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Best Tricep Workouts with Dumbbells or Bodyweight for Women: Home or Gym

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Female triceps are part of what some people call the “Trifecta of Transformation”. This means three body areas that females are most interested in giving tone: triceps, buttocks, and abdominal muscles (you might be also interested in bodybuilding gym machine workout program to get shredded ABS). Women usually don’t work for size; they want to get toned. We will tell you about tricep workouts for women below.

Best Tricep Workout for Females – Main Principles

  • Correctly select the working weight and determine the range of repetitions. For a good triceps, you should combine in your training routine both heavy reps (4-8 repetitions) and pumping reps (12-20 repetitions). But remember that the working weight should be small, when working for muscle pump. But if you do not feel the muscles work when performing heavy reaps, it means you receive small load. You should feel how your triceps contract in every repetition.
  • Smoothly increase the weight of when doing push-ups on the uneven bars (if you are an experienced female athlete). This is one of the most traumatic exercises for the elbow joints. It is better to perform this exercise closer to the end of the workout and work with a relatively small weight.
  • It is not recommended to straighten the elbows at the top point in all the bench exercises. This is quite a traumatic position, in which all the load lies straight on the elbow joint. (Read more about corticosteroids that may help relieve joint pain.)
  • During the execution of skullcrushers, it is of fundamental importance to concentrate on stretching the triceps during the negative phase of movement. It should be 2 or even 3 times longer than positive phase. The whole benefit of this exercise may be achieved due to this movement feature. In other movements, you will not be able to stretch the medial head of the triceps as much.
  • Minimize the cheating when doing tricep exercises. Cheating deprives these exercises of any meaning and relieves all the load from the triceps muscle of the shoulder and other muscles. Be smart.
  • Use all available ways to increase the intensity of training (but these ways should be safe). The triceps is a relatively small muscle group, and if you want to see noticeable progress, you need to fully exhaust this muscle. Do partial repetitions after failure, ask your partner or coach to help you do a couple of extra repetitions, do several exercises without rest, “hit” with a small weight after every hard set – it all works very well for the tricep.
  • Spend the rest time between your rest with the benefit: stretch the tricep muscles. The more flexible your muscles are, the more comfortable you will perform the exercises in full amplitude. It will also improve pumping and neuromuscular communication, stretch the fascia and reduce the likelihood of getting injury.
  • Experiment with your split-program. The triceps can be trained along with the chest, back, shoulders or biceps. Choose the option that best suits you. Also, you can alternate these options.
  • The rest between sets should not exceed 1-1.5 minutes. In this occasion, the flow of blood into the working muscles will be maximum, and the muscles will not have time to cool down after an intense load.
  • If you train your arms on a single day (read more on arm toning workouts here), or work in supersets – it is recommended to train the tricep muscles first, and then proceed to the bicep. The triceps are more voluminous and strong muscles; they need more heavy load for growth. Therefore, it is advisable first to load it while you are full of energy.

Triceps Workout with Dumbbells At Gym

Here are the best tricep workout exercises that are performed with dumbbells:

  • Two-Arms Triceps Extension;
  • One-Arm Triceps Extension;
  • Seated Triceps Extension;
  • Triceps Kickback;
  • Bent-Over One-Arm Triceps Extension;
  • Lying Triceps Extension;
  • Triceps Bench Press.

The triceps workout with dumbbells is very effective. In addition, you can perform such barbell gym exercises, as skullcrushers and tricep bench press. You can read more about these and other exercises in our article on killer tricep mass workouts for men.

Here’s a tip: you can find a lot of video materials with detailed instructions on how to perform the above mentioned exercises properly.

Bodyweight Tricep Workouts for Women at Home

You can train your tricep effectively using just your bodyweight. There are two main bodyweight tricep exercises to be performed at home.

  • At-Home Triceps Dips. This is one of the most effective triceps exercises, as well as ordinary dips. You need to find a support for the feet and hands (you can use benches for this purpose). In general, the legs can be put on the floor, but this will simplify the exercise. Put your hands on one bench behind you, put your feet on the other. It is necessary to take such a position that the support for the arms is behind you and does not prevent you from moving up and down. Bend your arms and go down to the right angle at the elbows, then return to the starting position. You can use extra weight when performing this exercise (put a plate on your knees).
  • Tricep Push-Ups. This exercise is the most home version of tricep training. If you keep your elbows against the body and slowly press it, you will shift the load on triceps. Due to the low speed of the movement, you will stay in a state of tension longer (it reminds the plank exercise). Plus, the shock load will go to your triceps. To complicate the push-ups, you can use special mobile rotating items. Changing the angle of the body tilt changes the load on the triceps. If the head is above the legs, it is easier to push it. If on the contrary – it’s harder. The most extreme variant of push-ups is upside down push-ups purely on the hands (the-so called vertical push-ups). But this is aerobatics, which refers more to gymnastics than to pumping musculature. If you can perform tricep push-ups at least once, pressing your elbows to the body, then you already have the initial physical training. If you can’t do so, you need to train with support (like a sofa and chair). In this case, the most of your body (3/5, for example) should lie on the support.

You may also try other exercises during your triceps workout at home, but you will need extra weight for this.

Triceps Workout at Home vs. Triceps Workout at Gym

According to the experts of Mayo Clinic (one of the most authoritative clinics in the world), your own weight may freely replace exercises with dumbbells, barbells, cable machines, and kettlebells. This statement is especially true for beginners. The direction of resistance training with one’s own weight is called calisthenics.

One of the main stimuli for hypertrophy (increase in volume) of muscles is mechanical. To use it, you need to work with a weight of about 70-75% of 1PM (one-time maximum), and this is the weight at which failure is achieved by 10-12 repetitions. So you do not need to work with barbells and dumbbells. Your own weight will be enough, especially if you’re a woman.

But there is one controversial point. Some people cannot force themselves to train at home. Such a task is not easy for them. They better go to the gym. In addition, the prepaid season ticket encourages them to attend the gym. There are a lot of distractions at home, such as a loved one, children, pets, and unwashed dishes. On the other hand, you do not need to spend much time to implement an effective home workout. Therefore, training at home has its pros and cons. The same goes for training in the gym. Advantages of workouts in the gym (free weight tricep workout exercises) are as follows:

  • a large number of equipment and sports simulators (machines);
  • motivating music;
  • the spirit of sports that reigns in the gym;
  • motivation coming from a coach (if you train with him / her).

However, the triceps workout at gym has some disadvantages. Firstly, in some small villages there are no good gyms. Secondly, some people cannot afford to attend the gym due to lack of finance. Thirdly, some people do not like the crowds of gym rats that can be found in the gym.

Thus, only you decide what to choose: workout in the gym or workout at home. They can be equally effective; the main things you should pay attention to are persistence and motivation.

It should be noted that in many online stores you can find steroids for women, such as Oxandrolone. These medicines help to accelerate progress and get beautiful muscles. However, their use is associated with some side effects of steroids. If we are talking about men, we know that steroids cannot make dick smaller. However, in women, the use of anabolic steroids can cause clitoral hypertrophy and other irreversible symptoms of masculinization.