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Best Bicep Workouts with Dumbbells at Home for Women and Men

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If you are the same as most guys, you definitely want bigger biceps. Girls also wish to have shredded arms with defined biceps muscles. So we are ready to help you regardless who you are. We’ll tell you about biceps workout at home.

Best Bicep Workout with Dumbbells

We think it is easy to train and develop the bicep muscles with the help of dumbbells. Such trainings can be performed both in the gym and at home. These workouts usually consist of two basic exercises: dumbbell bicep curls and hummer bicep curls.

Exercise Number One. Dumbbell Bicep Curls. Two simple dumbbells will be suitable for this exercise. The most effective biceps exercise at home is a bicep curl sitting on a chair. Here’s how you should do this exercise.

  • Step 1. Sit on a chair.
  • Step 2. Take two dumbbells in your hands.
  • Step 3. Bend and unbend arms in the elbow joints.

On exhalation, you should bend your arm (that is, to perform a curl), and on inhalation you should unbend them. You can start with 8-12 repetitions. If you feel that repetitions are given without difficulty, you should increase the weight of dumbbells. The optimal amount of sets is 3 to 4. Do not forget to do warm-up exercises. The position of your arms may be different. You can keep them in the air, or you can place your elbow on the knee or upper thigh. You can also alternate all these positions on different days. Unbend and bend your arms slowly. Only in this case, the maximum muscle load is exercised. Despite its simplicity, lifting dumbbells to the biceps sitting is a very effective exercise that allows you to work out the muscles well. In addition, you can perform this exercise in standing position. We believe that the beneficial effect will be the same.

Exercise Number Two. Hummer Bicep Curls. Let’s see another way how to train the biceps with dumbbells. This exercise pumped the side of the biceps, forming it. It is performed as follows:

  • Step 1. Stand up straight.
  • Step 2. The arms with equipment (dumbbells) should be lowered down the sides of the trunk.
  • Step 3. Hands should be deployed with fingers to the thigh (neutral grip);
  • Step 4. Alternately raise dumbbells to the shoulder.

At the time of execution, the back should be kept evenly, also you should nod help with your feet. Do not move your elbows forward. The entire load should only be on the bicep. During the bending of one arm, the second should not hang relaxed. It should be slightly bent at the elbow and be in tension. In each extreme position, the hand should be held for 1-2 seconds. The back can be slightly bent, but it has to be fixed in one position throughout the entire set. It is recommended to look straight ahead. Number of repetitions should be 8 to 12. Number or reps is 3 to 4. As an option, hands can be lifted not in turns, but together. In this case, the load increases. Take care not to help pushing dumbbells by the movements of the legs and torso.

How To Train Bicep Muscles Without Dumbbells?

Bicep workouts with dumbbells are very effective. Can we train the bicep without them? The only exercise which allows to train the bicep muscles without dumbbells, is a chin-up. When you perform this exercise, the back works as in the case of pull-ups. But thanks to a different grip (reverse grip), a lot of load goes on the biceps. Some people believe that pull-ups are better than dumbbells bicep curls, thanks to the inclusion of a larger weight (body weight) in the work, and a greater amplitude of motion. But other people do not think so. This exercise for bigger biceps can be difficult for beginners. But you can train your body using assisted machine, which will help you to develop necessary strength for doing real chin-ups.

But if you think you can do it, here’s the instruction. Grab the bar with both hands. The width of the grip should be equal to the width of the shoulders. The palms should face your torso. Do not relax the Abs muscles and buttocks, so that the body resembles a straight line. At the time of execution, bring the scapulae together and keep them in this position. When the chin reaches the crossbar, stop, and slowly sink down. Chin-ups are good to develop bicep peak.

Principles of Biceps Workout at Home

Here are principles for the best bicep workout at home.

  • Principle 1. The heads of the muscles tied in one tendon work in the same way, regardless of the nature of the load. The total force of the muscle is the total force of all these heads. As a result, it is impossible to involve one head in more active work, isolating it from the another one. Nevertheless, there are some principle of training of short and long heads of the biceps, which you can read in out top different bicep workouts.
  • Principle 2. Muscle fibers increase in size evenly over their entire length. You can not develop only one part of the muscle, while the other part is not affected or affected to a lesser extent. It is genetics that causes the difference in the development of various parts of the muscle bundles, and the first criterion here is the length of the tendon fixing them to the bone.
  • Principle 3. The opinion that the performance of the same exercise leads to the habituation of the muscle, ceasing to develop it, is a misconception according to some experts. If you maintain an adequate load, if you increase it correctly (the so-called principle of progressive overload, which was described in many scientific studies of 2000s), this will not happen, even if you endlessly perform the same physical work from a mechanical point of view. That is, to preserve and improve results, your first priority should not be to search for alternative exercises, but to change the intensity, the number of reps, working weights, and so on. Definitely, it is hard to imagine effective biceps exercises other than dumbbell or barbell bicep curls. So don’t believe fake experts, believe your feelings.

Other Principles of Effective Bicep Workouts for Men and Woman

It is well known that it is not enough just to train hard muscles including muscles of the biceps to get a good result. Other factors should also be taken into account. Let’s consider these factors in more detail.

  • Proper nutrition. The basis of a healthy diet should be fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and whole grains (for example, brown rice and whole grain oatmeal), poultry and fish without skin. It is recommended to reduce the consumption of pure sugar to 5% of the total energy consumption. This is about 20 grams for the average person.
  • Sports nutrition. We should note that most sports supplements are a waste of money. They either do absolutely nothing, or have such a weak effect that a smart sportsman will not even notice any difference. Nevertheless, some of them have a good evidence base and work well. For example, creatine is one of the best sports supplements. This is probably the most studied substance in all sports nutrition. Decades of research have convincingly proven that creatine can help build muscle and increase strength. It also improves anaerobic endurance, reduces muscle damage and soreness after physical exertion. Also, you can take the BCAA and some substances to enhance the performance, for example, Korean ginseng. But do not forget that sports nutrition in your workout plan will only enhance the effect of proper nutrition and exercise.
  • Proper rest. According to studies of some scientists, lack of sleep leads to metabolic and endocrine changes – an increase in the concentration of cortisol in the 2nd half of the day, a decrease in the level of leptin, an increase in the level of ghrelin, and a decrease in sensitivity to insulin. As scientists say, leptin reduces appetite, while ghrelin, on the contrary, increases it. If the body is in a state of permanent fatigue due to lack of sleep, hormonal imbalance leads to an increase in fat mass and a decrease in muscle mass. In such cases, no over-intensive training will not help you. Rest is very important for size and definition.
  • Sports pharmacology. In fact, sports pharmacology is now a real science. The essence of this science is to study the various effects of such drugs as steroids on the human body. Now a huge number of a variety of drugs and without sports pharmacology is very difficult to trace exactly how this or that drug will affect the athlete. It would not be easy for athletes around the world to understand all the intricacies of these drugs and therefore they are actively interested in all the information that this science provides. (You can find all you need to know about legal steroids and illegal steroids on this website). In addition, thanks to this science, athletes have an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the most popular drugs. For example, the list of the most famous anabolic drugs includes methandrostenolone, which was actively used by Arnold Schwarzenegger back in 1960s and 1970s, human growth hormone, and insulin. They are relatively safe for men, but unsafe for females due to a potential masculinization.