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Best Pre Workout for Women: the Comprehensive Guide & Useful Tips

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Pre workout supplements are an excellent source of energy and motivation for effective workouts. These supplements contain components of different action that are aimed at delivering nutrients to muscles, building muscle mass, burning fat, stimulating the central nervous system and quickly saturating the body with energy for intensive training. But most of the complexes are designed for men, because they target muscle building process. However, there are some products for female persons (in the form of drink, caps, pills, powders, etc.).

Introduction to Best Pre Workout for Women

Special pre workout supps for women appeared on the market of sports nutrition several years ago. The emphasis in their action is not targeted on mass building, they focus on fat burning.

In fact, there are no restrictions for the administration of the pre workout supps. They are suitable for both men and women. Despite this, it is recommended for both men and women to try several products and choose the most suitable complex for themselves.

What to expect as a result of pre workout supps intake? In general, pre workout supps for women perform all the same function: they seem to activate the body, give energy to ensure that training is as productive as possible, and increase strength. But, unlike conventional pre workout supps, products for women minimize the influence on the central nervous system (some of them even do not affect it) and, accordingly, do not cause nervous disorders. Their composition is more soft and does not disrupt the menstrual cycle and hormonal background (progesterone, estrogens, etc.).

Pre workout supps for women usually contain many fat burner substances, so they significantly activate the process of weight loss and help to achieve a perfect physique.

How to Use Pre Workout Supps?

Numerous studies and experiments have been shown that a pre workout sports supplement, for example, FitMiss Ignite, should not be consumed every day, and it does not depend on whether you have a workout today or not. Many modern sports nutrition producers are trying to insist that the drug must be taken constantly, in order to sell more products (however, some of them recommend taking breaks between “cycles” of pre workout supps). Excessive use of that supps can lead to side effects and adverse reactions of the body. But anyway these side effects are not as severe as side effects of steroids.

It is necessary to use pre workout sports supplements only on days of training, 30-40 minutes before workouts. You should feel the effect as early as during warm-up performance. During the first administration, it is better to use half of this amount, so that the body begins to gradually get used to the effect of the product that is used by you.

Composition of Female Pre Workout Supplements

Today, manufacturers of sports supplements are increasingly proposing new products, namely they offer exclusive products created using specially designed formulas (or proprietary blends, but that blends are not the best choice). By the way, many companies can use similar ingredients, however their proportions can differ substantially.

So, let’s consider what ingredients are most often included in pre workout supps and what beneficial properties they have.

1. Creatine Supplements. Creatine in the world of sports is known as a substance that gives muscle strength and volume. Most manufacturers add creatine to their pre workout supps because it is a very important biologically active ingredient. By the way, there are many varieties of creatine, but monohydrate is considered the most effective considering its cheap price.

2. Amino Supplements. BCAA and other amino acids are included in the composition of pre workout supps to improve metabolism. In addition, they promote the transport of fluids and minerals throughout the body, also they add energy and improve attention. BCAA are one of the most beneficial ingredients of pre workout supps, since they improve the synthesis of muscle protein.

3. B-Vitamin Supplements. An important role in pre workout supps is played by B vitamins. Their function is to improve metabolism, as well as supply the body with the necessary energy reserves.

4. Stimulants. These are substances that provide stimulating effect. They are a part of almost any pre workout supp. As a rule, this group of components is represented by caffeine, betaine, beta-alanine, and patented formulas can contain other components. Stimulants provide the body with additional energy and strength, so it is so important before any training.

5. Supplements for Better Endurance. To withstand an exhaustive workout, the body needs endurance. This function is well performed by the combination of creatine and citrulline. Meanwhile, in many pre workout supps, citrulline is absent, although in fact it is an important ingredient.

Features of Most Common Ingredients of Pre Workout Supps

  • Betaine. It is also called a trimethylglycine. Is is simply called betaine because, in the 19th century, it was discovered in sugar beets. The results of the research have been confirmed that this substance is an effective booster. It significantly increases energy reserves.
  • Beta-Alanine. This amino acid is important for the creation of carnosine and dipeptide (a double amino acid protein), which increases the strength of the muscles. The researchers say that when taking before workout this substance promotes increases the strength and endurance of the musculature. By the way, one of the signs that your pre workout supplement contains enough beta-alanine is a slight tingling or itching around the lips (a sign of high-quality beta-alanine). Do not be afraid of these signs if they occur.
  • Creatine. Some take creatine as a separate supplement, not in the composition of pre workout supps. However, many manufacturers often add creatine in their pre workout products. Creatine is a natural substance that is contained in meat, fish and some other food. Extra amounts of this substance positively influences the body possibilities. At the same time, there are many female supps without creatine because this substance leads to a pronounced bulking, which may not be desirable for many females.
  • Tyrosine. It has been scientifically proven that this amino acid helps to increase energy without any side effects. In addition, it increases stamina and improves concentration. The body uses tyrosine as a “raw material” for the production of a number of important hormones and neurotransmitters, such as epinephrine and dopamine.
  • Taurine. Studies have shown that taurine can increase muscle endurance by 50 per cent. This is achieved by influencing the heart: taurine helps the cardiac muscle to pump more blood to the musculature. However, the evidence base of taurine as energy enhancer and fat loss inducer is poor. So do not believe manufacturers that claim that taurine is “the best energy enhancer”.
  • Magnolia (Schisandra Chinensis). The berries of this plant have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. In sports, magnolia extract is useful as a remedy for increasing endurance, improving brain function and regulating the level of cortisol (harmful hormone that can destroy muscle mass).
  • B Group Vitamins. Vitamins B6 and B12 are important for energy production. For this reason, B vitamins are  important ingredients in pre workout supps. And if these substances do not enter the complex you have chosen, it is advisable to take them yourself.
  • Caffeine. This substance is probably the most popular energy enhancer in the world, so it also contributes to endurance and adds strength to the muscles. To achieve the most powerful results, it is better to take anhydrous variant of caffeine, which is available in tablets or capsules. Caffeine from guarana, green tea or coffee is also good, but some researchers consider it less effective for athletes. Some of the stimulants can cause side effects in the form of headaches. But most often this effect occurs against the background of abuse of stimulants (you may be interested in anabolic steroid abuse in bodybuilding).
  • 1 3 Dimethylamylamine (DMAA). This is a relatively new component of pre workout products. It is obtained from a variety of geraniums growing in southern Africa. Several years ago, there was an opinion that DMAA was a synthetic drug, because one of the side effects from its reception was euphoria.

Some women use anabolic steroids like Oxandrolone and Winstrol. But such a practice cannot be considered safe.

The Bottom Line on Best Pre Workout Supps for Women

In fact, there are many pre workout supplements for females on the sports nutrition market. You just need to choose the right one. How to do this? You know the list of effective ingredients as it was shown above. So you need to search that ingredients of the label of proposed products. You also can conduct your own research that will help you to make the right choice (the best pre workout for women). Good luck and be healthy!