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Best Steroid Brands – What Manufacturer Should You Choose on the Market?

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Are you planning to use anabolic steroids? Or do you want to research this issue in details? If so, you should know information about the best steroid brands available on the market. Read our article below to learn more.

How Many Anabolic Steroid Brands Are on the Market?

In the market of steroids there are more than 100 brands of steroids, such as Anavar, Sustanon, Trenbolone and many others. They are very famous and you can find a lot of information about them on the Internet. However, there are names of steroids that have not been reviewed for many years. You probably know that the use of steroids is illegal in many countries, especially in the US, the EU countries and the Russian Federation (but steroids in Mexico are legal).

You can legally buy anabolic steroids only with a doctor’s prescription, but in a limited dosage. Every year many underground steroid laboratories are identified and closed by law enforcement agencies. But in many cases their place is occupied by other laboratories with a different name. Thus, there are many new manufacturers that have simply been renamed and produce anabolic medications under a different name (for conspiracy purposes).

For most people, the best steroids are associated with fewer side effects and excellent anabolic effects. The best and most commonly used anabolics are not always the same. One can say that a steroid is best only after receiving personal experience of steroids use.

The same steroid used by different athletes can give different results. Therefore, this characteristic is rather subjective and is based on own experience of using a concrete anabolic by a specific person. That’s why every time you see the “best” steroid in an online store or you need to know that this is a rather subjective approach, and no one can guarantee that you will not have problems using it and you will not have side effects.

List of Best Steroid Brands

So which companies produce the best synthetic steroids in the world? Here is the list of manufacturers that every second steroid user has probably heard about:

  • Organon. It is a Dutch pharmaceutical company that produces not only anabolic androgenic steroids, but also a wide range of other medicines. Its main factories are located in the territory of countries such as the United States of America, the People’s Republic of China, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, and some others. The first product released by this company was insulin (in 1923). It is worth noting that Organon also produces drugs for research purposes (for example, ORG-25935).
  • Balkan Pharmaceuticals. This is a relatively young Moldovan pharmaceutical company, which is familiar to all athletes. The company was founded in 2007. It produces high-quality products not only for athletes, but also for ordinary people, the product catalog on the company’s website has about 120 items. This is a completely legal factory, which has all the necessary documents / licenses and possesses the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard. Medications by this company have exceptional quality, plus prices are very pleasant for the buyer. Buyers have left good reviews at various reliable forums about sports pharmacology (anabolic steroid forums), negative testimonials also present, but in a smaller number. Negative reviews are mainly related to the purchase of non-original products (counterfeits), which are often offered by fraudsters. Balkans medications are very popular among athletes. The company is worried not only about the quality of its products, but also constantly fighting against counterfeits, using verification codes. If you are in doubt about the quality of the products, you can always check the purchased products on the official website of the company using a unique code.
  • PharmaCom Labs. This is a well-known pharmaceutical company that started its production activities in 2006 in Moldova. This company is aimed solely at the sports audience, produces products for athletes engaging in different types of sports. In 2012 the company changed the format of its activity. At the moment, the company produces more than 40 different drugs that meet the highest qualities in the field of sports pharmacology. In the market, PharmaCom occupies one of top positions in the production of anabolic drugs, human growth hormone, and prohormones, such as Halodrol. In 2014, the product design was changed, so-called check codes were introduced to improve the quality of protection of products from counterfeiting. To make sure that you have purchased the original product, check the code of your product on the PharmaCom Labs website. During its funcationing, PharmaCom Labs has been shown itself as a reliable manufacturer. An exceptional feature of this company is the existence of drugs with a high content of active substance, such as testosterone enanthate, Sustanon 250, Nandrolone, which contain 600 mg of active agent in 1 ml of fluid.
  • Aburaihan Pharmaceuticals. This is a major pharmaceutical manufacturer in Iran. Aburaihan Pharmaceuticals was founded in 1965. We think that everyone who has “switched to the dark side” knows about this company, or rather about the steroids that it produces. Due to its vast experience, the company plays a big role in the pharmaceutical industry in Iran. Initially, the company was owned by the German company Shering. In 1981 it became an independent open joint-stock company (JSC). It produces anabolic and androgenic steroids of good quality. The price of drugs on the market is very pleasant for buyers.
  • Vermodje. This is a pharmaceutical company that is familiar to many athletes. It was founded in 2001. This company produces a huge number of drugs, both for people and animals (for veterinary purposes). It is an officially registered company with its own structure, all necessary certificates, and qualified personnel.
  • NeoLabs. The main area of activity of this biopharmaceutical company is the development of products based on human growth hormone. The company was founded in 2007 and is still working and developing new pharmaceutical products. NeoLabs is certified and operates under the GMP international standards. The company produces a high-quality line of pharmacological products for athletes in injectable and oral form. Also, it provides growth hormone of quite good quality. In 2016, it performed complete redesign of the packaging of growth hormone in connection with the growing number of cases of counterfeit activity, as stated on its official website.
  • British Dispensary. This company is one of the oldest pharmacological manufacturers. The company was founded back in 1892. Of course, at first its activity was not focused on the production of anabolic steroids (as you know from the history of steroids, these medicines appeared later, namely in the middle of the 20th century). The history of this manufacturer started with a small pharmacy, and now the company enjoys great authority among athletes around the world. Today, the production facilities and the headquarters of this company are located on the territory of Thailand. With high quality products, the British Dispensary price looks very attractive. It should be recognized that the popularity of this company is somewhat inferior, for example, to the Moldovan manufacturers of anabolic steroids. However, this is due to the fact that the manufacturer primarily focuses on the production of goods for Asian countries. You know, China is a big market.
  • Golden Dragon. It is a Chinese pharmaceutical company, founded in 2012, which follows all GMP quality standards. The products of this company are intended exclusively for athletes. It is worth noting the unique design of products’ packages. The list of products of the company includes all the necessary tools for the preparation of an athlete of any level. For the production of steroids, the company uses not only high-quality raw materials, but also world-class equipment, and highly skilled personnel working on product development. By the way, you might be interested in Chinese steroids for sale.
  • Anfarm Hellas SA. This is the leading pharmaceutical company in Greece. It has been operating in the global market since 1967. Today the company has a network of branches in 75 countries of the world. The company is a member of the European Generic Medicines Association (EGA), also known as Medicines for Europe, but also maintains the necessary connections with all research centers in Europe and the USA. Anfarm Hellas produces about 450 brand name meds. Anfarm Hellas is constantly improving its technological production process and research work in order to ensure that all manufactured goods fully comply with all international standards. Each year, the company allocates 20% of its working capital to research and development, as well as the development of its production, and this, in turn, is one of the highest indicators for those firms that specialize in the production of such products. The main product of the company known among athletes is Clomiphene.

The Bottom Line on Best Steroid Brands

It’s hard to determine which steroid brands are really the best. The opinion can vary from user to user. We believe that a more appropriate option is to select the top steroids that are most often used by athletes.

In the market, you will find many steroids that have relatively mild effects. On the black market, you can find more powerful anabolic drugs, however they belong to illegal steroids and can be hazardous to health.

If you are not a professional athlete, perhaps the best option for you will be the use of natural supplements and other ways to improve your fitness results. We can advise you BCAA, protein powders and Tribulus Terrestris which help boost testosterone naturally.

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