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Anabolic Steroid use – “How to” safely guides, symptoms of using and dangers.

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Every person probably has heard about steroid drugs. “Bodybuilding steroids for sale” is a very searched query in the Internet. Scientists believe that only in the United States anabolics are not used for the intended purpose by 1 to 3 million people (1% of the country’s population). “Not for the intended purpose” means that drugs are not used to treat diseases (medical uses) but to improve physical form and athletic performance. How to use steroids safely? What are dangers of steroid use? Can they cause an addiction? The answers to these and other questions will be found below.

How to use steroids safely – the guide

Proper use of steroid drugs requires special knowledge and skills. A person should choose the right drugs, make a cycle (the use chart), and must be able to do injections properly. Steroid drugs are illegal in a lot of countries, and therefore, try not to tell anyone that you are applying them.

And the last tip on how to use steroid drugs properly is conducting post-cycle treatment (PCT) with such drugs as anastrozole. PCT helps the body to restore natural testosterone production and save gained muscles. Always take precautions when administering this kind of medications.

Symptoms of steroid use – how to determine that an athlete uses the drugs?

Symptoms of steroid use include some peculiarities of the body composition and muscle definition, as well as some visible side effects.

Here are some symptoms of steroid drugs using:
1. Too dramatic change of the figure (quick gaining of muscle mass in a short time).
Inconsistency of bones and muscles. The thickness of bones is almost impossible to change in adulthood. Huge muscles of the arms and legs against a background of thin wrists and ankles may be symptoms of anabolics’ use.

2. An artificially elevated level of testosterone often leads to abnormalities of the sebaceous glands.

3. Big belly. The use of anabolic, insulin and growth hormone leads to the fact that not only muscle tissue increases, but also the internal organs of the body grow.

4. Unbelievable definition. Very high muscle definition with large muscle mass may be a sign of the use of anabolics.

Advantages & disadvantages of steroid use

Athletes using steroid drugs, such as testosterone cypionate, say that these meds have some advantages but drawbacks also exist.

So here is the list of advantages:

  • rapid muscle mass gaining;
  • a significant increase in strength;
  • better results and better motivation to train harder.

The disadvantages of steroid use are the following:

  • possible side effects (for example, very prolonged use causes atrophy of testicles, especially in cases of post-cycle therapy absence);
  • the possibility to be caught in an anti-doping control;
  • the risk of addiction development;
  • irreversible masculinization in females.

Dangers of steroid use – adverse effects of the drugs

Adverse effects of the drugs include:

  • accelerated puberty in adolescents;
  • changes in the structure of the heart tissue;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • lowering the level of HDL cholesterol (“good” cholesterol) and increasing the level of LDL (“bad” cholesterol);
  • fluid retention in tissues;
  • high blood pressure;
  • acne;
  • baldness (in men);
  • masculinization (in women), etc.
  • liver disorders, liver cancer, which is a possible long-term effect use of steroid meds;

Dangers of steroid use also include possible side effects, which affect psychic and behavior of a person. Among these dangers are:

1. Aggressive behavior and mood fluctuations. A person experiences attacks of anger in response to ordinary everyday troubles; flashes of rage can be extremely pronounced. Also, often there are mood fluctuations, including signs of maniacal disorders, which can lead to violence. Aggressive behavior and unstable moods take place due to the fact that steroid drugs can affect the limbic brain system responsible for mood and memory.

2. Forgetfulness and absent-mindedness. People who use steroid drugs can become extremely forgetful and inattentive. Sometimes, they can get into a very embarrassing situation, while not realizing that they behave strangely and stupidly.

3. Depression. Both men and women who use steroid drugs can feel great and very proud of their appearance. But they can dramatically change their minds if they accidentally see someone who, in their opinion, looks better than they. This can provoke an attack of anger, followed by depression. This first sign of depression is extremely important, as its presence indicates the development of addiction. The result of this includes an increase in the dose of steroid drugs and the number of hours spent in the gym. Depression, in some cases, can even threaten life.

4. Hallucinations and fantasies. This side effect appears in many users of steroid drugs. Being addicted, a person begins to believe that other people are always staring at him/her, constantly assessing his/her look. This has a very strong effect on the psyche, causing conflicts in relationships in the family, with friends, and at work.

Of course, side effects do not manifest themselves in all persons using anabolics. However, some people suffer from very severe side effects.

Possible negative effect of anabolic steroid use – the addiction

Long-term use of anabolics may contribute to the development of drug dependence. It can be difficult to overcome, sometimes it requires a long-term therapy. Cases of withdrawal syndrome may be also possible, they can occur after a sharp stopping of the use of the drug. What is the reason for the development of addiction?

When a person starts taking steroid drugs, he/she quickly develop tolerance to them, so he needs more and more dosages each time to achieve better results or to continue improving his/her appearance.

Surprisingly, the dependence on steroid drugs is most often observed among young people aged 18-20. Many of those who use steroid drugs begin to recognize that they are addicted to pharmacology when they realize that they are using ever-increasing dosages, despite having clear health problems and difficulties in communicating with other people.

When someone who is dependent on steroid drugs decides to stop using them, he/she faces numerous side effects of discontinuation of the use these drugs, such as: depression, mood swings, fatigue, a state of constant arousal, anxiety, attention problems, insomnia, anorexia, headaches, pain in muscles and joints, loss of appetite, decreased sexual desire and a constant thirst for a new dose of steroid drugs.

Depression is one of the most dangerous side effects. In some cases, its manifestations can be very severe and even provoke a suicide attempt. In case of the absence of treatment, some signs of depression can be observed even a year after stopping the use of steroid drugs.

The bottom line on anabolic steroid use

Anabolic steroid use is associated with certain risks. If you are an ordinary amateur athlete, don’t use these meds. You will only put your health at risk, especially if you do not have special knowledge about the use of anabolic drugs. We believe that anabolics are tools for professionals. If you still decide to use these drugs, do it wisely. Consult a sports expert in the appropriate area, evaluate the pros and cons, and plan the right post-cycle therapy.

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