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Anti-Estrogenic Clomid Drug for Women & Men is Available for Sale Online!

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Clomid is used as a fertility drug by some females who struggle to become pregnant. However, the drug is also used by men to prevent the negative side effect conferred by anabolic steroids.

But note that Clomid isn’t an anabolic used similarly to the ways shredders use the Clenbuterol cycle. In this topic, we’ll tell you all about this drug and its usage for medicinal and sporting purposes.

Clomid for Sale — Main Features

The main active agent in the medication is Clomiphene (chemical formula: C26H28ClNO). Another recognizable brand name for the drug is Serophene (see the full list of brands below). The medicine can also be used for oligospermia in men, that is for purely medical reasons.

It belongs to a nonsteroidal grouping of SERMs that suppress the estrogen receptors (ERs) located in the hypothalamus. The drug’s approval in the 1960s was associated with the beginning of the assisted reproductive technology (ART) era.

As reported in 2002 by H. Sovino, T. Sir-Petermann, and L. Devoto at the Chilean Instituto de Investigación Materno Infantil, Clomiphene is beneficial for IVF cycles (in vitro fertilization) and is used in some clinics in conjunction with HMG or recombinant FSH.

Clomid for Bodybuilding for Men: Use & Reviews

The drug affects the pituitary gland (hypophysis). Under its influence, the activation of gonadotropin production inevitably occurs. This contributes to the natural testosterone output, which is a fundamental process all musclebound persons keenly await as the result of any type of anabolic steroid therapy.

The anti-estrogenic nature is widely considered the most helpful of Clomid’s features for men. It induces a salubrious impact useful at preventing the unwanted and objectionable effects caused by anabolic steroids. Athletes’ awareness of the outcomes associated with the overuse of Clomid will protect them from countless lamentable consequences.

According to critiques put forth by bodybuilders, the medication has a significant action upon the body.

Clomid for Women: Use and Dosage

Clomid, in regards to the fairer sex, enjoys a solid and well-deserved reputation as a tool for ovulation stimulation in those ladies whose reproductive system isn’t fully producing this natural process.

The drug’s mechanism of action is not fully clear yet. Insofar as any hypothesis is accurate, scientists assume that clomiphene acts as a blocker for the receptors located in the hypothalamus, these have some impact on the ovaries’ estrogen levels.

This action leads to amplified gonadotropic hormone (for instance, the luteinizing hormone) secretion by the pituitary gland. This urges the maturation and endocrine activation of the ovary’s follicle and raises the estradiol content in the blood.

Indications for taking the drug by women include:

  • Ovulation induction in infertile women triggered by the secondary hypofunction of ovaries with a central hypothalamic origin
  • Amenorrhea caused by contraceptive usage
  • Secondary amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea of various natures
  • Galactorrhea (Pronounced guh-lack-toe-REE-uh. A milky discharge from the nipples unrelated to normal lactation)
  • Stein-Levental syndrome (a degenerative condition resulting from polycystic ovaries)
  • Chiari-Frommel syndrome (pathologically prolonged lactation in combination with amenorrhea)

Clomid for Women — Ovulation Calculators

On the web, you can find special ovulation calculators. Makers design these online tools so that ladies can calculate the expected date of ovulation, and, correspondingly, the most suitable day to have sex to get pregnant.

The day on which the woman in question began taking the medication is used as the initial data for the calculator. Typically, the drug is used for five days, starting on the 3rd, 4th or 5th day of the menstruation cycle.

Usually, ovulation takes place 5 to 9 days after the last pill is taken. As you know, the days during ovulation are the most favorable for pregnancy. Therefore, doctors recommend patients to intensify sexual activity these days. Thanks to this, spermatozoa can, hopefully, swim to the egg that emerged from the ovaries during ovulation, potentially lead to fertilization. This is the expected result of taking Clomid tablets.

Clomid’s Side Effects

The pharmaceutical can lead to the occurrence of some adverse events, in particular, users experience:

Dizziness, nervousness, headaches, insomnia, nausea, vomiting, muscle cramps, depression, heart problems, excitability, weight gain, abdominal pain, increased arterial tension, vasomotor symptoms, difficulties with vision (this condition will disappear as soon as the therapy cycle is terminated).

On rare occasions patients face cystic enlargement of the ovaries, especially with Stein-Leventhal syndrome (the ovary size may be 4 to 8 cm). To monitor the current state of health you’re in, determine your basal temperature constantly and discontinue treatment if you notice any disturbances.

A word of warning: Continuous therapy increases hair loss. Sometimes patients observe skin rashes or allergic dermatitis, mammary gland pain, dysmenorrhea, polyuria and pollakiuria, and multiple gestations.

Where Can You Buy Clomid Online?

Any person with a prescription can buy Clomid online. This medicinal drug is available for sale to those people who have a medical indication for the use of this drug.

However, many people purchase this drug on the black market specifically to use it for sporting purposes. The product is marketed under oodles of brands globally, including:

  • Bemot
  • Biogen
  • Blesifen
  • Chloramiphene
  • Clomene
  • ClomHEXAL
  • Clomifencitrat (Clomifeencitraat)
  • Clomifene
  • Clomifeni citras (Clostilbegyt)
  • Clomifeno tableta
  • Clomifert