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Bodybuilding Steroids for Sale – Legal & Illegal Drugs for Sports Purposes.

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If you type “bodybuilding steroids for sale” in Google, you will see around 39 billion results. It vividly testifies to the fact that anabolic androgenic steroids are very popular. However, they aren’t legal in most countries of the world. Despite this fact, a lot of sports professionals & amateurs use them, sometimes putting their health at a great risk. Where can you buy the drugs? Thousands of websites offer anabolics for people. Below we’ll tell you about the essence of anabolics, their legal status, and some other interesting things.

Bodybuilding steroids for sale – definition and using

Anabolic steroids are special drugs that can mimic the testosterone effect. These drugs can cause acceleration of protein synthesis, which leads to the development of anabolism. These are analogues of testosterone, which promote the rapid build-up of muscle tissue, increased endurance and strength.

Anabolic steroids are divided into 2 main groups – oral steroids and injectable steroids. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Generally speaking, steroid tablets are more convenient to use, but injectable ones are more powerful.

The status of bodybuilding steroids for sale in sports & fitness industry

A man is a competitive creature. Since the emergence of various sports in which it is possible to compete, athletes have sought various means that would help them become the best. Since ancient times, they have used different components and herbs to improve their physical shape. The ancient Greeks ate Sesamum seeds, the Australian inhabitants chewed Pituri herb, Norwegian warriors ate psychedelic mushrooms, and almost all ancient nations had similar traditions.

In the 19th century, swimmers sports team from the Netherlands were charged with administering narcotic substances to enhance their speed. For the next 100 years, athletes took basically stimulants. In 1935, the male sex hormone testosterone (its synthetic analogue) was developed. During the Second World War, the German command gave its soldiers T hormone meds to improve their endurance and aggression on the battlefield.

In the 1950s, T hormone was actively used in sports competitions, but the danger of addiction and dependence was not sufficiently investigated. In 1952 at the Olympic Games, the weightlifting team from Russia won almost all competitions. There was an opinion that the sportsmen used synthetic T hormone.

Researchers around the world had been working on the production of the drug with improved properties since the 1950s. However, in those days, little was known about all the dangers that the substance contained. By 1958, in the USA, one of the pharmaceutical companies had produced an anabolic. Then all the unpleasant adverse events of doping were revealed.

From 1950 to 1970, the frequency of steroid application was fueled by rumors and real facts. A lot of athletes believed that they needed to use steroids to stay competitive. A lot of sportsmen who needed size and strength, for example, bodybuilders were the 1st who abuse anabolic drugs. In the 1970s, demand for the steroids increased, as athletes who needed speed also found certain advantages for themselves. And only for one purpose – this drug allowed the athlete to conduct more intensive training.

However, such doping was outside the sporting rules and outlawed. In 1964, the IOC first published a list of prohibited meds and substances for athletes, yet steroids were not banned until 1975.

In the 80’s, steroids migrated on the black market. Some top-class athletes continued to use them. They also became popular among bodybuilders and bodyguards.
The first known case, when a bodybuilder contracted AIDS because of sharing a needle for injecting steroids, was documented in 1984.

It should be noted that the meds may be dangerous for athletes’ health for other reasons. There are a lot of steroids side effects especially in cases of uncontrolled and long-term use.

We hope that in the future, professional bodybuilding will do possible without steroids. But now it is only a desire of some people. Most professional bodybuilders (except for Men`s Physique category) use steroids and a lot of other drugs, such as Clenbuterol to gain more muscle mass and look bigger. Compare athletes of the Golden Bodybuilding Era with current bodybuilders. Such a big difference!

What explains the distinction between the athletes of the Arnold time and the present time? Undoubtedly, bodybuilding in the 60s & 70s was far from what it became in the current century. Certainly, the question arises: “What did the top athletes of the Arnold era use?” Typically, steroid cycles lasted only around 10 weeks; most of the sportsmen of that era had cycles of steroids twice a year. They did not use insulin, HGH, IGF1, etc. One champion of the Golden Era said, “We were not saints”.

Cycles of steroids resembled pyramids, in which there was a couple of weeks before peak doses and a couple of weeks after. But this doesn’t mean that at that periods there were no those who used anabolic steroids to extremes. A sad example is the death of Andreas Münzer and the publication in German magazines of his anabolics’ cycle, which made the society go to extremes with regard to steroids.

Since 1970, a number of meds have been designed that have become additions to anabolics to make muscles bigger. Modern bodybuilders use much larger doses of steroids in combination with HGH, insulin and sometimes IGF-1 for maximum muscle gaining & recovery. Another trend that has been seen in the last 10-20 years is the extension of the admission rates to the point where the athletes generally cease to rest between courses. Today, the top athletes have their own line of sports nutrition products and clothes, agreements, and agents. Obviously, money is a means for existence and spirit for the present generation of shredded sportsmen, because steroids, such as methyltestosterone, and other meds cost more than $60000 a year.

Legal steroids bodybuilding – do they exist?

In most countries, using steroids in bodybuilding or other kinds of sport is prohibited by law. For example, in the USA, there is a special legislative act that prohibits the use of anabolics for sports purposes. However, the situation with these drugs is critical in this country. The use of an oral anabolic and steroid injection is widespread not only among professional athletes but also among amateurs and even teenagers.

Some people think that legalization of anabolics will lead to the opposite effect, that is, people will use fewer drugs. As an example, they refer to the situation in Mexico. Top steroids and a lot of other anabolics are legal in this state. In Mexico, there are practically no problems with steroids. Any person, including a 16-year-old football player, can come to a chemist’s shop, go straight to the counter, choose the needed drugs, such as Oral Turinabol, and pay around five hundred pesos as if he bought pink cotton candy, a couple of cupcakes, and a bottle of energy drink. In general, without problems.

And no matter how strange it sounds, there is no tidings in Mexico that someone has died due to steroid drugs. None of the teenagers have committed suicide as a result of the application of anabolics. In sports, there are no famous investigations or accusations of officials. Nobody holds a mass meeting near the government building against professional athletes caught in doping. Therefore, perhaps people who advocate for legal steroids bodybuilding, are right.

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