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Best Shoulder Workout Routine for Men and Women to Get Ripped at Home

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Do you want to get broad shoulders but you do not have time for the gym at all? Do not worry if you do your best, you can even do it at home. You can train your deltas at home, having a pair of dumbbells or even completely with no equipment. The main thing is the right exercises and your perseverance. Below we will give you the best shoulder workout plan for training at home. (You can also use steroids, such as Anavar and Sustanon 250, if you want to speed up your progress.)

Best Shoulder Workout – Basic Must-Know Information

To understand why you need to do certain exercises you need to understand the functionality of the muscles. It should be said that the shoulders are unique muscles. Actually, the shoulders are the only muscle group that takes part in lifting and pressing movements. The main task of the shoulders is to raise arms, that is, it means that you can raise your hand upwards or sidewards thanks to the shoulders. The muscular tissues of the shoulder consist of three deltoids: front, lateral, and posterior. If you want to get big shoulders, you should pay attention to each of them. In many people, the posterior deltoid is a weak point. Therefore, you should pay special attention to it.

You may develop your shoulders even without weight (i.e. sport equipment, such as dumbbells and barbells). However, for maximum results, it is better to visit a gym on a permanent basis.

Shoulder Workout at Home – Key Exercises You Should Do

Your shoulder workout at home should include, in particular, the exercises presented below. They are well-known and probably every person knows about them. However, not every person knows about proper technique of their performing. Well, let’s define these exercises.

  • Push-Ups. Push-up is a classic free weight exercise for the chest. Push-ups are those exercises that every person (that is, a child) does in school. However, the push-up does not only involve the chest. The load also shifts to the front and middle parts of the deltoid muscle. However, the rear delt hardly works when you do push-ups. Therefore, you will have to train it separately.
  • Elevated Push-Ups. This is a more complex version of the first exercise. Place both feet on a table or window sill. Keep your back straight, put your hands forward for stability. The higher the legs are, the more load the muscles of the shoulders will receive.
  • Handstand Push-Ups. This is an incredibly difficult exercise for real fans of home fitness. The starting position is the vertical position with the head down. Leaning your hands on the floor on the width of your shoulders, climb your feet on the wall until you take upright position. Gently bend your arms in the elbows to 90 degrees and press. Try to avoid sudden movements, so as not to damage the shoulder joint.

All the above exercises except the last one only indirectly concerned the shoulders. This can not be said about training with dumbbells. Using dumbbells, you can pump all three parts of deltoid muscles. You need a dumbbell with a minimum weight increase step. An excellent option is dumbbells weighing up to 20 kg. Using such dumbbells, you can easily control the load on the muscles. If you are a beginner, you need to use dumbbells weighing 2-3 kg.

Below we describe top exercises for the shoulders with dumbbells at home.

  • Dumbbell Shoulder Press. Performing this exercise, you make a big load on the front of the shoulder, and in this exercise, the middle deltoid is involved. How to perform this exercise? Sit on a chair, lift the dumbbells above you and keep a little above your ears. Your brushes should be parallel to the elbows and deployed outwards. Exhale and squeeze dumbbells up. At the upper point of the movement, the hands should not lock in the elbows, otherwise the load will go to the triceps. In addition, this practice is associated with a risk of elbow injury. You need to sit flat, do not bend forward and do not bend back. In the lower phase of your movement, you should not lower your elbows below the shoulder line.
  • Shoulder Swings. These are excellent exercises for training the middle deltoid. It should be performed with a small weight to avoid injury and keep the correct technique and movements. How to perform this exercise? You need to stand on both feet and put your feet shoulder width apart. Then you need to take dumbbells and keep them along the body. Now bend your hands slightly and fix them in this position. Exhale and perform side swings. It is very important to work inside the amplitude, without lowering your hands down to the end and not raising above the conditional parallel line. Thus, you keep the maximum load in the target muscle tissues throughout the exercise time. Also, some experts advise placing the thumb at the top point above the little finger. This allows for a better contraction of the muscular tissue of the shoulders.

Back Shoulder Swings (Standing Bent-Over With Dumbbells). This exercise is designed for training the rear delts. To perform this exercise, you need to get up. Then bend at the waist and tilt forward. Take dumbbells in such a way that the palms are facing each other. Then lower your shoulders and make side swings. At the top of the movement, you need to try to get your hand behind your back without taking your shoulder blades off. Then make a second delay and go back and return to the starting position. This is important: you need to keep your hands straight until the end of the exercise.

In addition, you can do shrug exercise with 2 dumbbells.

Home Shoulder Workout Routine – an Example

You can try the following shoulder workout routine to get huge shoulders:

  • Push Back Push Ups, 3 sets, 15-20 reps;
  • Dumbbell Lateral Raises, 3 sets of 12 reps;
  • Dumbbell Shoulder Press, 4 sets of 8 reps;
  • Dumbbell Upright Rows, 3 sets of 12 reps.

Some people prefer calisthenics shoulder routines, which may include such exercises as pike push-ups and Hindu push-ups.

Shoulder Workouts for Women

Do shoulder workouts for women have some peculiarities? Yes, they do. The first thing you need to know: a woman without the use of hormonal drugs (such as Oxandrolone) never develop huge monstrous shoulders. That’s what you’re afraid of, right? Forget about this fear. Proper training will make the shoulders contoured and sexy. You will no longer be shy of flabby arms; they will be fit and beautiful.

Ripped shoulders make the silhouette more proportionate, emphasizing the slender waist, and help keep the posture. In addition, correct shoulder workouts for women strengthen the shoulder joints, which are by nature the most vulnerable, and helps to increase strength indicators in other exercises involving the muscles of the shoulder girdle (pull-ups, push-ups, etc.).

The most important thing is performing thorough warm-up of the shoulder joints before training. Since they are extremely mobile (it is because of this that the hand can move in different planes), they are most prone to injury. Therefore, before resistance training, the shoulders should be thoroughly warmed up. In addition, you should carefully monitor the technique of performing exercises during your workout.

Shoulder Workout for Men

Now a few words about shoulder workout for men. Every male who pays attention to his own body has repeatedly encountered a problem when the training of the shoulders did not give the proper result. In most cases, users note an insufficient set of mass and lack of muscle definition. The fact is that most often beginners or inexperienced bodybuilders select an inappropriate complex program for training. Thus, the humeral girdle and bundles of deltoid muscles remain poorly developed, which gives an unsatisfactory result.

Indeed, it is slightly easier for men to pump their shoulders than for women, but this work is no less hard. Asking how to pump your shoulders in the gym, you should identify with the following points:

  • level of preparation – beginner or lover;
  • individual features of the body and body – ectomorph, endomorph, mesomorph.
  • level of endurance.

Genetics is such a thing, which imposes certain restrictions on the buildup of boulder shoulders. But there is nothing to worry about. It is enough for you to choose for yourself the most suitable set of exercises and the type of food that will allow you to achieve your goal as efficiently as possible.

When choosing a suitable workout routine (for example, bodyweight or gym routine), follow it for at least 2 months. After that, your training plan can be changed, you can add more complex exercises.

The Bottom Line on Best Shoulder Workout Routine

All the above exercises will be sufficient for a good tone of the shoulders muscular tissue. But if you want to get really big delts, you need to buy special sports equipment, eat right, and train for a long time. It is also advisable to go to the gym. Of course, if you have great motivation, you can train at home performing 15 min workouts or even 8 min workouts . However, most likely you do not have the full set of equipment necessary to get an excellent form of shoulders. Also very much depends on genetics. Some people can get more impressive shoulders than other people. However, regardless of your genetic characteristics, if you train properly and long, you will be able to get excellent shoulders. We wish you good luck!