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Anabolic Steroid Use – How to Take Safely, Symptoms, and Dangers.

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Every person has probably heard about steroid drugs. “Bodybuilding steroids for sale” is a very searched query on the Internet. Experts claim that only in America anabolics are misused by 1% of the country’s population (1 to 3 million). “Misused” means that drugs are not used to treat diseases (medical uses) but to improve a physical form and athletic performance. How to use steroids safely? What are the dangers of steroid use? Can they cause an addiction? The answers to these and other questions will be found below.

How to Use Steroids Safely — Guidelines

Proper use of steroid preparations requires certain knowledge and skills. You should choose the right medicament, design a cycle (the use chart), and know how to make injections properly. Since Steroid drugs are illegal in many countries, try to keep in secret their applying.

And the last tip, related to steroid drugs, concerns conducting post-cycle treatment (PCT) with such drugs as Anastrozole. PCT helps the organism to restore natural testosterone emission and save gained musculature. Always take precautions when administering this kind of medication.

Symptoms of Steroid Use — How to Determine that an Athlete Uses the Drugs?

Symptoms of “juice” consumption are manifested by specific body composition and muscle definition peculiarities, and numerous visible side effects.

Here are some symptoms of steroid use:

  • Too dramatic figure change (rapid musculature gaining for a short time).
    Bones and muscles disharmony. Bones thickness is stable and almost unchangeable in adulthood. Huge arms and legs musculature with slim wrists and ankles may testify of anabolics’ use.
  • Acne. Artificial testosterone level augmentation often triggers sebaceous glands abnormalities.
  • Big belly. Anabolics, insulin, and HGH may lead to the abnormal growth of organs.
  • Unbelievable definition. Perfect muscle definition along with huge muscle mass may be a sign of “juicing”.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Steroid Use

Athletes using steroid medicines, such as testosterone cypionate, assure that these meds have advantages but drawbacks also exist.

The list of advantages:

  • rapid musculature enlargement;
  • significant strength and endurance enhancement;
  • better results elevate motivation for further intensive and desperate training.

The disadvantages are:

  • possible adverse events (for example, prolonged use causes testicular atrophy, especially if PCT is absent);
  • the risk of being detected in an anti-doping control;
  • probable addiction development;
  • irreversible masculinization in females.

Dangers of Steroid Use — Adverse Effects of the Drugs

Undesired negative consequences include:

  • intensive puberty in adolescents;
  • destructive changes in the heart tissue structure;
  • cardiovascular medical conditions;
  • HDL cholesterol (“good” cholesterol) decline and growth of the LDL (“bad” cholesterol) level;
  • high arterial tension;
  • acne;
  • fluid retention;
  • baldness (in men);
  • masculinization (in women), etc.
  • liver disorders, liver cancer, which is a possible effect of long-term use of steroid meds;

Steroid use is also fraught with adverse events, which affect a person’s psychic and behavior. Among them there are:

Aggression and mood fluctuations. A juicer experiences anger attacks, reacting to ordinary everyday troubles; rage flashes can be significant. Also, mood fluctuations, including signs of maniacal disorders, which can provoke violence, are possible. Aggression and unstable moods are triggered by the limbic system disorder, which determines mood and memory.

Forgetfulness and absent-mindedness. People who use steroid drugs can be exceedingly forgetful, absentminded and inattentive. Sometimes, they can get into a very embarrassing situation, not realizing their strange and stupid behavior.

Depression. The user’s confidence and proudness may suddenly disappear if he or she meets other athletes with a better appearance and more rippling muscles. At first, there is an anger attack, which morphs into depression. It is very important to notice the depression’s signs to indicate probable drug addiction. This feeling of despondency badly influences the quality of life. Even suicide attempt may take place.

Hallucinations and fantasies. This is a rather widespread negative consequence. The addiction gets a person fixated on what others say about his or her figure. An athlete is sure that everyone stares at him or her and assesses his or her results. It induces conflicts with relatives and friends, deteriorates his/her work performance, impedes enjoying life.

Of course, side effects do not manifest themselves in all persons using anabolics. However, some people suffer from very severe side effects.

Possible Negative Effect of Anabolic Steroid Use — Addiction

Long-term use of anabolics may contribute to the development of drug dependence. It can be difficult to overcome, sometimes it requires long-term therapy. Cases of a withdrawal syndrome may be also possible, they can occur after a sharp stopping of the use of the drug. What is the reason for the development of addiction?

Steroid drugs’ consumption quickly triggers tolerance development to these medicaments. An addicted individual wants to increase every next dose for attaining more tangible results.

Young people, aged from 18 to 20, are the most frequent victims of this causation. Many users begin to recognize their addiction to pharmacology when they realize that they take ever-increasing dosages, not paying attention to obvious health disorders and difficulties in communicating with associates.

When someone who is dependent on steroid drugs stops the cycle, numerous adverse events are induced by discontinuation of the therapy. They are dispiritedness, abrupt mood swings, distress, anxiety, constant arousal, attention issues, sleep problems, absence of appetite, anorexia nervosa, headaches, muscle and joint pain, meager sex drive, and a constant longing for a new dose.

Depression is considered the most dangerous. Its manifestations can be very severe and life-threatening. Treatment absence leads to observing the depression long after the cycle termination.

Kenneth B. Kashkin and Herbert D. Kleber in their article “Hooked on hormones? An anabolic steroid addiction hypothesis” (Connecticut Mental Health Center, 1989) suggested that anabolic dependence disorder may be similar to cocaine addiction. Its treatment should be grounded on the analysis of steroids’ influence on opioid and aminergic neurotransmission systems.

The Bottom Line on Anabolic Steroid Use

Anabolic steroid use is associated with certain risks. If you are an ordinary amateur athlete, don’t use these meds. You will only put your health at risk, especially if you do not have special knowledge about the use of anabolic drugs. We believe that anabolics are tools for professionals. If you still decide to use these drugs, do it wisely. Consult a sports expert in the appropriate area, evaluate the pros and cons, and plan the right post-cycle therapy.

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