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Busta Rhymes and Steroids – Famous Rapper Who Has Gotta be on “Juice”

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Busta (“Bus-a-Bus”) Rhymes crafted a luminous and immortal image of himself which includes animated video clips, “clown” costumes, and an unusual way of rapping. He raps “I Know What You Want” (ft. Mariah Carey) excellently, doesn’t he?

Another big plus is that he is not afraid to laugh at himself. His songs are imbued with humor, but he raises acute societal problems like politics, race relations, and religion.

This post is dedicated to Busta Rhymes, the notorious American rapper. Below, we’ll summarize his biography, tell you a few interesting facts, and cover those lingering steroid speculations.

Busta’s Childhood and Family

The future musician was born in Brooklyn NYC. At birth, he was named George Smith Jr. The motherland of his ancestors was Jamaica, which is especially known for the music genre reggae.

Rhymes lived in East Flatbush until the age of 12 when his family settled down in Long Island. When the teenaged Rhymes became interested in rapping styles, he tried his best to master this craft. He strove to perform before an audience as often as possible, thus developing necessary skills. In addition, the adroit teenager played basketball and showing promising results. However, his passion for sports conceded to his love for music.

When Busta met Charlie Brown at a rapper’s event, he discovered they had a common goal. The guys decided to participate in an upcoming contest. The queue was so long that the young men didn’t manage to attend the audition on the first day. As it wasn’t in their nature to surrender, they turned up the following day. The talented rappers made a good impression and were noticed by PUBLIC ENEMY producers.

The Start of a Long Career and the First Albums

The young and enthused rappers invited two more teenagers from their school to join them and the group began to record at the PUBLIC ENEMY studio. They called their group L.O.N.S. The full name was Leaders of New School.

At the age of seventeen, Busta entered into a contract with Electra Records. In the nineties, the boys loudly burst into the world of show business. In their songs, they promoted an Afrocentric philosophy which, together with their unique style, made them popular performers who caught the zeitgeist of the nation’s black youth.

The guys showed incredible dedication to hip-hop. Intending to refine their style, they studied its history and talked to experienced professionals. Rhymes thought that all novice rappers should be acquainted with the history of the musical trend they specialize in, to make their achievements significant. Therefore, the band reflected that idea in the name of their first album.

Despite the resounding success, the band split in 1993 and the rappers pursued their own paths, not refusing the possibility of reunification and a new album.

Rap from Busta Rhymes

After the breakup, Rhymes enjoyed massive popularity among hip-hop fans. In 1996, in collaboration with several colleagues who assisted with production, he released his first solo album.

Because of the unprecedented success of the album, a rapping community called Flipmode Squad was formed. Its members set high standards against which they judge their performances, not allowing them to descend to mediocrity.

Without even having time to recover his breath, the singer released his third and, so far, his most powerful solo project “Extinction Level Event – The Final World Front.” The work was infused with progressive ideas pertaining to the end of the world and other apocalypses which erase humanity from the face of the Earth. Unless, of course, it came to its senses and began to lead a more proper way of life.

The album contains a duet with Ozzy Osbourne, the song “This Means War”, and also “What’s It Gonna Be ?!” performed with Janet Jackson.

In 2002, Busta’s sixth album appeared, and he starred in the films “Narc” and “Resurrection.” Further albums were created in 2006, 2009 and 2012. A very high quality characterized the albums along with the participation of well-known musicians and singers. The material turned out to be a commercial success. Edgy (avant-garde) technologies became to converge with pop/rap culture and created a new type of social connectivity.

Key Facts about Busta

  • Chuck D (the leader of the PUBLIC ENEMY band) nicknamed Buster in honor of the NFL footballer George Rhymes.
  • At school, Busta studied with DMX, Notorious B.I.G., and Jay-Z.
  • Busta has been nominated for the Grammy Awards more than 10 times.
  • He participated in 13 films: “Halloween: Resurrection,” “Ghetto,” “Find Forrester,” and more.
  • He could have become a professional basketball player but in his youth, he preferred music to sports.
  • Busta is the biological father of four children.
  • Busta’s first moniker was Chill-O-Ski.
  • He started rapping at the age of 12.
  • In September 2007 he converted to Islam. He is now a proud Muslim convert.

Busta Rhymes and Steroids


In 1989, Busta Rhymes was introduced to the hip-hop community as an amazing, almost fanatically energetic young rapper who looked rather thin. After 20 years, Busta became more like a professional bodybuilder or an NFL player than a skinny rapper.

Some increase in weight is undoubtedly due to the effects of aging and probably the perils of eating at night. But the sheer muscular mass of this rapper surprises many fans. Is it possible to gain 50-60 pounds of lean muscle mass with the help of protein supplements and attending a gym? Hardly.

On the Internet, you can find assumptions that Busta Rhymes used Dianabol and Deca Durabolin.

  • Dianabol. The main component of this anabolic steroid is methandrostenolone. It can accelerate the anabolic processes in the body and reduce the catabolic ones.
  • Deca Durabolin. The main component of this medication is nandrolone. The drug has a high anabolic effect accompanied by small androgenic effects.

Another famous rapper who most likely used anabolic steroids is Dr. Dre. However, fans didn’t confront him because of alleged juicing. The same goes for our protagonist.

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