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Arm Toning Workouts at Home with Dumbbells: for Men and Women

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Many people want to burn arm fat and get toned arms. First and foremost, we should note that effective 30 day fat burn is almost impossible. You need much more time to get pronounced results and tone your arms. So let’s move to arm toning workouts features for men and women.

Arm Workouts for Women – Main Principles

Beautiful and shredded arms can be reached both in the gym and at home, you will need dumbbells for this. If you don’t have dumbbells, you may also train your arms at home with ordinary plastic bottles filled with water / sand. You may also use books, bricks & other items that are just at hand. Remember that your goal is getting muscles shredded and working out problem areas of arms. Therefore, do not take too heavy weight, if you want to remain feminine and have defined arms, and not to pump steel “guns”, as Arnold Schwarzenegger did. Choose a dumbbell weighting 2 to 6 pounds, depending on the initial physical preparation.

Before you begin to perform exercises for the arms with dumbbells or any other item it is necessary to perform warm-up exercises. This will help warm up the muscles, make them toned and, as a consequence, exclude the occurrence of injuries during exercises. Do circular movements with your arms, shoulders and wrists. You can do an exercise called scissors, featuring a large amplitude with a small one. Warm up your arms for 5 to 10 min.

Arm workouts for women, which are proposed by us, consist of three small sets containing several exercises, with the recommended number of repetitions, but considering the different degree of preparation, these figures should be individual. You need to do the exercises so many times that the last five repetitions would be very hard for you (this principle is called “to failure”). Moreover, during the training, be sure to observe the technique of performing exercises, so you can more effectively pump the muscles of the arms, avoiding the occurrence of injuries. Each set is performed in 4 reps, between which you should make a pause for 30-40 seconds. Between sets, take a break for 50-60 seconds.

Arm Workouts at Home and Gym – 2 Powerful Workout Routines

Workout Routine Number 1. Exercises of this set should be performed one after another, that is, perform the 1st exercise, immediately followed by the 2nd and the 3rd one. Then repeat this sequence again like you combine all three exercises into single one. Do exercises at a slow pace, without sharp movements & swinging the body. Don’t forget about breathing, exhale when making muscle efforts, and inhale when relaxing. Exercises of this set affect the biceps muscles, deltoid muscles, and trapezium.

1. Bicep Curls. Take dumbbells, stand upright, legs slightly narrower than the shoulders, spread your shoulders, and lower your arms along the body. Your elbows should be slightly pressed against the body. On exhalation, bend your arms in the elbows, to the extreme upper position, while turning your hands to the chest with your palms. On inhalation, lower your arms to the starting position.

2. Front Two-Dumbbell Raise in a standing position. Continuing the previous exercise, breathing in and holding your breath, raise your arms straight up to parallel with the floor, do not lower or raise your arms, they should also be parallel to each other. Do not slouch and do not take your shoulders off, the body should remain stationary, only the arms should work. On exhalation, lower your arms to the starting position.

3. Side Dumbbell Raise. Continuing the previous exercise, bend the arms slightly bent at the elbow joint to the sides in parallel with the floor (to the level of the shoulders). The palms should be directed to the floor. Try not to lift your shoulders, fix them in one position. While maintaining the body in a stable position (without swinging), lift the dumbbells to your side using a slight bend on the elbow and the arms slightly tilted forward. Continue to raise until the arms are parallel to the floor. Exhale after performing this movement and mace pause for a second at the top position. Then return to the initial position (lower the dumbbells).

Workout Routine Number 2. The second set is aimed at pumping the tricep muscles, as well as shoulders and back. The whole complex of exercises is performed in the inclined position, with a slow pace and without jerks. Exercises, as well as in the previous set, go one after another. Repeat the complex of execution of exercises 15-20 times.

1.Dumbbell Rear Delt Fly. Tilt the body forward to parallel with the floor, your look should be directed to the floor, slightly bend in the lower back, and pull the pelvis back. Set the arms perpendicular to the floor, the arms are spread out with the palms facing each other. Having inhaled and holding your breath, spread out straight or slightly bent the arms to the sides (palms down), as high as possible, that is make fly-like movements. At the top point, the elbows should be above the back level. Movements should be made only in the shoulder joints.

2. Dumbbell Row. Without changing the initial position of the previous exercise and continuing it, we make the pull of the dumbbells, bending and withdrawing the elbows as far back as possible and lightly pressing them against the body. At the top of the exercise, the elbows should be above the back level.

3. Tricep Kickbacks. Continuing the previous exercise, and without changing the starting position, bend the arms in the elbows and take them back to the level of the back, press the elbows to the body, then extend the arms, pulling the palms back (palms facing each other). Then again bend the arms in the elbows and only after that return the arms to the starting position. This exercise is very effective for the tricep muscles. You can read about the best Tricep workouts with dumbbells for women to know all the details about tricep training.

You can perform arm workouts at home or at the gym, depending on your capabilities.

Principles of Arm Workouts for Men

Every man wants to have strong arms. For this there is no strictly obligatory necessity to go to the gym. If desired, even at home, you can pump up your arm muscles without spending money on gym subscriptions. However, you probably have to spend money on purchasing sports equipment. But if you already have dumbbells at home, you’re lucky. With their help, you can train muscles in the fastest way. What is needed for home workouts? Ideally, you should have sports bench, a bar and parallel bars, several dumbbells, as well as a barbell. But not many people have a desire and money to buy these items. Fortunately, genuine sports equipment may be replaced with improvised means, for example, plastic bottles with sand or water. Even with these substitutes arm workouts for men may be effective.

Working with such equipment is not so convenient, so if there is a great desire, it is better to buy a little “iron things” for home. Until that time, basically you have to do exercises with your own weight. You can train your arms once or twice a week depending of the level of your physique. The arm muscles include bicep, tricep, delts (shoulders), and forearm. So, let’s start examining the most effective exercises for these muscle groups, which you can do at home. If you want to train shoulders professionally, then you need to read our article on top full shoulder workouts for mass. If you are professional or amateur arm wrestler, you can find a suitable forearm workout routine here.

Arm Workouts with Dumbbells and Tips for Men

Make the Shoulders Boulder. You probably know that delts consist of three heads, namely front, side and back. The strongest of them is the front one, which is involved in many arm movements. For example, the popular bench press is a complex of movement, where the front head of delts is pretty much involved in the work. Generally speaking, it is involved in those movements when you need to raise something up above your head. The lateral and posterior deltas are usually less developed than the front one. But the training of them can visually make the shoulders wider, while not giving them real strength or power. They work mainly in lifting and flying movements.

It is best to train shoulders with low weight scales, as doing exercises with maximum weights is very dangerous. Considering the structure of the shoulder joint, it is easy to injure. Therefore, when training delts, you should not need to chase the weights, but it’s worth trying to feel the working muscles as best as possible.

You can use the following exercises with weights:

  • Palms-In Shoulder Press;
  • Back Supported Palms-In Shoulder Press;
  • Palms-In Alternated Shoulder Press;
  • Bent-Over Rear Deltoid Raise;
  • Rear Deltoid Raise;
  • Rear Deltoid Circle;
  • Straight-Arm Front Deltoid Raise;
  • Upright Row.

You may be interested in a comprehensive boulder shoulder workout routine.

Work Out Your Bicep. Bicep workout should be diverse. In addition, to use two beams (heads) of this muscle group, you need to remember to load the brachialis, which is located under the biceps. It is during the training of this muscle that the height of the biceps will increase.

There are several basic exercises for the biceps. Just note that although pull-ups and reverse grip are such, they are difficult to fully use in pumping your arms. This is due to the fact that, in addition to the biceps, the back works too, and it takes a lot of energy. Often, this fact prevents you from concentrating fully and put all the energy only on training your arms.

You can use the following dumbbell exercises:

  • Incline Dumbbell Hammer Curl;
  • Incline Inner-Biceps Curl;
  • EZ-Bar Curl;
  • Wide-Grip Standing Barbell Curl;
  • Zottman Curl;
  • Regular-Grip Barbell Curl;
  • Dumbbell Biceps Curl;
  • Hammer Curl;
  • Seated Inner-Bicep Curl;
  • Seated Concentration Curl;
  • Bench Alternated Biceps Curl;
  • Supine Biceps Curl.

Grow Your Tricep. Contrary to popular belief, it is more likely to make the arms bigger using the triceps exercises, not the biceps ones. The bicep muscles consist of three heads, the development of which will significantly increase your arms. The tricep can be trained on a single day, or together with the bicep.

You can use the following exercises for your arm workouts with dumbbells:

  • Two-Armed Tricep Extension;
  • One-Armed Tricep Extension;
  • Seated Tricep Extension;
  • Tricep Kickback;
  • Bent-Over One-Arm Tricep Extension;
  • Lying Tricep Extension;
  • Tricep Bench Press.

You can do the exercises mentioned above in ordinary tempo or make a 10-minute circuit. Just tone it up!

Arm Toning Workouts – the Conclusion

If you have dumbbells at home, it’s good. But if you do not have dumbbells, this is not a problem. You can replace dumbbells with different things, such as plastic bottles with sand or water, cast iron products, bags with weight, etc. With this equipment, you can develop your arms, adding strength and volume.

We recommend you to use the exercises listed in the article, since they are basic and work in almost all cases. Do not forget about the regularity of training, because only dedicated workouts are able to make your arms strong and toned. The results will not come quickly (unless you use anabolic steroids like Anavar, Winstrol and Trenbolone, which provide a fast effect). This will take at least three months of intensive training. But you can use some natural ways to enhance your progression in training, namely protein cocktails, proper nutrition (less carbohydrates, more protein, no trans fats) and, if desired, other sports nutrition, such as BCAA and Tribulus Terrestris.