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Bryce Harper & steroids: secrets of popular outfielder’s supplements.

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For a long time, Bryce Harper astounded and bewitched people across the globe with his exceptional technique and magnificent physical training. It seemed like his body was perfectly designed for America’s favorite pastime, but some questionable happening regarding his training regimen in the spring of 2017 prompted many suspicions.

Harper’s body presented impressive muscle volume and form in a staggeringly short time. Indeed, he was a talented baseball player with incredible stats—but these were based on his bodily features. Such extraordinary results got people wondering. From preposterous claims to downright ridiculous and unreasonable, unfeasible presumptions—even those unconnected with and uneducated on the sport had an opinion.

Expeditious muscle growth and an increase in power and stamina invoked questions from the public which demanded an answer—we always scrutinize athletes on their possible impermissible drug use, don’t we?

Such curiosities surrounding Harper’s augmentation resonated so well with Americans and baseball fans that acclaimed newspaper, The Washington Post commenced its own research investigation and inquiry. The publication was dedicated to revealing the truth and bringing dignity back to Major League Baseball.

Some Words on Bryce Harper and His Career

In 2009, Bryce finished his high school education in Las Vegas ahead of schedule and enrolled in the College of Southern Nevada. His professional career began in 2010 when he was picked first in the MLB draft. He started with the Washington Nationals and the awards and recognition rolled right in.

Harper played in the All-Star Game of 2012, making him the youngest player ever on such a roster. That same year, he took home the prestigious title of Rookie of the Year for the National League (NL), and just three years later, the Baseball Writers’ Association of America named him the Most Valuable Player (MVP). He signed on with the Philadelphia Phillies in the offseason on 2018/2019 with a contract of over $300 million.

Let’s Speculate

Speculators say his career always seemed impetuous. As the youngest athlete in the professional league, his starting weight was 225 pounds. Immediately following his first steps in the professional arena, he received the nomination in the All-Star Final Vote. Rating third place, the two players ahead of him are well-known legends—David Freese and Michael Bourn. So, this kid becomes a legend at just 19 years of age?

His first games in the professional league saw him through to insane popularity. After just a few games, people were talking about him like he was a legend. Triumph after triumph, Harper was playing incredible games and shattering records, making a real name for himself in baseball. But how could he have so much success so early on in his career?

Steroids and New Career Steps

Harper was always a big guy, which is one of the main reasons that people deny the possibility of steroid use. This conversation started in early 2017, and the discussions about his form haven’t been canceled, they’re ongoing and heated.

Of course, confessions on even steroid nasal spray use can bring an end to a successful career and taint one’s name, hence the adamant denial regarding any such steroidal influence. Needless to say, despite the efforts of MLB fans and critics, Harper refuses to speak up and come forward with what everyone assumes is the truth.

If you compare Harper’s progression with other steroid users, you’ll see clear similarities in their advancement. Take note of some tangible, visual changes to Harper’s physique, which seem entirely too unnatural to be achieved in the weight room.

Think about it…

  • Inordinately speedy muscle growth

This guy got ripped overnight. Male bodies have their own resources and limits—the only way to surpass those limitations is by using additional supplements. Some professional analytics supposed that his mystery is made possible by Methandrostenolone.

  • Prominent veins are almost too pronounced


This sort of “drying” effect (which may sportsmen covet) can be achieved with Arimidex, which has multifaceted features of influence. This drug brings fast repairing for muscles as they shred. Even after active training with damages muscles, it’s possible to erase the step of enduring reparations without pain. Arimidex’s active ingredient is anastrozole, which makes recovery a breeze, but the visual effects embodied cannot be ignored. The basis of repairing is augmented blood flow.

  • Aggressive behavior

Even the easiest, simplest steroid cream (over the counter) can beget additional aggressiveness. These inimical behavioral adjustments hardly unfold and fade abruptly. Aggression is just another telltale sign of additional testosterone boosting.

Bryce Harper’s most recent plays showed that this sportsman probably has some secrets up his sleeve, and they’re presumably connected proscribed pharmaceuticals. Without any firm admissions, we can only hypothesize his cycle by comparing his stature to that of other athletes.

Comparisons With Popular Sportsmen and Their Doses to Find the Truth

Observations show that achieving Harper-esque results is possible with an eight-week cycle. In the first six weeks use:

(doses of mgs/ED and HGH in IUs)

  • Winstrol (stanozolol): 50
  • Dianabol (metandienone): 30
  • Cardarine (GW501516): 20
  • Enobosarm (ostarine): 25
  • HGH: 4

For the following two weeks, one should use Cardarine, Ostarine, and HGH at the same doses.

Another drug speculated to be used by Bryce Harper is Nolvadex (tamoxifen) because it’s important to control aromatization and it fights against spikes in estrogen.

They each have their own purpose—for example, Dianabol provides stamina for longer tougher workouts, and HGH grows muscles for visibly shredded bods.

As you can see, even without a confession, Bryce Harper’s “secrets” are uncovered. Thanks to more honest steroid users, we can compare their progress to Harper’s and make an educated assumption on his recipe.