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Athletes Who Used Steroids – the List of Sportsmen Who Cheated Illegally

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They cheated. They earned zillions of bucks. Use of surreptitious drugs by some of them may not have been proven, while the cheating of others has been averred. Below we’ll talk about the famous athletes who used steroids.

Bodybuilders Who Used Steroids

Arnold Schwarzenegger is probably the most famous bodybuilder who used anabolic steroids. By the way, he did not hide it from his fans, although he did not say much about this issue. Besides him, the famous user of the bodybuilding Golden Era was Frank Zane. Thanks to his knowledge of anabolic steroids and the intelligent use of steroid cycles, he was nicknamed “The Chemist” by his colleagues.

The famous bodybuilder of the 1990s and 2000s, and multiple Mr. Olympia champion Ronnie Coleman undoubtedly took “juice”, because he was very huge! At first he did not admit to this, and it was thought perhaps it was due to his work in the police (it would have been strange if the law enforcement officer had publicly admitted being a lawbreaker). However, in 2011 he made a confession about the use of steroids. Jay Cutler is also a very famous bodybuilder, who probably uses different steroid stacks.

Rich Piana was a modern athlete who openly used anabolics. Unfortunately, he died in the summer of 2017, being in a state of induced (barb) coma. The abuse of anabolic steroids and other drugs was a factor that led to Rich’s demise.

There are suspicions that the young and budding Men’s Physique athlete Steve Cook is a steroid user. However, we have not found evidence of this assumption. The same goes for Jeff Seid, Mike Rashid.

Baseball Players Who Deluded Us

Here is a list of baseballers who have obviously or supposedly used steroids in baseball:

  • Mark McGwire. He is a player whose name is strongly associated with the Steroid Era in baseball. In 2010, he admitted that he used steroids at a time when he broke the homerun record in 1998.

  • Alex Rodriguez. He has been the best MLB player three times. In 2007, it turned out that he was a juicer.
  • Barry Bonds. He is a famous American baseball player, who was recognized as an athlete of the year in the United States.
  • Derek Jeter. He is a friend of Alex Rodriguez who is a recognized “cyclist”. However, there is no evidence that Derek did the same.
  • Ryan Braun. This player received a long-term disqualification for the use of unlawful substances.
  • Curt Schilling. Curt was not included in the Hall of Fame because of the possible use of steroids and his maladaptive behavior.
  • Bartolo Colon. In 2012, the athlete received a positive testosterone test and was removed from the matches.

This is not a complete list of baseball players who have or may have used steroids.

American Football Players Who Took that Stuff

American football requires good endurance and great muscle mass. Not surprisingly, some players used steroids illegally. Among them are Laron Landry (a gargantuan athlete who was suspended for several games), Peyton Manning (this football quarterback was accused by the media of using medications but was later acquitted by sports bodies), Brian Cushing (he was involved in some steroid scandals).

Wrestlers Who Used AAS

Wrestling is a sport in which almost everyone probably uses “juice”. Here is the list of wrestlers we wrote about earlier:

  • Brock Lesnar – a fellow who participated both in wrestling and in MMA.
  • Vince McMahon — an ungodly US wrestling promoter & professional wrestler.
  • Scott Steiner — a guy with a ludicrous nickname, “Big Bad Booty Daddy”.
  • John Cena — a famous American wrestler who has won the world championship 12 times.

Fighters who Took Performance Drugs

Below you can see the list of fighters who used steroids in MMA:

  • Jose Aldo. This fighter had an astounding career in the MMA, but its completion was, putting it mildly, unsuccessful, he suffered several shameful defeats. There are suspicions that he used illegal drugs, but this is not officially proven.


  • Gabi Garcia. Gabi is a female fighter with an “eloquent” muscle mass. Anti-doping tests showed that there was clomiphene in her blood, the drug that belongs to the meds used during PCT.
  • Cris Cyborg. This is also a female fighter, who says she is clean, but her appearance indicates the opposite.
  • Vitor Belfort. Several times he has been caught in using doping to improve performance.

Other Sportsmen who Used Illegal Medications

Other sports are no exception in terms of using illegal medicines to increase performance. Many people suspect that Serena Williams used illegal pharmaceuticals. But what we know for certain is that she was prescribed corticosteroids to treat injuries. There are suspicions regarding swimmers Katie Ledecky and Michael Phelps, but probably they are clean, because we have none evidence about this.

In cycling, some athletes also used PEDs. Lance Armstrong (Le Boss Big Tex) lost all his bicycle titles after he was caught in the copious use of doping.