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Best Steroid Brands – What Manufacturer Should You Choose on the Market?

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Are you planning to use anabolic steroids? Or do you want to research this issue in some great detail? If you are toying with the concept of steroids, then you need first clear, unbiased advice and information about the best steroid brands available on the market. Read my op-ed below to learn more, to enable you to reach an informed decision.

How Many Anabolic Steroid Brands Are on the Market?

There are more than one hundred brands of steroids on the market, such as Anavar, Sustanon, Trenbolone – a handful of famous names, there are loads more. The internet has revolutionized not just steroid sales but for myriad pharmaceuticals, a game changer as steroids are illegal in most countries on the planet, the USA, the European Union and the Russian Federation although strangely not so in Mexico. This country’s laws are sloppy, inconsistent and not rigidly enforced, so plenty of loopholes. Legal possession of steroids is usually only permitted with a doctor’s prescription and then, limited by dosage. Illegal and underground producers abound everywhere, prosecute one by a law enforcement agencies and another springs up to fill its shoes. It is because of the global reach of the internet and the big bucks just waiting to be made. Whilst there is a black market, supply will continue. There is a counter-argument it would be more protective of public health to legalise anabolic steroids thus exerting control because usage has never been more popular. This has happened with Viagra in the UK. This is an opportunity to bring steroids into the light, educate and inform and publicize the key concern which are the noted side effects. Legalisation will also guarantee ingredient quality and drive out tainted and dangerous impersonators. There seems no appetite for this, however. Unsurprisingly, the most popular makes, therefore, are those with the lowest contras.

Every individual metabolises differently so one steroid applied to a range of athletes demonstrates wholly different outcomes, similar to a perfume giving varied fragrance on a variety of women depending on their skin tone, hormones and what other cosmetics they are wearing. So, taking advice or following the lead from your training buddy or coach will be somewhat subjective. The only true experience is your experience so resist the tempting marketing slogans as these sales speak, simply designed to entice you to buy. Despite the jargon, the latest designer drug may not deliver and could induce nasty and serious side effects. Remember this is an unregulated area with no clinical testing or strict trials or necessarily, any credible data.

List of Best Steroid Brands

So which companies produce the best synthetic steroids in the world? Here is the list of manufacturers that every second steroid user has probably heard about:

Organon. A Dutch pharmaceutical company producing anabolic androgenic steroids and a wide range of other medications. Its main factories are located in the States, the People’s Republic of China, the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom. The first product released by this company was insulin way back in 1923 so they have a long and illustrious history. Organon also produces drugs for research purposes (for example, ORG-25935).

Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Chisinau). This is a new kid on the block, a relatively young Moldovan pharmaceutical company, a title familiar to all athletes. Founded in 2007, they manufacture high-quality products for athletes and other sectors in society; the product catalog on the company’s website displays about 120 items. This is a completely legal factory, with all the valid documents/licenses and possessing the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard. They offer exceptional quality, plus costs are pretty reasonable. Purchasers leave sound reviews at various reliable forums about sports pharmacology (anabolic steroid forums), negative testimonials are also present, but in a smaller volume; this would be true of any consumer based forum and is perversely, the hallmark of a genuine review site. Black marks are related to the purchase of non-original products or counterfeits, probably generated by fake sites run by fraudsters. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all and some gullible punters are easily deceived by suspiciously low charges and clever fake websites. The corporation works tirelessly to defend itself against rogue imitators and protect its excellent reputation. One measure to look out for is the presence of verification codes. If you are worried or in doubt about the identity of the item, check before sale on the official company website using a unique code.

PharmaCom Labs. This is a well-known pharmaceutical company that started production in 2006 in Moldova. They aim solely at the sports audience, developing products for athletes engaging in different classes of sport. In 2012, the company changed the format of its activity. Currently, the company delivers over 40 different drugs that meet the highest specifications and standards in sports pharmacology. In the preference market, PharmaCom is never far from the top of the scoreboard, usually occupying one of the leading ranks in the production of anabolic drugs, human growth hormone, and prohormones, such as Halodrol. In 2014, product design underwent a revamp, so-called check codes appeared, a concept borrowed from other players, to ensure buyer protection in the war against counterfeiting. To ensure you are ordering an original product, check the unique code on the PharmaCom Labs’ website. PharmaCom Labs has proved itself a reliable and committed manufacturer in this arena, thriving on its integrity. A winning feature is the creation of drugs with am exceptional content of active substance, such as testosterone enanthate, Sustanon 250, Nandrolone, which contain 600 mg of active agent in 1 ml of fluid.

Aburaihan Pharmaceuticals (Tehran). This is a major pharmaceutical manufacturer in Iran, founded in 1965. Most informed sports people who have dabbled on “the dark side” is familiar with Aburaihan. Its vast experience ensures the company plays a prominent role in the pharmaceutical industry in Iran. Initially, this giant was owned by the global German giant, Shering. In 1981 it became an independent open joint-stock company (JSC). It produces anabolic and androgenic steroids of superior quality. The price of drugs on the market is very reasonable and competitive in comparison to other competitors.

Vermodje. Mention Vermodie in the changing room or an online chat and most will have heard of this pharmaceutical supplier. Relatively new in the steroid supply game, it was formed in 2001. This company produces a huge number of drugs, both for people and animals. There is a lot of crossover between human pharmacology and veterinary medicine, many current labels in the bathroom cabinet were first devised for mammalian purposes. Legit from top to bottom, Vermodie is an officially registered company with a transparent structure, all necessary certificates, and qualified, helpful personnel.

NeoLabs. The main area of activity of this biopharmaceutical company is the development of products based on human growth hormone or HGH. Founded in 207, they pride themselves on the development of innovative and original pharmaceutical products. NeoLabs is certified and operates under the GMP international standards. Offering a high-quality line of pharmacological options for athletes in injectable and oral format, they also supply growth hormone of fairly sound quality. In 2016, it performed a complete redesign of the packaging of growth hormone to combat the increasing number of cases of counterfeit activity, as stated on its official website.

British Dispensary. This company is one of the oldest pharmacological manufacturers started over a century ago in 1892. Naturally, at the back end of the nineteenth century, anabolic steroids were just a distant dream – the history of steroids reveals these medicines appeared later, namely towards the middle years of the 20th century. Their journey began with a modest pharmacy, a total contrast to the burgeoning reputation and authority this company enjoys amongst athletes globally. Nowadays, the production facilities and headquarters are located in Thailand. With premium products, the British Dispensary prices compare favourably to other retailers. The British Dispensary enjoys a lesser popularity for some reason to say the Moldovan manufacturers of anabolic steroids, perhaps because they focus their efforts primarily on supply and production of goods for trade with Asian countries. You know, China is a huge and unexploited market.

Golden Dragon. A Chinese pharmaceutical company, founded in 2012, adhering to all GMP quality standards and directing its efforts exclusively to the athletics market. Note the distinctive design of the packaging. They have covered all bases and an athlete of any level can source all the necessary tools for training and competition regardless of their ambition. The company prides itself on employing only top grade raw materials in addition to world-class lab equipment, plus highly skilled personnel constantly working on product development. It manufactures Mastaged (masteron), Nandrogen, Nandrogen-PH (nandrolone), Primoged (primobolan), Strombaged (stanozolol) and other Chinese steroids for sale.
Anfarm Hellas SA. This is the leading pharmaceutical company in Greece, operating in the worldwide market since 1967. Today the company has a network of branches in 75 countries and is a prominent and vocal member of the European Generic Medicines Association (EGA), or ‘Medicines for Europe’, also maintaining essential connections with European research centers and those in the USA. Anfarm Hellas produces approximately 450 brand name meds. Anfarm Hellas strives tirelessly to constantly improve its technological production process and research work, guaranteeing that all manufactured goods fully comply with present international standards. Annually, the company allocates 20% of its working capital to research and development, one of the highest indicators for those firms that specialize in steroid development and innovation. The main product of the company known among athletes is Clomiphene.

The Bottom Line on Best Steroid Brands

It’s hard to definitely conclude which steroid brands are really the best. Everyone has a contrasting opinion, a different take, a personal perspective. We believe it is more beneficial to select the top steroids that are most commonly used by athletes.

In the market, you will find many steroids that have relatively mild effects. On the black market, you can find more powerful anabolic drugs, however, they belong to illegal steroids and are hazardous to health. The aftermath of steroids is the principal reason why they remain illegal. It is easy to focus wholly on the body beautiful and close your eyes and ears to the downsides and serious health implications. Once you have identified your chosen product, take some time to review it on the internet. Horror stories are there in plenty about serious life-changing consequences of steroid use and abuse. You cannot expect to put an artificial substance in your body, whether by pill or shot and not expect there to be a price to pay. The tradeoff is, the milder the drug, the fewer the sides.

If you are not a professional athlete, perhaps the best option for you will be the use of natural supplements and alternative methods to boost your fitness results. We can advise you about BCAA, protein powders and Tribulus Terrestris which help boost testosterone naturally.

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