Australia and Oceania (English-speaking regions). The delivery is not eternal; it varies from 5 to 15 business days. Usually the distributor guarantees that there will be no timeouts, so that the client will receive the product on time.

Can You Purchase Anabolics from Mexico & Ship Them to the USA or Overseas?

In relation to Mexican legislation, you can freely buy and send steroids. However, you should understand that these laws can contradict legal acts of your native country. Every jurisdiction drives its own policy concerning various life aspects, in particular steroidal pharmaceuticals. Things, permitted in Mexico can be prohibited in the country you stay currently. You can be arrested for illegal distributing the steroids from Mexico to Canada, Australia, the USA or the UK if you don’t own appropriate prescription. Your goods may be inspected on the border and Mexican government will not help you. It is always a great risk. So, if you are going to buy steroids on the Mexican market and you don’t plan to consume the medicines there, make sure to obtain necessary prescription (if it is possible).

Best Mexican Steroid Brands

Similar to any product, there are some super powerful brands among Mexican steroids. We will describe for you those ones which enjoy the biggest reputation in the bodybuilding world. Let’s start.

  • Laboratorios Brovel. This company has been in play for a long time. This brand is more known as a dosed steroid. The right dosage will influence the future effect.
  • Denkall. The company from Australia manufactures its most famous products of a high quality: T-400 and Ultragn 100 mg. For widening the borders of the market, this firm distributes steroids to Mexico as well.
  • Quality Vet. This comparatively “young” (but currently closed) business from Mexico had gained huge renown among druggists and users. It is famous for making drugs of a high quality for affordable prices. Among its products there are Testosterone Cypionate, Deca 300, Testosterone Enanthate, Equipoise and Test Prop. However, QV had problems with counterfeits having fake holograms and was a subject of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) operation Gear Grinder in 2005.
  • Tornel. Tornel is one of the oldest Mexican companies. It is located in Naucalpan de Juárez municipality. It has exploded with the help of Deca Durabolin and Test Enanthate. The list of its current products includes Equi-Gan and Progestyn A-E (vet medications).
  • Ttokkyo Labs. This entity is specializing in producing underdosed steroids. Ttokyo has has shut down.

Naturally, the brands above have had many troubles at the very beginning of their developing. They have managed to cope with them and currently enjoys the reputation of companies, whose products are of good quality.

Precaution: the above brands manufacture primarily veterinary products, however, they are widely used by gymrats and pro bodybuilders. It can be harmful for health, but the medical community and media may overplay side effects of anabolics.

Nevertheless, reviews concerning the quality and safety of performance enhancers purchased in Mexico aren’t inspiring. The FDA officials claim that there are small chances to trace the medications, which are moved from Mexico. These drugs can be marked incorrectly, mislabeled, manufactured wrongfully or consist of the wrong amount of active components.

Pharmaceutical companies from “Estados Unidos Mexicanos” produce some steroids. American companies, located in Mexico produce other anabolics. From time to time, drugs imported from India or other countries can be found on the Mexican steroid market.

In most cases, you risk ordering counterfeit or some kind of vitamin C if you purchase drugs from other countries. As for a steroid cycle, you generally have nothing to worry about if you consult your friends who have checked drugs from this country.