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Beginner Back Calisthenics Workouts: Running & Resistance Band Exercises

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If you are a beginner, you definitely want to get good back muscles. Is this possible without visiting a gym? How to keep the body in shape using your own weight and simple equipment? Calisthenics workouts and resistance bands will help you. Read on to know more.

Beginner Back Workout – All You Should Know

Here’s all you should know about a beginner back workout. The group of back muscles is the second largest one in the human body, so they shouldn’t be ignored when performing workouts indoor or outdoor. The back muscles perform many functions, because they participate in almost all movements. For the proportional development of the back and the increase in muscle mass in this area, it is necessary to follow several rules:

  • Do not forget to do the warm-up. The back is very easy to be injured, it can bring serious complications in the future and pass very painfully.
  • When working on the back muscles it is very easy to shift the load and train the arm muscles instead of the back. So learn how to feel your muscles’ contractions and work.
  • It is better to allocate a separate day for training your back. But if you do not have such an opportunity, then it is recommended not to combine the back workout with arms training. The optimal combination will be with the deltoid muscles, or with the chest. (You might be interested in boulder shoulder workout and ultimate bodybuilding killer chest workout.)
  • To prevent spinal injuries and the spinal muscles themselves, your back should be flat in the waist region while performing strength exercises.
  • Do not round your back. Do not use too much working weight (if you have additional weights like dumbbells). Otherwise, it will be very difficult to properly perform the exercise, your arms will quickly get tired and will steal all the load. Also, you may put your lower back at risk.
  • After the main workout, cooldown exercises should be done. This will help relieve tension and quickly restore muscle. It is also very useful to stretch the back muscles between the sets.
  • In one set of exercises, there must necessarily be loads on the back muscles at different angles. For example, you can combine pull-ups with resistance band rows.
  • If you are a beginner, do not use superset exercises on your first workouts. First and foremost, you should learn a proper technique of performing exercises. Only then you can practice advanced types of training.

What Are Calisthenics Workouts and Calisthenics Back Workouts?

Calisthenics is a beautiful name for an exercise system with its own weight. They also say “bodyweight workout”. In reality, there is nothing supernatural about this. These are mostly simple exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, jumps and so on (exercises without weights). All these are “calisthenic exercises”. In addition, now calisthenics is a very modern and in demand direction in fitness.

For years, experts have argued that a workout routine including exercises with one’s own weight (that is calisthenics) it’s just a “plan B”, when you do not have access to the gym. Everyone considered calisthenics an excellent tool for developing endurance and increasing the effectiveness of metabolic programs and no more than the initial stage on the way to increasing the power capabilities. But now some experts say that calisthenics may be as effective as weight training.

Now calisthenics is very popular. Some fitness bloggers say that the barbells, dumbbells and simulators are generally bullshit, and only “bodyweight” is a cool thing. But this is an extreme, and we do not think so. Our muscles are created not only to move the skeleton in space, but also objects relative to the skeleton. Therefore, work with weights cannot be countered with training with one’s own weight. These are mutually complementary, not mutually exclusive things.

Calisthenics back workout is a type of calisthenics workout. This name is conditional because calisthenics workouts usually train most of the body muscles, not only the back muscles or only the chest muscles, etc.

Resistance Bands Back Workout

Resistance bands are actively used in back training for better back strength, but not every athlete performs these exercises correctly. Often the lion’s share of the load goes to the biceps and the posterior deltoid muscle, but not to the back. Follow the recommendations below and progress will not be long in coming.

A huge role in the effectiveness of this or that exercise for the back is played by the mental attitude of the athlete and his neuromuscular activity. With any muscle contraction, the emphasis should not be on the arms and their bending, but on lifting the elbows beyond the line of the torso. Many professional fitness trainers say that it is possible to load the back only when the muscles of the arms are completely turned off. It is necessary to imagine that your palms are just hooks and attachments for traction weights. Here are descriptions of two popular resistance bands back workout exercises.

  • Reverse Rows. Firmly grasp the handles. Lean backward, keeping your back curved. The angle between the floor and the body should be from 60 ° to 70 °. You can rely either on both your legs or one leg.  Keep your hands in front of you. With a powerful jerky movement, pull the body up and at the same time spread your arms to the sides. Focus on the work of the back muscles. At the critical point, hold the position for a couple of seconds. Try to feel the tension of the trapezius and rhomboid muscles.
  • Reverse Pull-Ups. This movement is great for the final training of the back. Here you can apply the known methodical method namely to create a static load. It is most suitable for the posterior segments of the trapezius muscles, since they are dominated by slow muscle fibers, designed for continuous work. In the starting position, your body should be virtually parallel to the floor. The distance from the back to the floor should not exceed 10 centimeters. Slightly bend the lower back and straighten your legs. Make sure that your body is a solid straight line at each point of the path. Resistance bands should be held by straight, relaxed arms. With an explosive effort of the muscles of the back, pull the body up. In this case, the elbows are diverted. At the critical point, hold for 5-8 seconds. Try to keep your back in maximum static contraction all this time. Next, slowly sink to the starting position, but do not relax your arms and shoulder girdle.

Running Back Workout – NFL Players’ Experience

Playing the game for an hour tests the organism’s ability to take punishment & compete. American football is a demanding game. Therefore, NFL athletes are well-trained, any of them has a wide back. In particular, a running back workout include weighted pull-ups, deadlifts, and weighted dips.

It should be noted that some NFL running athletes use steroids like Deca Durabolin, testosterone enanthate, etc., as well as HGH. Read our articles about NFL and steroids, Von Miller and steroids, to know more.