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Arnold Schwarzenegger Steroid Use, the Attitude towards Drugs, and Cycle.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is no doubt the most famous bodybuilder in the history. He contributed to the great popularization of this sport. However, bodybuilding has both advantages (awesome physical shape and adherence to proper nutrition) and drawbacks. The main shortcoming imply steroids intake. These preparations trigger serious side effects and are health-threatening.

In this article we will try to reveal whether Arnold Schwarzenegger added steroid use to his musclebuilding preparation and his position towards them.

Short Biography of Arnold Schwarzenegger

You’ll fail in finding a more inspiring life story of success and triumph than the one about Arnold. A skinny boy from Austria becomes a real man and gains the title of a king of bodybuilding (he won seven Mr. Olympia titles overall). He is a source of admiration and the example of unflinching tenacity for many beginners and professionals. Various life hindrances haven’t tamed his spirit but forced him to move forward. This beefcake, featuring pronounced accent and extraordinary muscles has achieved great success in the film-making industry. The film “Terminator” and others have made him a Holywood star. His attainments list is infinite. In the 2000s he debuted as a politician: his enormous authority and venerable status allowed him to be elected twice to the governor post of California.

So, Arnold Schwarzenegger was born on July 30, 1947. His native village is Tal, near the Graz, Austria. His parents are Catholics Gustav Schwarzenegger and Aurelia Schwarzenegger. The family didn’t have much money, which compelled the young children to work indefatigably. They were mainly engaged in peasant labor. The parents were strict with Arnold and his elder brother Meinhard. The future star was often subjected to corporal punishment. Under the father’s pressure, they persuaded him to participate in sports activities. Arnie practiced several disciplines. He was the best in football. At the age of 14, the school football coach invited him to the gym in Graz. As soon as Arnie took the bar and lifted a weight, he understood his true calling. At 17, he won second place in his first bodybuilding competition.

In 1965, they conscripted Schwarzenegger into the Austrian army. For him it was an opportunity to escape from his father, so he was happy. The army regimen made him consume meat regularly. Protein nutrition together with constant rigorous exercising yielded significant results.

After the demobilization in 1966, Schwarzenegger decided to start a new life and moved to Munich. Next year was very fruitful. In 1967 Arnold Schwarzenegger was recognized the “Mr. Universe”. Since 1970, he started to act. Casting in movies was widespread among bodybuilders, in particular, icons for Arnie-Reg Park & Steve Reeves. At first, his roles were not complicated. They were relatively minor but over time he became an amazing actor.

In 2003, citizens voted for his candidature for the position of California’s governor. It was the first time the position was held by a non-American. In 2011, Arnie left the post. Nowadays he stars in various movies, and also actively supports bodybuilding.

Arnie is also a filmmaker, investor, and philanthropist.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Steroid Use

Unfortunately, modern professional bodybuilding is almost impossible without steroids. Athletes started taking these drugs around the middle of the last century. Arnold was no exception. He himself said that he took steroids. Why did he do this?, Modern athletes rarely admit to using steroids because these drugs are banned (in the US there is a very strict law on this issue). However, during the golden era of bodybuilding, the attitude toward steroids was more loyal than now. Perhaps now Arnold would not confess to using illegal drugs.

After Schwarzenegger became a politician, he claimed that steroids are harmful to users’ health and propagandized sports without doping. However, maybe these were just words. The Arnold Classic tournament does not provide adequate doping controls.

Here is Arnold’s attitude toward steroids:

  • In 1974, he admitted juicing for gaining pounds of musculature. “Women abuse contraceptives and remind those who consume steroids. I take them under the doctor’s supervision.”
  • In 1977, he reported that he took steroids but not pills contributed to his superiority on the stage. He assured that the tablets assisted him in maintaining muscle mass on the low-caloric diet.
  • In 1985, Arnold said in the interview he had never resorted to excessive dosages.
  • In 1992, the famous bodybuilder announced that in the peak of his career he hadn’t searched for steroids on the illegal market. At that time, a person could just visit the physician and state about his desire to increase muscle volume. The specialist issued appropriate recommendations, concerning taking medications.
  • In 1996, Arnie again admitted taking “juice”. This was a hazardous practice, but he didn’t regret it.

In 1999, the athlete sued a German doctor Dr. Willi Heepe who predicted Arnold’s premature death. The court fined the offender 10 thousand dollars. There was also a civil action against the Globe (a supermarket tabloid), which made the same forecast.

In 1997, Arnie experienced heart surgery (aimed at valve replacement). Genetic heredity and intensive training could provoke it in youth. Exercising daily with a double split program and limited nutrition is a significant burden on the human body. Nausea, dizziness, and faintness often haunted Arnie in the gym. After his first training was so hard that he couldn’t ride a bicycle to get home, the next day he didn’t have the power to pick up a spoon or toothbrush. That was the beginning of the ascent to Olympus.

The athlete’s dedication was absolute, desperate, unshakable and heroic. He wanted to transform his body into an accomplished piece of art. Physical exercises were the main occupation for him (instead of school, friends, parties, and girls).

Drugs used by Arnold: “The Oak Cycle”

Steroid courses of that era comprised several drugs which were built in a pyramid manner and required the infrequent addition of anti-estrogen remedies. Knowledge of doping was imperfect, for example, many athletes didn’t know about testosterone boosters, cortisol reducing supplements, etc.

The facts related to Arnold’s cycle:

  • The cycles comprised 3 main components
  • The first constituent was Anadrol (Oxymetholone)
  • The second element was Deca
  • The third composite component was Dianabol
  • Arnie also practiced post-cycle therapy.
  • There is no clear data whether Arnold took such medicaments as Oxandrolone, Methyltestosterone, and Mesterolone.