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Bodybuilding Steroids for Sale – Legal & Illegal Drugs for Sports Purposes.

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If you type “bodybuilding steroids for sale” in Google, you’ll see around 2,5 billion results. It vividly testifies to the fact that anabolic-androgenic steroids are very topical and widespread. However, they are forbidden in most countries. Despite this, many sports professionals & amateurs use them, sometimes putting their health at a significant risk. Where can you buy the drugs? Thousands of websites offer a wide range of them. Below we’ll tell you about the essence of anabolics, their legal status, and other interesting things.

Bodybuilding Steroids for Sale — Definition and Using

Anabolic steroids are special medications that mimic the testosterone effect. These medicines trigger protein synthesis acceleration, which leads to the development of anabolism. These are testosterone analogues, which facilitate the rapid build-up of muscle tissue, provide endurance and strength enhancement.

Anabolic steroids are divided into 2 main groups — oral steroids (tablets, powder) and injectable ones (liquid for intermuscular infusion). Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Steroid pills are more convenient, but injections are more powerful.

The Status of Bodybuilding Steroids for Sale in Sports & Fitness Industry

Since the emergence of various sports activities, which allow to compete in, athletes have been striving to find different tools for enhancing their performance. Even in the ancient period, they have used numerous components and herbs to improve their physical shape. The ancient Greeks swallowed Sesamum seeds, the Australian inhabitants chewed Pituri plant and wood ash, Norwegian warriors and Siberian tribes consumed psychedelic mushrooms (Amanita muscaria) and hallucinogenic plants (Hyoscyamus niger or henbane). Almost all ancient nations had similar traditions.

In the 19th century, sports swimming team from the Netherlands were charged with administering narcotic medicaments to elevate their speed. For the next 100 years, basic stimulants were elaborated. 1935 is the year of the male sex hormone testosterone (its synthetic analogue) creation. During the Second World War, the soldiers used T hormone meds for improving their endurance, strength and aggression on the battlefield.

In the 1950s, T hormone was highly in demand among sports competing athletes. However, there was neither clear information nor sufficient investigation concerning this substance addiction. At the  Games of the XV Olympiad (1952), almost all the participants of the Russian weightlifting team gained golden medals. No doubt, they were suspected of synthetic T hormone using.

Experts from many countries have attempted to invent the remedy with high properties since the 1950s. However, in the middle of the 20th century there was lack of information, concerning the dangerous impact of the created substance. The production of anabolic steroid dates back to 1958. The American pharmaceutical company was the first to start their mass manufacturing. Then specialists revealed harmful adverse events of this doping.

The period from 1950 to 1970 was fueled by rumors and real facts about “juicing”. The vast majority of athletes were convinced that only steroids could contribute to their competitiveness. Sportsmen who needed enormous musculature volume and strength, especially bodybuilders were the 1st who abused anabolics. The 1970s is characterized by increased demand for steroids, since athletes who wanted to augment their speed and endurance discovered advantages of the drug, since it allowed them to train with unbelievable intensity and recover faster.

However, this doping’s intake contradicted rules of the competitions and was outlawed. The IOC (International Olympic Committee) issued the first list of prohibited medicaments and substances for athletes in 1964, and steroids were not included in it. They were banned in 1975.

In the 80s, there was a migration of these substances to the illegal black market, and bodybuilders purchased them there. Even top-class sportsmen continued steroid courses.

In 1984, the fact of receiving AIDS because of a shared needle for injecting steroids was documented.

In addition, there are numerous steroids side effects especially in cases of uncontrolled and durable use.

We hope that in the future, professional bodybuilding will do without steroids. But now the condition is opposite. Most competing athletes (except for Men`s Physique category) use substances, such as Clenbuterol to gain more muscle mass and look like Superman, Godzilla or Hulk… Compare Golden Bodybuilding Era and current sportsmen. Such a big difference!

How can the sharp distinction between the Arnold era’s bodybuilders and present-day ones be explained? Undoubtedly, bodybuilding in the 60s & 70s is not identical to the current one. Certainly, the question arises: “What did athletes of the Arnold era use?” Generally, steroid cycles lasted only around 10 weeks; most of the sportsmen of that epoch had cycles twice a year. They did not use insulin, HGH, IGF1, etc.  A champion of the Golden Era said that they were not saints.

Steroids therapy resembled pyramids, comprising two weeks before maximum doses and several weeks after this peak. But it is not the evidence that athletes who used anabolic steroids to extremes did not exist. One notorious example of Andreas Münzer’s fatal outcome because of steroid overdose (as it was published in German press) compelled the society to perform ultimate sanctions regarding steroids.

Since 1970, specialists have designed and created various preparations, which served additional remedies to anabolics for growing muscles. Modern bodybuilders follow the cycle of steroids in combination with HGH, sometimes IGF-1 and insulin for attaining maximum results. Another tendency, observed in the last decade, implies admission rates extension to the point where the users generally don’t rest between cycles. Nowadays, top sportsmen have their own sports additives and clothes lines. They have a huge number of contracts with different brands. Money is a more precious thing for the present generation of shredded sportsmen, than other values, since steroids, such as methyltestosterone, and other additives may cost over $60,000 a year.

Legal Steroids in Bodybuilding — Do They Exist?

In most countries, steroids for sport purposes are prohibited by law. For example, in the USA, there is a special legislative act that disallows anabolics in the sports industry. However, the situation in America is critical. Oral steroids and injections are prevalent remedies among both professionals and amateurs. Even teenagers have access to them.

Some experts believe legalization of anabolics will induce the opposite effect, and people will use fewer drugs. The situation in Mexico serves a spectacular example. Top steroids and other anabolics are completely legal in this state. Mexico is free from any obstacles in obtaining them. Any person, including a 16-year-old baseball player, can purchase the needed drugs, such as Oral Turinabol, and pay around five hundred pesos at any chemist’s. This is the price for candy or lemonade.

It may sound rather strange, but there are no tidings in Mexico about someone’s death because of steroid drugs’ intake. In sport fields, there are no famous investigations or accusations of officials. Mass meetings against professional athletes caught in doping are not held. There is no tense atmosphere towards these products. Therefore, perhaps people who advocate for legal steroids bodybuilding, are right.

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