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Best Testosterone Booster for Men on the Market – Reviews & Instructions.

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Natural athletes who do not want to take anabolic steroids without prescription, as a rule, are looking for natural ways to improve their own levels of recovery processes. Most sports supplements that are presented on the sports nutrition market, as well as various dietary supplements usually don’t cause any effect on muscle building and improvement of strength, unlike steroids pills such as Anadrol and Andriol.

On the Internet, you can see articles about top 10 natural testosterone supplements and the like but in fact, the effects of these supps are miserable.

The best testosterone booster on the market – Tribulus Terrestris

However, there are a number of advanced boosters, which can provide some beneficial effects. In this article, we will try to figure out whether Tribulus Terrestris is useful for professional athletes and beginners.

First, it should be noted that this amazing plant has been known since ancient times. In Ancient Greece, it was used as a urine-increasing and tonic remedy; ancient Indians applied it as an antimicrobial substance. Supplements based on the herb were taken by ancient Balkan men suffering from infertility.

In Ancient Indian medicine, decoction of Tribulus was used for lower back pain, radiculitis, pelvic inflammatory diseases, dry cough, and respiratory distress. Also, it was used to stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, for treatment of urolithiasis, dyspnea, and cardiac ailments. According to the Ayurveda, the herb may be used for the treatment of erection problems, venereal diseases, and sexual weakness. According to Unani medicine, the herb’s supplements are used as a diuretic, mild laxative, and recreational remedy.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Tribulus was applied to treat eyes’ diseases, swelling, bloating, abnormal pain, and sexual dysfunction. In the Shern-Nong pharmacopeia (the oldest known pharmacological work in China), Tribulus was described as a very valuable herb for the restoration of the liver, the treatment of chest compressions, mastitis, meteorism, acute conjunctivitis, headache, and vitiligo. In China, various parts of this plant are used for the treatment of various diseases. For example, its leaves may be used for vomiting, diarrhea, nasal congestion, runny nose, skin itch, scabies, and furuncles. Tribulus flowers are remedies against with vitiligo. Fruits can be helpful in cases of a headache, dizziness, chest pain, amenorrhea, vitiligo, various liver diseases, hives, and eczema.

In 2016, scientists from Iran decided to check the effectiveness of the use of Tribulus, as a folk remedy for treating diabetes. The ethanol-based extract containing the herb has shown high efficiency in lowering glucose levels, compared with placebo in women suffering from type 2 diabetes. The mechanism of glucose levels reduction appears to be related to the inhibition of a-glucosidase activity in the small intestine. Also, a light dose independent alpha-amylase-inhibiting effect was found, which indicates the efficiency of small dosages of the herb remedies.

The principle of action of the best testosterone booster on the market

Let’s see how the best testosterone booster on the market works. ts effect is caused by furostanol saponins, which should always be indicated on the package of the product you’ve bought. Protodioscin is the main substance among saponins. It favorably affects the permeability cells, sexual function, libido, and immune system. Other types of saponin substances improve the action of protodioscin.

The main agent of the supplement is quickly excreted from the body. Three hours after taking the product, its concentration in the blood flow is very low. The main agent is excreted primarily in the bile. The low excreted amount of unchanged main agent in comparison with the administered dosage confirms the hypothesis that it actively biotransforms in the body and has some benefits.
Saponins also contribute to the recovery of spermatogenesis, improve the function of the endocrine gland, free testosterone levels, and synthesis of some other hormones.

Effects of testosterone boosters based on Tribulus

According to some scientific researches, top boosters based on Tribulus slightly improve testosterone synthesis in the human body thanks to the enlarge in quantities of luteinizing hormone, due to which T hormone is. Consequently, you receive better strength and better muscle gains. In addition, the herb can help to improve libido and erectile function by activating androgen receptors located in the brain.
It has been proven that the herb contains chemicals that suppress the L-Monoamine oxidase in the brain, thereby enhancing the activity of some mediators. Due to this, Tribulus supplementation may enhance mood, boost motivation, eliminate dispiritedness after a cycle of anabolics, as well as increase libido.

However, researches with participation of young individuals have shown that the herb doesn’t influence rates of the main male hormone & luteinizing hormone and doesn’t affect the androgen receptors in muscles.

Is the best testosterone booster for men effective?

However, the best testosterone booster for men really improves the libido, as well as provides the improvement of mood. This is due to the inhibition of L-Monoamine oxidases inside the brain. So, the drug can be useful after the cycle of taking anabolic steroids, since it prevents a depressive state and decreasing of sexual desire.

Thus, we cannot recommend Tribulus as a supplement that affects muscle mass gaining and fat loss. But if you want to raise the general tone, avoid the depressive mood after a cycle of steroids for sale, you can include the supplement in your diet plan. It’s also great if you do not want to take anabolic steroids but have a desire to enhance your libido in order to improve the quality of sexual life.

If you still consider Tribulus Terrestris taking, you should take into account its price. At this moment, the remedy can be purchased in some pharmacies, online stores, and sports supplements stores. The cost of the supplement is around 10 dollars per 100 g of pure extract (data from AliExpress online store).

When to take and how to take the best testosterone booster for men?

The optimal option is administering the drug for 1 month. After that, you should take a 2-4-week break.
When to take the remedy? Tribulus Terrestris should be taken up to three times per day, just after meals at the dosage of 750-1000 milligrams of furostanol saponins per day.

Tribulus testosterone booster reviews – what do athletes say about the drug?

As this drug has been used for a long time and has been advertised as a supplement that significantly affects rates of the male hormone, Tribulus testosterone booster reviews are common on Internet-forums.

Almost all athletes who took Tribulus Terrestris note a noticeable increase in libido, increased potency, an increase in the general tone of the body, as well as increased mood. Sportsmen who took this supplement before and after steroids note a more favorable psychological, emotional state just after a cycle of various types of steroids. However, as mentioned earlier, the supplement slightly affects levels of the male hormone in the body, so the use of anti-estrogens, such as clomiphene citrate, tamoxifen citrate (Nolvadex), and toremifene citrate, is mandatory. In addition, anastrozole drug may also be used during post cycle therapy.

The bottom line on top boosters based on Tribulus Terrestris

Beneficial effects of testosterone boosters exist, but their effect on testosterone levels is negligible (as recent studies show). If you want to get very high testosterone in your body, only anabolic steroids can help you. However, Tribulus Terrestris is a safe booster having soft effects.