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Bodybuilding Gym Machine Workout Program to Get Shredded ABS

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There are many exercises for abdominal muscles. You can perform excellent workouts at home or in a gym. If you’re a gym rat, you can effectively use abs workout machine. Below we will tell you about Abs workout machines, effective gym machine Abas exercises, and some types of exercises, which seem to be ineffective.

It is important: all exercises for ripped Abs are effective only if you eat properly, sleep well, and are in good mood. Sports supplements like BCAA may be good auxiliary methods to improve your physique.

Abs Workout Machine – What is It and How It Works?

Abs workout machine is a type of exercise equipment designed for performing specialized abdominal exercises. More specifically, it intended for training of the rectus abdominis muscle, which is an extremely important muscle. This is a part of stabilizers muscle group often also called core. We will tell about these machines using the example of Hammer Strength Select. This workout machine has the following advantages:

  • Simplicity and power. These machines are simple enough to use, so that they can use beginners, but their load will satisfy and experienced athletes.
  • Natural movements. Particular attention to biomechanics and accurate reproduction of natural movements is the secret of the success of these machines.
  • High reliability in all conditions. Hammer Strength Select has a solid steel construction, high-precision welding and cables with lubricant, which was placed inside the braid.

Since many people have abdominal muscles lagging behind other muscles, these people need to perform isolated exercises to strengthen the abdomen. This can be done for example on the Hammer Strength Select. It has cushions and handles that help fix the upper part of the body, turning it off from work and shifting all the load to the trained abdominal muscles.

So let’s start the exercise that can be done on the Hammer Strength Select machine. Place your feet on the treadmill stand, adjust the machine so that the angle in the knee and hip joints is exactly 90. Place the casing so that the lower edges are on the axis of rotation of the treadmill unit. Let’s start the exercise. Put your head on the pillow. Take from the handle so that the forearms are parallel. Contract the abdomen and gently bend the body from top to bottom, then smoothly return to the starting position without relaxing the abdominal muscles, then bend the body from top to bottom and then go back. Repeat the desired number of times. Some people make mistakes. Often they strongly pull the handle while almost not including the work of the correct muscle abdominis muscle. Arms should only help a little, and the main work should be performed by the muscles of the press. Another common mistake is the desire to pull the arms up while tearing the lower back. In this case, the main flexion does not occur in the hip joint, so you do not train the abdominal muscles.

Machine Gym Workouts for Abs – Examples of Effective Exercises

You can do a lot of exercises for perfect Abs using gym machines. Here are some examples:

  • Cable Isometric Hold;
  • Cable Oblique Crunch;
  • Side Plank With Cable Hold;
  • Overhead Kneeling Cable Hold;
  • Abs Roll With Side Rotation;
  • Trunk Twist using TRX straps;
  • Double-Knee Drive using TRX straps;
  • TRX Pike using TRX straps;
  • Barbell Overhead Sit-Up (this is an extremely difficult exercise);
  • Exercises with the use of Power Tower;
  • Ab Crunch Machine Exercises.

Abs Machine Workout Program

Here is an example of Abs machine workout program:

  • Ab Crunch Machine Exercise – 3 sets, 10-15 reps each;
  • Cable Oblique Crunch – 3 sets, 10-15 reps each;
  • Overhead Kneeling Cable Hold – 3 sets (max time);
  • Rope Crunch – 3 sets, 10-15 reps each.

Non-Effective Abs Workouts in Bodybuilding

After reading the information above, you learned how to pump up the press on the simulator. Now we will tell you ineffective gym workouts for abs.

1. Decline Sit-Up. Its injury potential outweighs the benefits. Previously, this exercise was considered the most effective and in fact the only one for a good press. The person’s task was only in what angle to place a bench and where to put his / her hands, for example on the chest or behind the head. Modern sports doctors warn athletes against the performance of this exercise. Why? First, this exercise is not the most effective. This is due to the fact that the amplitude of movement that is effective for the development of abdominal muscles is rather short, therefore, during decline sit-ups on a bench, you simply waste the greater part of the amplitude. Secondly, this exercise is potentially harmful to the back. When you do this exercise, you make excessive load on the lower back, which exceeds the recommended threshold set by some sports organizations. These organizations say that a prolonged load during the bending of the trunk on the bench can lead to various diseases in the back, an increased risk of developing a hernia, and the accumulation of a negative background in the back which can then lead to various sports injuries. Read more about back workouts in this article.

2. Leg Throws. This exercise consists in the fact that you need to first lie on the floor. Then you need to lift your legs up. Your partner has to stand behind, he / she has to catch your feet and forcefully throw them down. But scientists believe that this exercise should be excluded from the training program. The reason for this is also associated with increased load on the lower back. If you have had problems with the lower back, or if you have a weak back, you better exclude this exercise from your workout plan. And even if this exercise does not cause you pain right now, over time it can lead to the development of chronic painful sensations in your lower back.

3. Using Over-Hyped Machines Like Ab Circle Pro. Unfortunately, on the Internet and in real life there are a lot of shops that offer over-hyped machines. And, unfortunately, these stores are very popular among beginner athletes and among people who just want to lose weight. Professional athletes are no longer manipulated by such claims, because they know that this is not true, because they have been training for many years and studied the mechanism of fat burning and muscle growth. Professional athletes will more likely buy anabolic steroids such as Sustanon and Trenbolone than they will buy vibrating belts for the development of abdominal muscles. One of the most famous simulators for getting v cut Abs “without much effort” is AB Circle Pro. A few years ago, in the United States of America, there was an advertisement that this simulator can remove about 10 pounds in just two weeks. These manufacturers even said that it can locally burn fat on the stomach that was an absolute lie. Finally, the controlling authorities of the United States of America fined this manufacturer $9 million for advertising that did not correspond to reality.

However, in some countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Mexico, and others, such advertisements seem to be the norm. And you can buy AB Circle Pro in these countries at a relatively small price. But the problem is that even this small price of about 100 US dollars will not pay off. The machine is absolutely ineffective. Its developers say that it can alleviate the load during the completion of the movement. However, scientific studies have discovered that even an ordinary crunch is more effective than the use of Circle Pro machine.

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