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Brian Cushing steroids: real arguments which sportsman can’t deny.

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Cushing started education early in the childhood. He was getting knowledge from every school he was in. The thing is that he changed some of them but anyway these circumstances didn’t have any negative influence on his desire to earn knowledge. It is possible to say that New Jersey was the platform of his entire experience. His first opportunity to make impression on judges was in the 2004 year. He made everything to make people remember him like one of the most active players on the field. As the result, he brought victory to his team. In the 2005 year, his career made him met future members of the team which will bring to him world’s popularity. Before he entered the South California University, there were many colleges which wondered to get such amazing member to their teams. The main phenomenon of young Brian Cushing was that every single future game he showed the increased result. It was something like a special bet with his own soul – he was trying to understand where the edge of his own opportunities and body resources is.

As the result, whole future career was under the winner’s mode. He always was a soul of his every team and when the first problem with doping appeared, it was the real shock. People in his team tried to explain this situation to everyone like it was a fake and someone just decided to destroy his honest name. Anyway, there were many proofs which showed the truth. Even after that Brian Cushing and his lawyers were trying to make people understand that that wasn’t steroids. They bet on some special vitamins and Brian confessed that he used them and he understood that they were forbidden, but at the same time he swore that it wasn’t steroids.

So, it is easy to understand that there are many shades of this person and anyway it would be difficult to find the truth. The main reason is popularity. In case if some popular sportsman confesses that he used some forbidden meds, it always spoils his reputation. But at the same time, it is easy to suppose that we will never find the truth because the sport was built on money. Every step acts only after detailed observation of society’s possible reaction because no one wants to lose money. So, today we are going to find all available facts and learn is that was something like popular testosterone cream which is possible to find on the counters or this deal is about real steroids.

Guesses and Brian Cushing’s enemies

It is important to say that on the basis of scandals about steroids use, Brian Cushing got the disqualification. This story is getting new details which came from one interesting source. It is important to remind that even after this accident this sportsman saved his title of the best youngest player of the last season and lost place in All-Pro.

One popular newspaper got an interview with the unknown person which is a member of professional sports team, which has the connection with the Cushing. Some links explained that it was a general manager of a national football team which asked to hide his name because he didn’t want to use it in this interview. He declared that he knows a lot about Brian and his wild addiction to steroids. “We made our own research and found that Cushing uses steroids since the high-school. There were many people who were shocked after he successfully done all drug-tests. I think that he used something to erase visible signs of his addiction. In case if I would have a right for choice, I will never give the title of the best youngest player to Brian just because it would be not fair”, – that was the word of anonymous. Another one person who was his classmate from the University of South Carolina told that every summer he was leaving for New Jersey and comes back like it was another person. “That was so unbelievable to see him every year after summer. Every year he comes back with another appearance and behavior”, – that was the words of his classmate.

Some facts about doping

Right after news published facts about doping, Brian Cushing explained that it is not fair and he has a protector with important information which can erase all blames. The thing is that this accident appeared right in the middle of the season and in case if all guesses and tests were real, it will mean that the team can lose the best player. As the result, such circumstances mean a lot of advantages for competitors. So, it was important to find the power and make judge observe results again. It was almost the last chance. The main person who should protect sportsman was Texas team’s owner. He should meet with the person who could bring own influence on the whole accident.

Cushing in the interview explained his own point of view. He told that he was surprised that someone found forbidden meds in his blood and during a long period of time he can’t realize how that was even possible. He tried to deny that it was real. At the same time, he swore that some doctors explained this accident as the result of additional physical trains and special health features with the reaction which brought this mix in his blood. The thing is that Brian is really well-known like one of the hardworking sportsmen, but it is not easy to believe in this legend. He called it overtrained athlete syndrome and tried to explain it like a simple hormonal misbalance. After that appeared the legend with vitamins.

People’s guesses

Anyway, such legend about additional trains which brought forbidden elements in his blood looks like a silly fairy-tails for fans who sincerely believes in everything that makes their idol looks better in their eyes. Skeptics started comparisons of tests and found that the same results were in careers of sportsmen who used:

drostanolone enanthate;


Anyway, the law found that there are enough pieces of evidence to forbid him the career for a certain period of time. It means that he was guilty and all guesses about steroids have support.

In conclusion, it is possible to say that Brian Cushing steroids theme still continues. It seems that soon we will earn additional tests, results and people’s confessing about this sportsman’s connection with forbidden meds.