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Best beginner steroid cycle – first safest drugs for mass gain & cutting.

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What are steroids? What is their purpose? This article contains basic annotation intended for people who have just started to get involved in bodybuilding or powerlifting and are interested in anabolic steroids. The article will explain some of the terms that are associated with the world of anabolics. You will learn what preparations can be included in the beginner steroid cycle and how to build the cycle correctly in order to avoid strong side effects.

Beginner steroid cycle for mass– basic knowledge

The steroid cycle is the use of anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) for a certain time for mass gains. The duration of the cycle can be 3 weeks, 8 weeks or more (15 weeks is usually the maximal duration).

The cycle time depends on your purposes and the AAS itself. AAS include certain steroids, for example, methyltestosterone and Sustanon. During the first cycle, take steroids in a certain combination to obtain good results.

The first steroid cycle or, as it is also called, the “beginner steroid cycle” includes the short-term use of one or more anabolics.

The “beginners” group include those sportsmen who assume only sports supplements and still never took anabolic steroids. These people are usually not aware of all the risks associated with the use of these “heavy” drugs. In addition, they want to achieve stunning results in a short time.

Before you start a steroid cycle, you should understand one thing for yourself: you can achieve the desired results only if you use your “natural” ability to do this, and AAS meds are only a spare key that can help you in this.

It is extremely important: a person who decides to plunge into the anabolic world should be aware of all possible risks, should learn in detail about the information about all steroids, and also learn about what post-cycle therapy (PCT) is.

Best steroid cycle for mass – injections or tableted steroids?

A lot of beginners perceive injections as a very complex method. That is why, most of them prefer to take tablets, for example, methandrostenolone, stanozolol, proviron, parabolan, etc.

For the effectiveness of the best steroid cycle, it is necessary to correctly select a combination of steroids, as well as to determine the optimal dose and duration of the cycle (most steroids are very toxic and may lead to abnormal liver function).
A good option is a combination of oral steroids with injections.

Safest steroid cycle – what drugs to choose?

As it was already said above, every beginner must thoroughly learn all the information about steroids before taking them. Without understanding the principle of the effect of the drugs, their use can lead to very undesirable consequences. Ideally, you should start a cycle with short-acting steroids. They are quickly excreted from the body, which is very important because when drugs start to cause strong side effects, their application should be stopped.
Below you can see a brief description of the most popular steroid meds for the safest steroid cycle.

First steroid cycle – testosterone enanthate

This steroid has a long-term effect. It is an ester of testosterone. The drug is taken once a week or once per five days. The drug has a strong anabolic effect on the body, thanks to this there is a rapid increase in muscle mass and strength. This effect is achieved by accumulating fluid in the body.

Beginners are not always advised to start the cycle with taking testosterone (such as testosterone cypionate or enanthate), because their body still has its own potential. For these purposes, it is better to take less potent steroids, which do not cause strong severe effects. You can start taking testosterone if those steroids lose all their effectiveness. Testosterone enanthate can be taken in combination with other steroids.

The drug gives an excellent effect both for beginners and for experienced athletes.
Despite this, we must not forget about the other side. Testosterone enanthate has an increased degree of aromatization, because it can turn into estrogens, which cause fat deposits occurrence in athletes may lead to gynecomastia (gyno).

Of course, the drug works on differently in different people. Some have side effects even from taking small doses, while in other people, they do not appear even in huge doses.

First steroid cycle – methandrostenolone

Due to its anabolic and androgenic properties, the drug allows gaining muscle mass for a short time. An athlete who has just started taking methandrostenolone (Dianabol) may notice the first results within a week.

The recommended dose of the drug for beginners is 50 mg, which should be taken within six to eight weeks. If after this period, the drug ceases to give the desired effect, you need to increase the dosage of the drug or combine it with injections. Good combos include methandrostenolone + primobolan or methandrostenolone + nerobolil.

Methandrostenolone is known for the fact that it can cause liver disorders. Therefore, a biochemical blood test should be done to identify the liver condition before starting the cycle.

First steroid cycle – Deca Nandrolone

  • Deca Nandrolone is perfectly combined with any testosterone ester and methandrostenolone. Beginners should not exceed a dosage of 200 mg per week. The combination of Deca + Dianabol (or Deca + testosterone) provides a quick and noticeable increase in muscle mass.
  • Deca is considered an excellent base steroid for bulking, which is successfully combined with most other steroids.
  • Deca and Winstrol are also considered to be a perfect combination, which is suitable for beginners. It does not cause severe side effects and shows good results for beginners, who do not require powerful steroids. Cycle chart is 50 to 200 mg Winstrol daily (or every other day) and 200-1000 mg Deca once a week.
  • These two steroids weakly retain water, so a strong increase in muscle mass should not be expected, but the gained mass will have good quality.

Is a steroid cutting cycle suitable for beginners?

Usually, beginners want to gain weight, not to burn excess fat. Therefore, they are not interested in steroid cutting cycle for fat loss.
Probably, the appropriate choice for beginners who want to lose excess fat is Superdrol prohormone drug. It comes in a tablet form and is convenient to use.

Experienced athletes often prefer to use such cutting steroids as oral Turinabol and Stanozolol. The drugs have a similar effect but still differ slightly in their action. So, Turinabol more contributes to the increase in strength and endurance levels of the body, while the Stanozolol provides athletes with the opportunity to gain muscle mass with perfect definition. Turinabol is best used in an amount of 30-40 mg per day and the cycle should last for 6 weeks.

For those athletes who seek to achieve an even greater effect of fat burning with steroids for cutting, experts recommend include some non-steroid drugs into the cycle. For example, there is the possibility of using a drug such as clenbuterol. It is taken within 12 weeks. The dosage of the drug gradually increases to a maximum, and then also gradually decreases. Generally speaking, the recommended dose of this chemical fat burner is unknown, since it depends on a sufficiently large number of individual factors. In addition, foods that reduce cortisol may help athletes in fat loss.