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Best Needle for Steroid Injection – What Size to Choose & Where to Buy

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Beginners usually try to use only anabolic steroid pills, rather than injections. They may be afraid of painful sensations (for most it’s a childhood horror). Users are also disquieted by the inconvenience of injections. They often have to find an assistant to administer the shots because they cannot do it. Some may worry about experiencing adverse reactions in the form of swellings, abscesses, etc.

Over time, when the steroid cycle targets increase, it becomes necessary to use combined cycles that comprise both steroids in tabs and steroid injections. A vast majority of efficient steroids with a high anabolic activity don’t exist in the oral form (or are hardly available) such as Trenbolone, Boldenone, Nandrolone. Read our guidelines, concerning choosing the best needle for intermuscular infusion.

Needles for Injections — Basic Knowledge

Let’s describe the anatomy of the needle and what size. It comprises a hub, shaft (shank), lumen and bevel. Needle cup is a storage place for the instrument.

To understand how to select such an important instrument as a needle, you need to know some basic concepts.

Gauge: It implies the thickness (size) of the needle. When discovering this parameter, consider the compound to be injected. If the gauge is high, and the needle is small, it takes more time and efforts to inject the liquid into the body. The typical “caliber” for test shots is 22 to 25. Contrary to popular belief, the size does not seem to matter. Analyzing how dentists administer anesthetic solutions Flanagan T, Wahl MJ, Schmitt MM (AstraZeneca, Wilmington, 2007) concluded that a smaller diameter doesn’t result in less pain.

Length: This factor is crucial because the injection should be performed into the muscles’ tissue at an adequate depth. According to Turkish scientists Zaybak A, Güneş UY, Tamsel S et al. (Ege University, Izmir, 2007), the length should allow the spike to penetrate through the subcutaneous layer, otherwise, a patient will have more painful sensations and may develop a granuloma or abscess.

To exemplify the above measurements, let’s assess a 25 gauge 1.5-inch needle. This is a thin and short needle. Using it requires a long time.

What is the Best Needle for Anabolic Steroid Injection?

To make a steroid infusion, take an unused syringe (usually 2 or 5 ml volume). It should be from 2.5 (1 inch) to 5 centimeters (2″), if the substance is oily it should be at least 3.5 cm (1.4″) in length and 0.6 mm thick. Dimensions of the best needle vary.

With a short needle, the medication can drain after the procedure. They consider deep injections less painful. Needles that are too thin cause the injectable solution to foam up, so that getting rid of air bubbles becomes problematic.

Ideally, always use new needles and syringes; avoid disposable ones. Don’t let other people use your syringes or needles because of the risk of HIV/Aids or Hepatitis.

The Best Needle for Corticosteroid Injection

Many folks use some steroids (corticosteroids) for medical purposes. They also wonder which needle is best to choose. For example, if you need to make an injection in the joints, a 1.5 inch, 21-gauge needle is ordinarily used to inject larger joints like the knee or shoulder. Smaller needles measuring 0.5 inches, 23- or 25-gauge items are used for small joints. As for epidural steroid injections, a gauge can range from 22 (typically for experienced injectionists) to 18 (for beginners).

So, if you need a corticosteroid shot, choose the best needle for the steroid injection according to the therapy and the recommendations of your doctor.

Where to Purchase Needles for Steroid Shots?

Where to buy needles? There are two options. You can either choose a safe and reliable online pharmacy or visit the nearest brick-and-mortar drug store. Each method has its own disadvantages and advantages. If you order online (read about where to buy testosterone injections) you will gain a needle without leaving your dwelling, but keep in mind that cyber-pharmacies rarely offer overnight delivery. You might wait for a week for the postman to deliver your package. However, buying online needles is convenient. In an ordinary drugstore, you can immediately purchase a needle.

Disclaimer: this information has an educational character. We don’t recommend using steroids without a doctor’s prescription. If you need an injection, consult a qualified specialist.