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Best Leg Toning Free Weight Workouts for Men and Women at Home

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If you want to have beautiful slender legs, it is not necessary for you to go to the gym. You may simply not have time for this. But do not despair, you can arrange a training arena in the home. You just need the desire to get a beautiful physique, also you should be dedicated. Our article will help you learn about legs workout at home. Regardless whether you are a male or female, you can take advantage from our article.

Leg Workouts at Home – Are They Effective?

The leg muscles are approximately fifty percent of the whole body’s muscle mass. Muscular groups of buttocks, hips and shins correspond to the leg muscle mass. Aiming to train this body area, you can achieve a harmonious physique and beautiful legs. The complex of leg exercises is able to cope with such shortcomings as skinny calves, fatty hips, and saggy buttocks. These muscle structures respond well to the load, so regular training for males and females will help to form an attractive muscle definition and reduce the fat volume on legs. Leg workouts at home may be as effective as those at the gym. However, you need special equipment to build massive legs, because bodyweight exercises will not grant significant muscle growth. If a super mass isn’t your goal, you may train at home.

Here are some recommendations to make your home leg workout more safe and efficient.

  • Be careful if your knees begin to ache after training. In this case, you should immediately stop performing exercises and understand the causes of pain. To strengthen the knees, you can perform a special healing exercise called knee walking.
  • A thorough warm-up should always be the first stage of your workout. Prepare for the load and warm up the muscles. This will protect you from potential injuries. An important part of the training complex is proper breathing. Contract your muscles when exhaling and vice versa (relax them when inhaling).
  • Increase the load gradually. Remember that the intensity of training is individual depending on the particular person. Some people prefer 8-min HIIT training, while others practice moderate exercises.
  • Choose a workout routine that suits you. If you are not physically prepared, increase the number of exercises performed in stages, giving the opportunity to strengthen the lower body gradually. Only after the body adapts to the load, you can practice a full training mode.
  • Healthcare professionals often have to treat injuries caused by inadequate loads when performing any exercises, even the simplest ones. Any discomfort in the leg muscles or joints that occurs after or during your workout should alert you. If you feel sever pain, you should immediately call a doctor and visit a clinic. (You may be interested in cortisone injections (shots) in knee, shoulder, hip, and back). 

In addition, home leg workout exercises should be chosen in such a way as to effectively work out all the leg muscles. They will help to make them elastic and fit. Adhering to the proper nutrition and performing the workout complex, you can successfully burn excess fat deposits and get ripped physique. This training perfectly trains cardiovascular & respiratory systems, it can also prevent the development of varicose veins. Developed muscle groups can help the heart to pump blood in the body. Performing no weight workout routine for the leg muscles, you strengthen the muscles, blood vessels and health of the body as a whole. You can read about model leg workout routines for females and males below.

Leg Workouts at Home for Women – What Can Females Do to Get Perfect Legs?

We believe that every woman dreams of beautiful legs. Unfortunately, you can not make legs longer. But you can make them beautiful, attracting attention of other people regardless of your attire. The exercises provided below are suitable for leg workouts at home or at the gym (of course, most people perform them at home, because there is virtually no sense of visiting the gym in order to do relatively simple exercises instead of performing resistance training with weights, that is with dumbbells and barbells, etc.).

Leg training for females will not only increase your attractiveness, but also will positively affect your overall health. There are a lot of examples when people have improved their health due to physical exercises. The weakness of the gluteus muscles or the muscles of the thigh can affect the condition of the spine and posture. Strong calf muscles and ankle joints will help you to fell more confidently on your high-heel shoes.

All girls understand that, in addition to their beautiful face, surrounding men are attracted by their slender legs and perfect buttocks. Many of them are given such a perfect physique from birth, these girls do not limit themselves in anything, they rarely go in for sports. Despite this, they have an excellent body shape. Since you are reading this article, you probably have not got such happiness and you want dramatic changes in your life.

Let’s start by understanding which legs are beautiful. If you want to be a serious sportswoman and have masculine legs, you have to go to the gym. To achieve such results, you need to exercise with the barbell, having 20-kg plates on both sides. If you just want to get rid of excess fat on your legs and buttocks, make them slim and fit, you should follow the recommendations provided below.

The first and most important advice that you should make in your lifestyle is healthy and proper nutrition, which will promote muscle growth and reduce subcutaneous fat. So go to the market and buy high-protein foods, whole-grain products, and food containing healthy fats (such as marine fish and nuts). Now let’s move on to exercises that will allow you to get perfect legs at home.

  • Box (Chair) Jumps. Find a low chair, table, or box, on which you can jump from a place. Ideally, try to find a special box designed for this type of exercises. Stand in front of the box, at a distance of 30-40 centimeters and jump on it. Try not to do too much swing with your hands, your legs and buttocks should work. Back down, but do not jump – take care of your knees! You should perform 4 sets of 10 repetitions. If the exercise performing becomes quite easy, you can pick up dumbbells or put extra weights on you.
  • Jump Squats. This is very funny and hard exercise. How to do jump squats? Stand with your feet shoulders width apart, put your hands behind your head. Start to do squats until your knees bend to a 90-degree angle, then jump as high as possible. The arms should still be behind the head. Your legs and buttocks should work. Go back in the starting position.
  • Lunges. How to perform lunges right? Stand straight, keep your back straight, put your hands on your waist. Step forward as far as you can with the right foot, rest on it and sit down to a right angle, then go back to the starting position and repeat the same with the left foot. You should do 3 sets of 10 repetitions on each leg.
  • Sumo Squats. Spread your legs being in standing position. The inner part of the feet should look forward. Put your hands on the waist and squat as deeply as possible. Then return to the starting position. Sumo squats are advanced versions of ordinary squats.

Leg Workouts at Home for Men – Exercises for the Stronger Sex

Why do males need to train the leg muscles? They should withstand daily workloads, if they have to walk or stand a whole day. For those who work in the office or drive a car, leg training is necessary to prevent joint diseases and to tone the whole body. If you are a dedicated person and have enough patience, training the legs at home will not be a difficult task for you. You should do exercises for 1-1,5 hours three times per week and gradually increase the load. To make muscles bigger and make them toned without the risk of getting injuries, one should not perform heavy exercises, especially with extra weight, on the first day of their workouts.

To enhance the effectiveness of home training, you must adhere to the proper diet, enriched with mineral substances and vitamins. Also, you can use supplements to boost testosterone naturally, such as Tribulus Terrestris.

Generally speaking, males can perform exercises, which are indicated above (that is, exercises for females). But these exercises may not be enough to get a good shape of the legs in men. Therefore, if you are a man, you need to perform complicated versions of these exercises, as well as some exercises with an increased level of complexity. Here are some exercises that you can use as a part of leg workouts for men:

  • Heel Raises. This exercise is intended for strengthening your calves. You can do it with your own weight or with extra weight.
  • Jumping Calf Raise. This is a complicated version of calf raises.
  • Goblet Squat. This is a variation of the basic squat, which helps to strengthen the thigh muscles. This exercise may be performed with a dumbbell or a kettlebell.
  • Lunges. We have described this exercise above (in the leg workouts for women section).
  • Scissor Box Jump. Place the left foot on a bench or a box with your right foot on the floor. In one movement, jump and switch your leg positions in midair. At the bottom position, hold it for 1 second before switching to the other leg.
  • One-Leg Hip Raise. Lie faceup on the floor, arms out to the body sides at 45-degree angles, left foot flat on the floor with that knee bent, also keep the right leg straight. Raise your right leg until it us in line with your left thigh. Then contract your gluteus muscles and push the hips up. As a result, your lower back will elevate. Make a pause, and return to the initial position.

Here’s a tip: If you want your muscles to grow faster, make certain you receive proper quantities of protein, carbs and fats. You can use special supplements for this purpose (like BCAA, protein powders, gainers, and so on). In addition, you can use anabolic steroids, which significantly improve anabolic processes in the body, while decreasing catabolic ones. The best steroids for mass include Anadrol, Dianabol, Trenbolone, and Deca Durabolin. But you should know that the use of steroids in associated with some side effects.

Exercises for Home Leg Toning Workouts With Free Weight

If you have barbells, kettlebells and / or dumbbells at home, you are lucky. Free weights offer a perfect way to train. They allow you improve functionality of the leg muscles, as well as build superior muscle mass. We have mentioned above, that you cannot build great muscle mass by performing bodyweight exercises only. But dumbbells, kettlebells, etc. may be like Aladdin genie lamps for you!

You can use the following exercises for big legs during your free weight leg workout:

  • Bulgarian Split Squat;
  • Dumbbell Stepup;
  • Squat with Dumbbells, Barbell, or Kettlebell (Kettlebells);
  • Deadlift;
  • Swiss Ball Leg Curl;
  • Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift;
  • Walking Lunge with Dumbbells;
  • Kettlebell Swing;
  • Barbell Calf Raise.

Do you want to know more about leg toning workouts? Read our article on good leg workouts with dumbbell and kettlebell  and stay toned!