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Arnold Schwarzenegger Steroid Use, the Attitude towards Drugs, and Cycle.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is probably the most famous bodybuilder in the world. It was he who contributed to the great popularization of this sport. However, bodybuilding has not only advantages (such as good physical shape and adherence to proper nutrition) but also disadvantages. The main drawback is the use of steroids. These drugs can cause serious side effects and can be harmful to health.

In this article, we will talk about whether Arnold Schwarzenegger took steroids and his attitude to this kind of drugs.

Short biography of Arnold

It’s hard to find a better success story than Arnold Schwarzenegger’s one. A skinny boy from Austria becomes a real man and turns into a king of bodybuilding (he won seven Mr. Olympia titles overall), who is admired to this day. Then, despite all the obstacles on his own path, the beefcake with a pronounced accent and hard-spoken surname becomes the Hollywood star (the film “Terminator” deserves a special notice). But that’s not all. In the 2000s, the bodybuilder and actor tried himself in the political arena: he was elected and re-elected to the post of governor of State of California.

So, Arnold Schwarzenegger was born July 30, 1947 in the village of Tal, near the city of Graz in Austria, in the family of Catholics Gustav Schwarzenegger & Aurelia Schwarzenegger. The family lived poorly, and children from an early age were used to peasant labor in the village. Arnold and his elder brother, Meinhard, were brought up in strictness, the future bodybuilder was often subjected to corporal punishment. Father always insisted that his sons do a lot of sports, and under his pressure, Arnie began to train several disciplines. Best of all, the boy could play football. When the teenager was 14 years old, the football coach brought him to the gym in Graz. And the first time lifting the bar, Arnold immediately exchanged football for bodybuilding. At 17, Arnold first participated in the bodybuilding competition in Graz and took second place.

In 1965, 18-year-old Schwarzenegger was conscripted into the Austrian army. Having got a chance to break out of his father’s house, he went with pleasure to the army. Only being in the army, Arnold for the first time in his life began to eat meat on a daily basis. In combination with constant training, this gave a good effect.

Demobilized from the army in 1966, Schwarzenegger decided not to return to his native village and moved to Munich. Next year, 1967, Arnold Schwarzenegger won the “Mr. Universe” title for the first time. Since 1970, Schwarzenegger began acting in action movies, as did so many famous bodybuilders, including his idols Reg Park & Steve Reeves. At first, his roles were simple but over time he became an amazing actor. In 2003, the actor was elected to the post of governor of the state of California and became the first governor of the US state, born outside the country (since 1862). In 2011, Arnie left the post. Now he is an actor and acts in different films, and also actively supports bodybuilding.

Did Arnold use steroids?

Unfortunately, modern professional bodybuilding is almost impossible without steroids. Athletes began taking these drugs around the middle of the last century. Arnold was no exception. He himself said that he took steroids. Why did he do this? After all, modern athletes very rarely admit to using steroids because these drugs are banned (in the US there is a very strict law on this issue). However, during the golden era of bodybuilding, the attitude toward steroids was more loyal than now. Perhaps now Arnold would not confess to using illegal drugs.

After Schwarzenegger became a politician, he often said that steroids are bad and that he stands for sports without doping. However, maybe these were just words. After all, the Arnold Classic tournament does not even provide adequate doping controls.

Here is what Arnold said about steroid use:

  • In 1974, he said that he used steroids to gain additional pounds of muscle mass. “Women take contraceptives and they look like steroids. I do this under the supervision of a doctor. “
  • In 1977, he reported that he took steroid medications but he became famous not because of pills. According to him, the pills just helped him maintain muscle mass on the diet and during the preparation for the competition.
  • In 1985, Arnold told reporters that he was not worried about this because he never took excessive dosages.
  • In 1992, the famous bodybuilder said that in those days there was no need to look for steroid drugs on the black market. You could just go to the doctor and tell him “I want to gain weight.” The doctor gave the necessary recommendations for taking medications.
  • In 1996, Arnold reported that he took steroids. This was a dangerous practice, but he does not regret it.

In 1999, the athlete filed a lawsuit against a German doctor who predicted Arnold’s premature death. According to the decision of the court, the doctor paid a fine of 10 thousand dollars. In the same year, there was a lawsuit against the Globe (a supermarket tabloid), which also predicted the death of Schwarzenegger.

Although in 1997, Arnie underwent heart surgery (valve replacement), perhaps this is due in large part to genetic heredity and with tough and very extensive training in adolescence than with steroids. Arnold has overloaded his heart and his recovery capabilities. Training every day on the double split program under conditions of limited nutrition is a serious burden on the body. Nausea and loss of consciousness were common for young Arnie in training. By the way, after his first training he could not get home on a bicycle, and in the morning, he could not even take a spoon at the table. That’s how Schwarzenegger’s ascent to Olympus began.

The athlete’s dedication was absolute, unshakable and heroic. He wanted to transform his body into a perfect work of art (and he wanted it very much). The main occupation in his life was training. Physical exercises were in the first place for him (instead of parents, school, friends, and girls).

The cycle of Arnold

The main features of the use of steroids in that era were the use of several drugs, a pyramid of dosages and the infrequent use of anti-estrogen drugs on the cycle. Knowledge of doping at that time was very imperfect, for example, many athletes didn’t know about testosterone boosters, cortisol reducing supplements, and the like.

So here are the facts on the Arnold cycle about which we know:

  • the cycle consisted of 3 main components;
  • the first component was Anadrol (Oxymetholone);
  • the second component was Deca;
  • the third component was Dianabol;
  • also, Arnie used post-cycle therapy.

It is not known whether Arnold took such drugs as Oxandrolone, methyltestosterone, and Mesterolone.