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Barry Bonds Before and After Steroids: Biography and Doping Scandals.

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It is a common fact that sportsmen use different supplements and medications to refine their athletic skills. Natural steroids, based on herbal components, aren’t usually prohibited in the sports industry. However, more potent and effective meds are deemed doping and are banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and most professional sports associations. Foremost, it concerns anabolic steroids. So believe no one who offers you, for example, Primobolan cycle and claims that it is completely safe and legal.

There are many athletes who secretly took steroids. However, nothing stays buried forever. Barry Bonds is one of the steroid users who became famous worldwide.

Biography of Barry Bonds

Barry Lamar Bonds is a famous US baseball player, who was born on July 24, 1964 in Riverside, California. He is considered the most successful home run player in the MLB (Major League Baseball).

In August 2007, in one game Barry made the 756th home run (HR). It was a new world record. Thanks to this, Bonds surpassed Hank Aaron (“Hammerin’ Hank”), who had the largest quantity of HR in the history. In 2001, Barry made 73 home runs, and excelled Mark McGuire. He also broke records of ex sportsmen (60 HR in the 1920s, 61 HR in the 1960s). The guy is famous for his enormous strength, marvelous talent, and dexterity. Sporting News recognized him the best player of the 1990s. Other titles seven times declared him the best in the MLB. From 1986 to1992, the athlete played as a left player of the outer field for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Later he obtained the status of a free agent, and then he was selected into San Francisco Giants. In 2001, Associated Press named him the sportsman of the year.

According to the survey, aimed at determining 25 best sportsmen, Bonds managed to score 136 points and outstripped Lance Armstrong, who is a three-time champion (in a row) of the hardest bicycle race, named Tour de France. Baseball player Ichiro Suzuki and golfer Tiger Woods, who scored 43, shared the third place. Michael Jordan, a famous American basketball player, gained only 3 points and appeared in the 15th place.

Barry Bonds: Before and After Steroids, Doping Scandals

In the 90s, Barry Bonds could be boldly named the best player because in the National League he became the best 7 times. However, despite the great achievements, he had strained relations with media outlets and aficionados. He earned a reputation as a person, eschewing social life and being unfriendly to reporters.

In addition, the sportsperson was long and emphatically accused of taking “juice” and other performance boosters. In 2003, Bonds and his coach Greg Anderson became suspected of using illicit meds. They were engaged in BALCO scandal. BALCO marketed tetrahydrogestrinone (C21H28O2, THG, “the Clear”), undetectable anabolic substance. Bonds then testified that he had taken “juice” unconsciously (unknowingly).

In November 2007, Barry was quadruply convicted of perjury (swearing a false oath), and once of obstruction of justice (obstructing prosecutors or other public officers). That year he announced the withdrawal from the 2008 season.

What Types of Steroids Were Used by Barry Bonds?

Although actively denied by the sportsmen, a book written about his steroid use called Game of Shadows has some details about Barry’s steroids consumption. The athlete used designer steroid remedies, namely creams (topical steroids). Also, he took testosterone deaconate (to boost his free testosterone rates), Deca, Trenbolone, HGH, and probably steroid cutting cycle. Barry Bonds’ before and after steroids results were pretty good.

Some experts provide the following description of the baseball player’s potential cycle:

  1. Trenbolone Acetate. Barry may have consumed an oral version of this product. Trenbolone is five times stronger than testosterone. This is an excellent tool for enhancing sports performance. It contributes to augmentation of strength, speed and aggressiveness, which is very important in a sport like baseball. Trenbolone is one of the most forceful steroid preparations by the criterion of the ability to raise strength and grow muscle mass.
  1. Testosterone. The sportsman was accused of using testosterone cream. However, most likely he preferred the injectable form, which provided a stable and powerful effect. Testosterone promotes rapid muscle volume enlargement and strength increasing. It also makes male features more visible.
  1. Deca. This is a really powerful anabolic medication with Nandrolone Decanoate active substance. “Deca” is the slang name for this steroid substance that bodybuilders from many countries have been using for more than half a century. Deca is one of the most powerful injection steroids to date.

Users at Dvdtalk online forum gave the player some interesting nicknames, in particular: “The Sulker of Swat”, “B2 Bomber”, “Boom Boom”, “Jesus”, “The Fairy”, and “Steroid Man”. Some detractors called him “sch***k“, a foolish or contemptible person.

Disclaimer: the information presented above is an estimate of some experts. It is related to the steroids that Barry could have used during the potential cycle, but it doesn’t pretend to be the truth.