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Anti-estrogenic Clomid drug for women & men is available for sale online!

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Clomid is used as fertility drug by some females who can’t become pregnant. However, the drug is used also by men to prevent negative effects of anabolics. But it isn’t an anabolic (like Clenbuterol cycle and other meds). In this article, we’ll tell you all about this drug and its usage for medicinal & sports purposes.

Clomid for sale – main features

The main active agent of the medicament is Clomiphene. Another brand name of the drug is Serophene. Also, the drug can be used for oligospermia in men (ie for medical reasons).

Clomid for men – using in bodybuilding & reviews

The drug affects the pituitary gland, which then activates the production of more gonadotropins. This leads to a natural production of testosterone. This quality of the medicament is used by athletes after the end of taking of any types of anabolic steroids.

But the most important advantage of Clomid for men is its anti-estrogenic nature, which is often used to prevent the negative effects of anabolic steroids. If the athlete knows how to take Clomid correctly, then he retains the effect of taking anabolic and at the same time, he protects himself against many negative consequences.

According to bodybuilders’ reviews, the medicament has a good effect.

Clomid for women – using & dosage

Clomid for women is used to stimulate ovulation in women who can’t ovulate naturally. The precise mechanism of the drug’s action is not fully understood. It is assumed that clomiphene blocks receptors for estrogens in the hypothalamus and ovaries and enhances the pituitary gland secretion of gonadotropic hormones, in particular, luteinizing hormone. This, in turn, stimulates the maturation and endocrine activity of the follicle in the ovary and increases the concentration of estradiol in the blood.

Indications for the use of the drug by women include:

  • Induction of ovulation in women with infertility due to secondary ovarian hypofunction of central hypothalamic origin;
  • Amenorrhea after the use of contraceptives;
  • Secondary amenorrhea and oligomenorrhea of different etiology;
  • Galactorrhea (in those cases when its tumor genesis can be completely excluded);
  • Stein-Levental syndrome (polycystic ovary degeneration);
  • Chiari-Frommel syndrome (pathologically prolonged lactation in combination with amenorrhea).

Clomid for women – ovulation calculator

On the web, you can find special ovulation calculator. This online tool is designed to calculate the expected date of ovulation and the most suitable day for having sex to get pregnant. As the initial data for the calculator, the day on which the woman began taking the medication is used. Typically, the drug is used for 5 days, starting on a 3.4 or 5 cycle day. Usually, ovulation takes place 5-9 days after the last pill of the drug is taken. As you know, days during ovulation are the most favorable for pregnancy. Therefore, doctors recommend patients to intensify sex activity these days. Thanks to this, spermatozoa can swim to the egg that emerged from the ovaries during ovulation. As a result, pregnancy will occur. This is the expected result of taking the drug.

Side effects of Clomid

The drug can lead to the occurrence of some side effects. Among them are dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, depression, fatigue, excitability, insomnia, weight gain, lower abdominal pain, vasomotor symptoms and visual impairment (disappear after the course of treatment). Rarely patients have cystic enlargement of the ovaries, especially in the case of Stein-Leventhal syndrome (the ovary can grow to 4-8 cm); therefore, during treatment, the basal temperature should be regularly monitored and when the disturbances occur, the use of the medication should be canceled. With prolonged therapy, reversible hair loss can increase. Sometimes patients notice a rash on the skin or allergic dermatitis, pain in the mammary glands, dysmenorrhea, polyuria and pollakiuria, multiple pregnancies.

Where can you buy Clomid online?

Any person having a prescription document can buy Clomid online. That is, this medicament is available for sale to those people who have medical indications for using this drug. However, many people buy this drug at the black market to use it for sporting purposes.