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Brock Lesnar and Steroids: Internet Rumors, Detention, and Controversies.

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Brock Lesnar (The Beast Incarnate, The Conqueror, The Next Big Thing, The Anomaly) is one of the most prominent and famed fighters of MMA (mixed martial art) & professional wrestlers (WWE) of Canadian-American origin. His popularity is due to enormous body size (height — 6′ 3″, weight — 286 lbs). Besides this, Lesnar owns the largest arms of all MMA history. The list of his achievements is endless: IWGP champion in the heavyweight category, NCAA wrestling champion in the heavyweight division, the youngest heavyweight champion of the WWE, heavyweight champion of the UFC and so on.

Lesnar’s Youth and Background

Lesnar’s birthplace was Webster, a rural town situated in South Dakota. The future sportsman was born on July 12, 1977. His childhood was spent in the dairy farm, where he was surrounded by nature and picturesque landscapes. Lesnar decided to become a soldier in the National Guard. After that, he worked on construction sites.

He had always adored sports and participated in all competitions, in particular football and wrestling. His results there were excellent — 106 winnings in 111 bouts.

Professional Wrestling and NFL

He signed his first professional contract in 2000. Then two years of hard preparation followed and finally he debuted in an episode of Raw with a tremendous win in a fight against Spike Dudley. Lesnar’s next step in demonstrating all his capabilities was defeating “The Rock” in Summerslam. At the age of 25, which made him the youngest champion in WWE history. Wrestling is scripted. So the bosses considered Lesnar to be a wonder boy and wanted to use his rising as an opportunity.

In 2004, the sportsman switched to NFL, specifically the Minnesota Vikings team. However, a motorcycle accident and the injury caused by it prevented him from being part of the team, so he kept participating on a seasonal basis. In 2014, he defeated John Cena, which made him WWE Worldwide Champion in the heavyweight class.

Professional Career in MMA

Being very successful in the wrestling field, Lesnar started a brilliant career in MMA too. And he did combine it skillfully and sensationally. His first victory was in 2007 when he defeated Min Soo Kim at the first minute of the first round. After that, the UFC offered him a deal. He beat Frank Mir with the help of kneebar in his first UFC match. More recently, he won over Heath Herring at UFC87. Lesnar showed incredible technical knockout in the second round in the UFC91 combat against Randy Couture. It made him the new UFC leader in the heavyweight rank.

Lesnar’s next step was vanquishing Mir in a grudge match. He knocked out his rival at the beginning of the second round. However, after this match, he spoiled his reputation by drunk behavior. In front of the crowd of fans, he screamed at his sponsors, blaming them for not paying an honorarium. Later, he had to apologize for this disgraceful incident.

At the end of 2011, there was a very controversial match. Alistair Overeem defeated The Conqueror. But Brock Lesnar was caught taking steroids. After this Lesnar declared about his MMA career termination. A surprise occurred when Lesnar took part in UFC200 competition with WWE’s consent. His return is associated with the fight against Mark Hunt, held on July 9, 2016. He showed an excellent smash. The judge’s decision in favor of Lesnar was solid.

Rumors About Brock Lesnar’s Steroid Experience

Professionals and amateurs all over the world keep discussing the phenomenon of Lesnar’s physique.

No wonder that the sportsman’s admirers support their fetish and say that Lesnar’s size is the result of genetics and hard training. Their presumptions are not unreasonable as Lesnar was checked every time before competitions. His results were clear.

There are also people who have a skeptical attitude towards the natural origin of such body shape. They are sure that there was something else, other than heredity, diet, and exercising, which led Lesnar to the pedestal. This group claims Lesnar was not caught because of the recommendations of competent experts, who created the special therapy regimen, allowing Lesnar to stay undetected.

Another group stated that there is a combined effect. They are sure that Lesnar has such immense body because of the appropriate genetics, which is further developed with the help of both intensive workouts and taking steroids. Looking at his school pictures and his current appearance we can see a huge discrepancy in his parameters. His transformation is incomparable.

Skeptics insist on the fact that it’s impossible to gain such massive bulk without using anabolic preparations.

Detention for Purchasing Human Growth Hormone

In January 2001, an unpleasant incident happened to the champion, who was arrested for storing a great quantity of allegedly prohibited meds. The charge was dropped after several months since the found steroids were examined and turned out to be permitted drugs. Nevertheless, it confirmed that Lesnar had a connection with steroids.

The Louisville detective who supervised the case said he found HGH medications. Later, Lesnar’s attorney denied this, saying that the pills were special vitamins. And when the second pill lab test was carried out, the officers who had accused Lesnar of taking steroids were apologetic.

Controversy Concerning the Doping

On July 15, 2016, USADA said to Lesnar that his doping test, dated June 28, was positive. The UFC officially stated that Lesnar’s second test, held on July 9, had also failed. Both results showed the same forbidden substance.

Experts conducted Clomid (clomiphene citrate active agent) test, aimed at quick detection of certain molecules of Clomid, a steroid modulator, and revealed it in his blood. Athletes widely use this medication for increasing the hormones rates. The enhancement happens because of blocking estrogen from reaching “the master gland” (hypophysis), which causes FSH, LH, and entire testosterone levels prompt elevation.

Presumably, Lesnar was lawlessly advised by the doctor to use this imperceptible component, which remained in the body for 2 or even 3 weeks. To cheat the test, he could take no ester Trenbolone, HGH, special short ester steroid versions or testosterone suspension, which could be found 2-3 days after consumption.

His cycle is presumably short estered, taken in the oral form:

  • HGH 10 IUs/ed;
  • oxosteroid Trenbolone (non-estered) 100mgs/ed;
  • Turinabol (oral steroid pill) 50mgs.
  • Remember, that this cycle is just a guess, published for information
  • purposes. There is no evidence that Brock Lesnar followed it. Lesnar’s
  • Clomid tests are not a conclusive argument.