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Best Beginner Steroid Cycle – First Safest Drugs for Mass Gain & Cutting.

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What are steroids and what are they aimed to? This article contains basic annotation for those, who have recently joined the bodybuilding, powerlifting or other sports fields and are interested in anabolic steroids. You will receive an accurate explanation of some terms, concerning anabolics. You’ll also learn what preparations can be included in the first stage of the steroid therapy and how to construct the correct cycle for avoiding severe side effects.

Beginner Steroid Cycle for Mass — Basic Knowledge

The steroid cycle is the use of anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) for a certain period for mass gains. Its duration varies from 3 to 8 weeks or more (15 weeks is usually the maximal one).

The cycle time depends on your purposes and the AAS itself. AAS include certain steroids, for example, methyltestosterone and Sustanon. During the first “juicing”, take certain steroids mixtures to obtain good results.

The first (“the beginner”) steroid cycle implies the short-term consumption of one or several anabolics.

Sportsmen who are acquainted only with sports supplements and have never recourse to anabolic steroids belong to the “beginners” group. This category is hardly aware of all the risks associated with these “heavy” drugs. In addition, they want to achieve stunning outcomes as quickly as possible.

Before you resorting to pharmaceuticals, remember you can achieve the targeted results only if you follow an appropriate wholesome diet (with necessary caloric value) and train intensively in a gym. AAS meds can’t replace these key principles of your astonishing success. They serve only additives.

It is extremely important: if you have decided to plunge into the anabolic world, meticulously examine all the scientific researches, articles, specialized instructions about these substances, and reveal what post-cycle therapy (PCT) is.

Best Steroid Cycle for Mass — Injections or Tableted Steroids?

Many beginners perceive injection form as the complicated or disturbing way of administration and prefer tablets, for example, Methandrostenolone, Stanozolol, Proviron, Parabolan, etc.

Select the correct steroid combination and choose the optimal dose and the cycle’s duration for getting best results. Keep in mind that the overwhelming majority of steroids can lead to abnormal liver function).

Combination of oral steroids with injections is a good option.

Safest Steroid Cycle — What Drugs to Choose?

Every beginner must thoroughly and scrupulously learn all the facts about steroids. Absence of adequate consideration of medication’s influence threatens unwished dangerous consequence. Ideally, short-acting steroids, which are rapidly excreted from the organism, should “open” the course. Any side effects occurrence is a push for finishing the therapy.

First Steroid Cycle — Testosterone Enanthate

This artificial substance (brand names include Delatestryl, Andro LA, Testostroval, Testo LA, Depandro, Testrin, Everone, Durathate and Andropository), which is esterified testosterone, has a long-term effluence. The proper scheme of use is once in five or seven days.

Beginners are rarely advised to start the treatment with testosterone (such as testosterone cypionate or enanthate) because you shouldn’t neglect latent gifts. Fueling talents and adopting natural fitness regimes may successfully foster what you want without pumping your body with chemicals. Try new targeted and personalized workout plans. You may be focusing your efforts to certain areas. Your biceps, triceps, glutes, and core can be polished through specialized exercises. This won’t trigger parlous negative consequences. You can include testosterone if “light” medications appear inoperative. Testosterone enanthate can be combined with other drugs and supplements.

The drug greatly affects the organisms of both amateurs and professionals.

But there is the reverse side of the coin. T enanthate is characterized by enhanced aromatization rate, due to its ability to convert into estrogens. It provokes fat deposits cumulation and gynecomastia (gyno).

Don’t ignore potential side effects.

First Steroid Cycle: Methandrostenolone

It is commonly referred to as Methandienone, Danabol, Dbol, Dianabol, Methanabol, or Averbol. Its anabolic and androgenic properties allow this mostly oral drug to be a forceful tool in growing muscles quickly (even in a week).

The recommended dose of the drug for beginners is 50 mg for six to eight weeks period. The dose may be augmented if after this time the patient will not notice the desired effect. For amplification of its activity, add infusions into the cycle. Good combos include methandrostenolone + Primobolan or methandrostenolone + nerobolil.

Methandrostenolone is notorious for provoking liver disorders as it is metabolized by this organ by 6β-hydroxylation, 17-epimerization, conjugation, and other processes. Therefore, a biochemical blood test should be done to identify the liver condition before starting the cycle.

First Steroid Cycle: Deca Nandrolone

Deca Nandrolone is perfectly combined with testosterone esters and methandrostenolone. Beginners should adhere to 200 mg per week dose.

The mixture of Deca + Dianabol (or Deca + testosterone) provides noticeable muscles development at the shortest possible time.
Deca is an excellent base steroid for bulking, which is successfully compatible with steroidal meds.

Deca and Winstrol is a perfect combination as well. It doesn’t induce horrible adverse events and promotes to attain desired goals. Cycle chart is 50 to 200 mg Winstrol every or every other day and 200-1000 mg Deca weekly.

These two steroids faintly retain water. That is why you are not likely to observe gigantic muscles, but their quality will definitely not disappoint you.

Is a Steroid Cutting Cycle Suitable for Beginners?

Usually, beginners want to gain weight, not to burn excess fat. Therefore, they are not interested in steroid cutting cycle for fat loss.

Probably, the appropriate choice for beginners who want to lose excess fat is Superdrol prohormone drug. It comes in a tablet form and is convenient to use.

Knowledgeable athletes are more partial to such cutting steroids as oral Turinabol and Stanozolol. The drugs have identical effects but their ultimate goals slightly differ. So, Turinabol more contributes to the strength and endurance augmentation, while the Stanozolol allows an individual to gain musculature with a perfect and attractive definition. Turinabol should be swallowed in an amount of 30-40 mg daily. The cycle’s continuation is 6 weeks.

Rampant sportsmen who expect even more significant effect in fat burning, are recommended to add non-steroid drugs into the cycle, for instance, clenbuterol. 12 weeks is the most appropriate duration of administration of this additional remedy. The dosage is moderately increased to the peak one. After that, the gradual decline follows. Generally speaking, the recommended dose of this chemical fat burner is undetermined, since an appreciable quantity of individual factors impacts it. In addition, foods that reduce cortisol may help athletes in fat loss.