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Best BCAA Powder for Weight Loss – Getting Lean with the Help of Aminos

Posted by admin in Nutrition Category. Reviewed and Updated: 15 March, 2018

BCAA is gaining its popularity in the fitness industry very quickly. Both professional athletes, in particular bodybuilders and sport amateurs and those, who are willing to lose weight, use this amino supplement with branched chain.

The current way of society’s lifestyle leads to rapid gaining weight and even obesity as well as various heart diseases occurrence. The problem of adult obesity is urgent nowadays. At the same time, it’s a great demand to ways of losing weight through diets and exercises because of increasing interest to staying healthy and attractive. Statistics shows that there is 54 % of Americans who wish they were not have weight problems. 28 of them would like to maintain the necessary weight. Unfortunately, trying to get rid of extra pounds, people use any opportunities, which in most cases are helpless. This article is about checked and efficient tool for helping you lose weight. It is about branched chain amino acid (BCAA) supplement. Should you use BCAA powder for weight loss? Let’s tell you about the mechanism of its activity.

BCAA Consuming During Caloric Deficit Period

Caloric deficit, which implies eating less than usually, is an integral part of weight loss process. Caloric deficit is a key aspect of many weight loss programs. However, if your target is both lose fat and make your body attractive, caloric deficit is not enough. It is because it causes burning of your muscles too, which will not contribute to your appearance.

Besides, if you have enough quantity of muscle mass, you will waste more calories, because muscles use them even during the rest. Your metabolism is increased.

It is known, that branched chain amino acids minimizes the breakdown of protein, which is the main component of our muscles. With the help of BCAA supplement, you can increase essential amino acids amount in your body consuming no calories, because BCAA are split protein. This allow BCAA go directly to the muscles. The time of absorption is about 15 minutes. Why amino acids are so important? They are building materials of our muscles.

The lack of sufficient level of amino acids will lead to catabolism, which is the process of your muscles breakdown. For preventing this process from occurring, you have to take BCAAs either before, during or after your workout so that your body will be able to recover and replenish all burned energy.

Appetite Control with the Help of BCAAs

Obviously, it is impossible to lose weight when your appetite impulsions are not under control. All your diet plans can collapse in one moment if you consider the temptation to eat lots of food stronger than the desire to lose weight and look strong and bracing. Indeed, this temptation is powerful. Chocolate, pizza, burgers are tasty and comfort foods. But they will never lead your body to desirable success. Moreover, if you cannot control your appetite, you can consume extra calories even eating balanced food.

That is why it is so important to keep your carvings under strict control.

The hormone which controls hunger is called ghrelin. In case of stomach’s stretching this hormone is blocked so that you do not feel hunger anymore. There is another hormone which can turn off the appetite one. This is CCK (cholecystokinin), which is produced in the intestines under the stimulation of fat and protein. Despite CCK, some molecules are responsible for pushing signals to brain to regulate hunger. You may wonder, what is the connection with BCAAs? BCAAs, especially leucine, are those molecules, which activate hunger-controlling molecules – mTOR and AMPK.

In addition, BCAA takes part in lowing cortisol level and contributes to GLP stimulation. The last one is aimed at decreasing stress-induced cravings. Last but not the least advantage of the BCAAs is that they stimulate glutamate and GABA activating, which are aimed at controlling our hunger.

Exercise Regularly

You definitely know that exercises on the regular basis and doing any sport are very beneficial for your health. However, it is often not called that regular exercises can also decrease your infection protection. Moreover, your immunity can get sicker so that you will not be able to perform is sport activity. As you know losing weight is a kind of stress for your organism. That is why you need to stay healthy if you want this stressful regimen will not break you.

Branched chain amino is what will help you in staying healthy. This supplement contributed to enhancing immune system. Moreover, studies show that BCAA make the lymphocytes synthesis faster. With the help of BCAA you will stay healthy and abuse of the physical activity will not make your immune system sicker.

BCAAs Use for Training More and Better

Efficient weight loss is not only the matter of physical activity. Your mental condition also plays significant role. While being on diet and training a lot, your body I affected by stress. Branched chain amino acid minimizes the power of this stressful fact. One of the studies shows that runners, who have taken BCAA during the distance, performed much better. Experts prove that branched chain amino acids influence both physical and mental characteristics.

BCAA for Fast Recovery and Growth of Muscles

It is worth noting, that the food you eat after your workout plays significant role in the recovery process. Besides, it influences the efficiency of your trainings. Most people who are on diet try avoid whey protein because of the caloric capacity of the products, containing whey protein. Absence or lack of this building block can cause muscle catabolism after your workout.

Branched chain amino acids avert this process, due to the anabolic properties, which enhance the synthesis of protein. In addition, caloric capacity of BCAA is caloric free supplement, which is the best choose for those, who are cutting their weight.

Branched chain amino acid acts almost immediately after taking. It goes straight into skeletal muscles wasting no time for absorbing.

In addition, BCAAs are widely used by athletes for preventing fatigue and consequently perform much better in any sport. If you are seeking for the thing, which will allow you to use your gym time as effective as possible, BCAA is for you. Appropriate quantity of carbs and fats before the training and after it give your body energy. BCAA, in turn, transform your muscles and make them grow faster.

Moreover, according to some researches, BCAA shows its efficiency in increasing aerobic endurance of muscles. It means improving of your strength and endurance in both aerobic and anaerobic complexes.

The List of the Best BCAAs for Weight Loss

Should you search for the best BCAA for weight loss? We can help you in this matter. Here is the list of top BCAA supplements for getting lean:

  • Scivation Xtend;
  • Betancourt Plus Series BCAA;
  • Ideallean;
  • Cellucor Alpha Amino;
  • Dymatize BCAA Complex 2200;
  • BCAA-XS by Ronnie Coleman.

In addition, you can use CrazyBulk products. These natural steroid alternatives also contain BCAAs.

BCAA Powder for Weight Loss – the Conclusion

It is worth remembering, that the process of efficient weight losing requires multi aspect approach. Low caloric diet is not enough. You need to train hard and take right supplements. The combination of all these tools will make the process as effective as possible and your efforts will be visible.

Apart from muscle growth, BCAA will help you to burn fat. As distinguished from whey protein, branched chain amino acids do not give you extra calories, which you try to escape from. You can take them and do not worry about possible weight gaining. Besides, BCAA helps to keep your appetite under control.

Of course, BCAAs should not be considered some magical pills, which relieve you from any efforts. You still have to follow balanced diet and do exercises. At the same time, the power of BCAA should not be underestimated. This supplement contributes to fat burning and muscle growth. It helps you to perform better in sport and recover faster after the training. If you are obsessed with the desire to have six-packed abs take BCAAs.

In online shops, you can find BCAAs of high quality and for affordable price.