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Boost Your Muscles with Andriol – An Excellent Testosterone Cycle!

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Andriol is an anabolic steroid based on testosterone undecanoate (C30H48O3). Unlike all other testosterone forms, this preparation is available in capsule form. One cap contains the original active compound — testosterone undecanoate, which can be dissolved in oleic acid (C18H34O2).

Andriol Reviews: Main Features

The preparation’s consumption allows you to get rid of endogenous testosterone deficiency and/or to improve performance. The substance is involved in the organism’s metabolic processes, stimulates the full sexual organs’ development and male secondary sexual characteristics progress. However, the field of its most widespread use is sport industry.

Feedbacks show that this medication is taken to improve musculature quality, to strengthen them and increase their volume. Therefore, this testosterone kind is especially in demand among bodybuilders.

Reviews on forums illustrate that the drug is an excellent preventive agent and remedy for treating various diseases. Anyway, all testosterone-based meds should be administered in strict accordance with a specialist’s (doctor’s) prescription, after confirming the reduced emission of the main male sex hormone in the organism and establishing the causes of the disorder. In extreme cases, the use of the medication is possible after consultation with a sports specialist.

However, in some people, it doesn’t work well. One patient wrote on WebMD that he “haven’t felt any benefit”, “feel extremely exhausted”, and “suffering serious fibromyalgia”.

Andriol Cycle — How to Take Testosterone Undecanoate?

Andriol cycle can last, for example, 8 weeks. The maximal dosage is 240 mg per day. The cycle provides the following effects:

  1. A significant musculature enlargement. The cycle is associated with a sharp cell hydration. This makes the muscles more attractive, but causes the phenomenon of rollback after juicing. Accumulated fluid accounts for the third part of the total mass increase.
  2. The enhanced strength which allows athletes to train harder and more intensively.
  3. Stimulation of erythrocyte production. Common electrolytes include sodium (Na), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), and bicarbonate.
  4. Better oxygenation. Due to augmented oxygen content in the blood, the muscles start functioning more effectively, and the sportsman’s endurance improves.
  5. Improving the sexual desire in males.
  6. Nitrogen balance becomes proper (the amount of generated protein is higher than that of decayed one).

Using Andriol in Medicine

This drug serves a constituent of male hormone replacement therapy for curing medical conditions triggered by both secondary and primary testosterone insufficiency. Among them are:

  • post-castration (gonadectomy) evisceration,endocrine impotence, hypopituitarism, eunuchoidism;
  • certain types of infertility, provoked by impaired spermatogenesis;
  • men’s menopausal disorders (for example, in the case of reduced physical and mental activity, and a decrease in libido).

In transsexuals with a change of sex (from female to male, FTM), this medication can be used for masculinization. Also, testosterone undecanoate can be used for osteoporosis, which is caused by androgen deficiency.

According to Gregory JW, Greene SA et al. (University of Dundee, 1992), the drug increases height velocity and fat-free (FFM) mass velocities in boys suffering from constitutionally delayed puberty.

Testosterone undecanoate is not allowed to be used in the following conditions:

  • androgen-dependent prostate carcinoma;
  • hypercalcemia, which is accompanied by malignancy;
  • androgen-dependent man’s breast carcinoma;
  • hyperresponsiveness to the main substance or ancillary components of the tablet;
  • liver tumors in the patient’s history or current.

After taking the medicine, men/guys may develop undesirable consequences, such as constant erections, dynamic sexual development, adolescent sexual organs growth; sodium and water retention; elevated libido; oligospermia, erectile dysfunctions; dizziness, cardiovascular problems, high cholesterol level, aggression, oily skin, rapid body hair growth.

Where to Buy Andriol?

You can buy the stuff in online pharmacies or at conventional chemist’s. Remember, legal purchase of this medication is possible only if there is a valid specialist’s prescription. In most countries, you cannot legally buy the drug without this document. However, it is a popular product on the black market. A lot of illegitimate online stores and gym sellers offer various variations of testosterone. In addition, in some countries (in particular, Mexico) you can find permitted over-the-counter medicines.

T undecanoate brands include:

  • Androfil;
  • Aveed;
  • Nebido;
  • Nebidoject;
  • Virigen;
  • Androxon;
  • Androcap (Renata);
  • Andriol Testocaps;
  • Testoheal Softgels;
  • Cernos Caps;
  • Reandron 1000;
  • Undestor;
  • Panteston;

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