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Best Superset Arm Workout for Mass: CT Fletcher Vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger

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CT Fletcher and Arnold Schwarzenegger are idols for many fitness folks. Their physique motivates users and give them an inspiration to train effectively and with dedication. In this article, we will tell you about the best arm workouts for mass developed by CT Fletcher and Iron Arnie.

CT Fletcher’s Arm Workout – Kill Your Arms!

CT Fletcher is one of the most fun and successful personal trainers in the modern world of bodybuilding and fitness. The Internet and social networks today are simply teeming with motivators, photos and training programs from CT Fletcher, who has really big arms. Despite the fact that Fletcher is very popular in the Internet world, many experts and quasi-experts of bodybuilding repeatedly criticized him severely for workout routines that he recommends in his video blogs and projects.

Here is an example of CT Fletcher’s arm workout:

  • Warm-Up. Superset. Pulley push down exercise, bicep cable curl. The number of reps is 10 supersets of 10 reps for each exercise. In total: 200 reps. Yes, this is a huge amount, but CT Fletcher is crazy, you know.
  • Scott Bench Bicep Curls. 2 sets to failure.
  • Seated Dumbbell Skullcrusher. 4 sets to failure.
  • T-Curl Exercise. 2 sets to failure.
  • One-Arm Tricep Dumbbell Extension. 2 sets of 40 repetitions per each arm.
  • Chin-Ups. 1 set of 30 reps.
  • Tricep Arm Extension on a Bar. 2 sets to failure.
  • Dumbbell Skullcrusher (in Lying Position). 1 set of 200 repetitions based on the pyramid principle (gradual increase in working weight).

As you can see, Ct Fletcher is crazy. It should be noted that this complex is not a signal to action. The proposed methodology is of an informational nature. Of course, if you are a skilled gym rat, you can use exercises from Fletcher. But if you are a beginner and do not know where to start, we recommend that you consult a professional coach, otherwise, the consequences can be very different. Even injuries are possible (you can treat injuries with corticosteroids).

It is important to note that CT Fletcher now has serious heart problems that were partly related to improper nutrition, super heavy workouts and possibly the use of illegal steroids and human growth hormone.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Arm Workout – “The Terminator’s” Guide

Arnold knew that due to the peculiarities of our body, the time of training in the gym was limited and it had to be used the time with maximum benefit. That’s why, he often practiced superset routines for arms.

By using supersets, you will provide a huge flow of blood into your hands, one that is impossible to obtain when performing single sets. This is certainly a new stress for the muscles of the arms and, of course, a new stimulus for their growth.

Below we will offer you his workout routine, with a complex consisting mainly of supersets. If you are a beginner, then postpone this Arnold arm workout for later. Start your initial training sessions with simple exercises. If you are already an experienced athlete, then execute this training at least once a month. So, here is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s arm workout (bicep + tricep):

  • Superset No 1. Barbell Bicep Curl (4 sets of 10 repetitions), Skullcrusher (4 sets of 10 repetitions).
  • Superset No 2. Hummer Bicep Curl (4 sets of 10 repetitions), Pulley Push Down Exercise (4 sets of 10 repetitions).
  • Superset No 4. Seated Dumbbell Bicep Curl (4 sets of 10 repetitions), Cable Rope Overhead Triceps Extension (4 sets of 10 repetitions).
  • Superset No 3. Seated Dumbbell Bicep Curl (4 sets of 10 repetitions), Cable Rope Overhead Triceps Extension (4 sets of 10 repetitions).
  • Superset No 5. Concentration Curl Exercise (4 sets of 10 repetitions), Dumbbell Triceps Extension (4 sets of 10 repetitions).
  • Ordinary Exercises. Tricep Dips (2 sets of 25 reps).

Best Arm Workouts for Mass – Arnie’s Principles

The most important training principle of Arnold’s workouts was the use of not only the strength of muscles, but also the strength of the brain. In all his interviews, he was repeatedly said that one needs to work your head. Our brains give orders, and the muscles just execute them. To develop a truly powerful musculature, you cannot come into the gym and thoughtlessly lift weights. Everything should be considered. Below we will consider some of the basic techniques that Arnold used to create bid guns.

1. Uniform development of the arm muscles. If you look at you from the rear, then no one can evaluate the size of your pectoral muscles, or, for example, the front surface of the thigh or the muscle of the press. That cannot be said about the hands. They can be seen from all sides and at all angles. Based on this, Arnold believed that you need to train them with a variety of loads, and equally qualitatively work out all the muscles of which your arms are composed. After all, powerful arms are not only developed biceps. They should also include well-trained triceps and forearms. Thorough training of arms suggests that you will train all these three components of success, and not only the biceps, which is loved by all beginner athletes.

2. Giving priority to the tricep. The tricep is that muscle that takes up most of the arm volume. Roughly speaking, the entire volume of muscles from the elbow to the shoulder, consists by 2/3 of three heads of the triceps and only 1/3 is the two heads of the biceps. Therefore, if you want to increase your arms in volume, then you should not have doubts about which muscle gives the most part of this volume. Also, given that the tricep is a muscle with different heads, it will not be possible to work it out as much as possible using only one exercise. Therefore, your tricep routine should include at least three intense exercises. If you train your triceps with the same exercise, then you cannot expect anything good from it. You will only develop one of the three tricep heads, and the rest will be disproportionately underdeveloped. This, of course, will negatively affect the total volume of arms.

3. Proper focus. Arnold is a very sociable person in ordinary life, but as soon as he began training, he sank into his own inner world and, concentrating on the working muscle, did not notice anyone and nothing around.

He has told media that in the training of his arms, he represents how his biceps are poured with blood and become like two huge balls. Such a visualization may seem ridiculous for many persons, however, it has helped Arnold to establish an impeccable mental link between the brain and muscle.

This should be done by you when you train. When performing your arm blaster set, your thoughts should not be hovering somewhere in the clouds. You should direct all your attention and concentration to the working muscle. Only so, you can load all necessary muscle fibers. It should be noted that Arnold is a former steroid user. Most probably, he has used Primobolan, Deca Durabolin, and Dianabol.