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Bo Jackson and Steroids – Did the Universal Two-Sport Star Use Anabolics?

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Bo Jackson (“Boar”) is a peerless person in the history of American sports. He managed to participate in the games of two professional leagues. He is the only one to be named an All-star in both baseball and football. Bo was famous for his non-ordinary demeanor on the baseball field. Once he broke the bat on his sports helmet and pretended that nothing had happened.

Taking into account the universality and success of the athlete, many people began to wonder: “Did Bo Jackson use steroids to soar to new heights (under the guise of dogged work)?”

Bo Jackson’s Biography

Vincent Edward Jackson believes being born in a small Alabama city has made him a great athlete. His native Alabamian city Bessemer was free from gangs, drugs, prostitution, there was nothing at all. The future star didn’t know what to do there, except devoting his free time to sports. He was engaged in many activities: baseball, basketball, and football; but he never competed with his peers. He was more interested in going out to the playground with the older guys to kick their ass. He used his prepotency and brute force. He ran faster and jumped higher. He had huge ambitiousness and wanted to become famous.

When Bo graduated from school, they knew his name among almost all Alabamians. In his state he gained a champion title in the decathlon (the discipline developed from the ancient pentathlon) two times, he also pulled school teams into the football’s playoffs (as a running back) and baseball championships (as an outfielder). Finally, the New York Yankees picked him in the 2nd round of the 1982 MLB draft. It allowed him to move to NY and build a career in baseball. However, this decision meant that he would lose the opportunity to become a part of the NFL, where he also wanted to get through.

He wanted to enter the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, but his coach mentioned that there were enough good running backs in their team, so he would have to wait for an extended time to gain a foothold. Such a situation did not satisfy Bo, so he chose Auburn.

While studying and for some time after, he played both in baseball and American football. In 1989, he performed in a match with all MLB stars. In 1989, the stellar sportsman was involved in an advertising campaign, deployed by Nike. Its subject was the sporting multi-functionality of the athlete.

He became one of the most successful and sold athletes. In 1991, he suffered from a severe hip injury. He left the sport for two years. He returned to baseball in 1993, quitting football forever.

When asked about his comeback, he noted that his strength was with him, but he had lost his speed, which helped him to dominate in baseball. In 1993 he won the Comeback Player of the Year award of the American League, which didn’t satisfy him at all. He was unenthusiastic. He was deprived of a part of himself without football.

In 1991, the Tecmo Super Bowl game was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) by Tecmo. We know the company for Star Force, Ninja Gaiden, Deception, Monster Rancher and other game series. It was crazy arcade football simulator, which enjoys significant popularity on the console. Even now you can find websites where users (mainly adult men) share different modifications of this game and play it online in organized leagues. Bo is the “deadly player” in the game.

Bo voluntarily gives autographs on cartridges of the video game more often than on baseballs or footballs. Perhaps, if football had been his single occupation, he would have recovered from the injury that ended his career, and he would have owned at least one ring of Lombardi Trophy, a pair of MVP leagues, and other prizes.

Maybe, people would have remembered him not only as a video game character but, primarily as a great running back (RB). However, we cannot say that he is a nameless person. He is a unique universal player of earthly importance.

Jackson’s Recent Statements

Bo Jackson has recently claimed that he would have never played American football if he knew of the many head injuries the representatives of this sphere constantly sustained. Jackson defended the colors of “Los Angeles” from 1986 to 1990. He simultaneously played baseball for the “Kansas City” (the MLB club).

He said, that if he knew about traumas, he would never play football. Unfortunately, it was an unknown fact for most of the players. Coaches didn’t share such dismal information. Now he advises children and teenagers to participate in whatever game they enjoy (baseball, volleyball, basketball, golf, football), except dangerous American football.

Bo Jackson and Steroids — Is He a Bluffer?

According to nutritionist Ellen Coleman, Bo Jackson had problems with his hip because of the use of the illegal steroids he administered in large quantities.

Bo’s attorney lodged a complaint against the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, which is a California newspaper. Jim Mohr’s byline quoted the nutritionist who claimed to personally know about Bo’s alleged steroid use.

The lawsuit was against the media itself, sports redactor Jim Mohr, and some employees of the company. According to CBC, the newspaper was forced to apologize to the baseballer “without reservation” and retract a part of the inflammatory and denouncing article.

Bo Jackson gave a conference interview devoted to the White Sox’s vs Cleveland Indians game. He claimed that he had nothing to conceal from his fans and society. He welcomed checks on his medical past and all blood tests that had been carried out for the presence of steroids. He insisted that he had never used steroids (like testosterone cypionate and Nandrolone) for any purposes.