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Bartolo Colon – Steroid Use and Stem Cell Treatment for Better Performance.

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Do you know Bartolo Colon? He is one of the most famous American baseball players of Dominican origin. In 2005 he became the best pitcher of the US League, receiving the prize of Cy Young. In 2010, he successfully coped with severe injuries of the joint and ligament system. But there is one thing that has negatively affected his reputation in the sport. This is a proven fact of using illegal steroids, namely testosterone.

Bartolo’s short bio – from poor boy to great baseball player

Colon was born in the town of Altamira in the Dominican Republic. His family lived so poorly that they had no electricity, no water supply system, and no sanitation. From early childhood, Bartolo began helping his parents make money and daily worked with his hard-working father, brothers and sister for 12 hours picking beans and fruit. Since his parents could not afford to buy their children baseballs and gloves, instead of balls Bartolo used tightly wound rags, and instead of gloves, boxes of milk. At present, Colon donates large sums to his old commune, because he knows how they live poorly.

In 1993, Bartolo Colon signed a sports agreement with the Cleveland Indians as a free sportsman. In 1995, playing for Kinston in the Carolina League, the athlete became the second in the championship by the number of victories won (13) and ERA (1.96), and the leader in the number of strikeouts (152). For his achievements, he was called the best pitcher of that year, and also the top sportsman of a year among the lower leagues.

In 1997, he already performed in the AAA club Buffalo Byzons, and was the first athlete in the history of the team, who played at the so-called Coca-Cola Field. In the MLB Colon debuted in spring, 1997, in a match with the Anaheim Angels and his first match ended without a decision. In his debut season, he showed a result of 4-7 with an ERA of 5.65. June 26, 1998, he set a modern record for the MLB in the number of shots against one slugger (Ricky Gutierrez) – 20. And, finally, this confrontation ended in strike-out. Later in the season, Colon scored his first victory in the American League Championship Series, having played a full baseball match in which he missed only four hits and one point. He finished the 1999 season with a result of 18-5 with an ERA of 3.95. In the autumn of 2000, the famous baseball player played a one-hit match against the NY Yankees.

On May 7, 2016 in a game against San Diego Padres pitcher James Shields at the Petco Park, Colon knocked out his first home run in the MLB. At the age of 42, the sportsman became the oldest baseball player to make his first home run in the history of the big league in America.

Bartolo’s stem cell injections

In 2009, Colon began to experience health problems that were associated with numerous injuries. He was at risk of finishing his career, which was at the peak of success. In 2010, wishing to save his career, Colon flew back home to the Dominican Republic to take part in an experiment that was not allowed by the American FDA. Doctors received stem cells with the help of special technology and then injected them into the athlete’s shoulder and elbow. Stem cells are immature cells that have a potential for self-renewal, they can be transformed into other cells in the body. After the treatment, which lasted for several months, Colon returned to professional sports.

But do stem cells really work? This issue requires further study. The FDA and World Society for Stem Cell Research warn that there are no detailed studies that would show that this therapy is a safe and effective way to accelerate the repair of connective tissue at the site of bruises in the human body. Appropriate experiments on animals show some prospects, but there are also many problems. Cell biologists from the University of California believe that the “stem cell” is often a phrase that sounds very exciting, but the use of stem cells in exercise medicine is speculative in nature.

Bartolo Colon and steroid use – positive testosterone test

In 2012, Colon was suspended from fifty games after being tested positively for the use of testosterone (by the way, on our website you can learn where to buy testosterone), a performance-enhancing drug in violation of Major League Baseball’s Rules. Testosterone is a drug that provides the following effects:

  • increase in power indicators;
  • acceleration of recovery after sports training;
  • increased muscle mass.

All this has a positive effect on the duration of training and endurance during physical exercises, and most importantly, on sports results. Therefore, US baseball organizations have banned the use of this drug for sporting purposes (without a doctor’s prescription).

Bartolo Colon apologized to his fans, his teammates and the Oakland A’s. He accepted responsibility for his actions and promised to serve his suspension as required by sports bodies.

Who knows – maybe the athlete also used other steroids, like Drostanolone. In addition, he certainly used post-cycle therapy with Clomid or other medication to avoid possible side effects of anabolic steroids.

Was Colon’s performance impacted by stem cell treatment or steroids?

After a stem cell therapy performed by doctors, Colon seemed to be pitching faster. Therefore, many people began to think that this therapy really worked. But after a positive test for testosterone, some doubts arose. Steroids, of course, can increase muscle mass and make the athlete faster. Therefore, most likely, it was the effect of testosterone. Of course, Colon did not want people to know that he was a user of steroids. Perhaps he wanted to position cell therapy as an effective method of treating joint injuries, but he did not succeed. But who knows, cell therapy could have a greater impact on athlete performance than the use of anabolic medications.

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