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Anabolic Steroid Forums – Top 5 Websites, Where You Can Discuss Anabolics

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If you take anabolically active drugs or wanna learn more about them, you can visit forums dedicated to their proper administration. On these sites, users share real buying experience, insights into using anabolic preparations and constructing steroid cycles.

What Is a Forum?

Forum (web / online forum) is a website designed for online discussions. Such site is filled by users themselves. Previously, such systems were the only place where you could get assistance. But with the Internet expansion, newer and simpler services have appeared. Social networks and comments killed most of the forums, they simply were not needed.

Notwithstanding, people still use them. And this is justified: after all, they’re usually places where you can get qualified free help.

The most visited forums in the web: Reddit, Quora, Stack Overflow, GamesSpot, tianya.cn, IGN Boards, Slickdeals, KASKUS (Indonesian community), and XDA Developers Android Forums.

Imagine you wanna take steroids. These are potentially dangerous medicines and obviously, you have questions about them. It is not very pleasant to call friends every moment, at the same time consulting experts is too expensive. But through the cyberspace you can find enthusiasts who took these medicines, learned them well and are ready to help for free. (However, this stuff can be perilous for health, it is not recommended to use steroidal drugs without a doctor’s prescription).

This is the forums’ goal. They unite individuals, carried away by a certain theme. In our case, you need to find a resource, devoted to anabolic steroids. To fully access habitues’ posts, you usually need to register.

How Can You Register on Forums?

You signup by clicking on the ‘Register’ link on the site of chosen forum. The system will ask you to type your user name, e-mail address and password. Besides, some other fields will appear for your responding. One part of them will be binding upon, the other part will be optional. After completing all necessary options, you will be successfully registered. In some cases, you may be asked to click on “activation email”, which is sent to your address. After that the registration will be completed.

Turn attention to the fact that showing your email does not mean that you will be sent unnecessary spam because you are allowed to hide your email from evil eyes. You can share your address with needed people but the system will not make it open unless you permit.

Evolutionary – Website and Paradigmatic Forum

Evolutionary is a portal about bodybuilding and steroids. This site has its own forum (https://www.evolutionary.org/forums/). It is modeled according to the classical structure and has several subsections:

  • Anabolic Steroids and PEDs. There, users can discuss anabolic steroids and other medicaments to improve sport performance. Over 500,000 posts dedicated to specific anabolic steroids (for example, Sustanon 250), steroid cycles, athletes who took steroids, etc. have been written in this subsection.
  • Supplements. It contains discussions devoted to supplements, for example, those designed to boost testosterone naturally.
  • Product Reviews. This section contains various reviews about all types of supplements, including prohormones, dietary, health, and more.
  • Source Talk. Its second name is “Underground discussion”. It can be accessed only by registered users.
  • “Approved Sources” is also accessible with restrictions. Only signed-up users can get advantages from it.
  • Source Reviews. Here, each folk can get acquainted with reviews of drugmakers/suppliers of various medications and supps.

As of February 1, 2018, this forum had 10127 users online. 326 participants & 9801 firstcomers.

Steroid.com Forums – Large Platform For Deliberations’ Synthesis

On the Steroid.com website (https://forums.steroid.com/), you can find a huge forum with a bunch of sections that discuss the use of anabolic, testosterone replacement therapy, sport supplements, etc. There are many partitions on the forum, including:

  • Questions & answers about anabolics;
  • Discussion of anabolic brands;
  • HRT – low testosterone treatment, anti-aging;
  • PCT (post cycle therapy);
  • Hormone replacement for women;
  • Workout and training;
  • Supplements, etc.

As of February 1, 2018, this forum had 14,905 users online, 123 partakers, 14782 guests.

Anabolic Steroid Forums

Anabolic Steroid Forums (http://www.anabolicsteroidforums.com/) is a slightly smaller site than the above. Nevertheless, it is popular. The forum is divided into 3 main sections (Bodybuilding Zone, AAS Zone, AAS Sponsor Forums) and one additional (Other Forums). Subsection «Anabolic Steroids» in AAS Zone section includes several threads.

As of February 1, 2018, this forum had 2914 active users. 497 members and 2417 guests.

Brotherhoodofpain Anabolic Steroid Forum

Brotherhoodofpain (https://brotherhoodofpain.com/) is a site whose owners position themselves as the largest growing bodybuilding and steroid forum in the whole world. We cannot judge whether this is true or since there are no visitor statistics on its main page. But according to Similarweb, Brotherhoodofpain is ranked #2431 for Internet and Telecom/Chats and Forums and #315617 globally (as of February 2019), which is a creditable achievement. Like the reviewed platforms, this one is divided into several sections, including:

  • Discussion of Anabolics;
  • Women Training, Fitness & Anabolic Steroids;
  • Anabolic Steroid Profiles;
  • HGH, IGF and Peptides;
  • TRT;
  • Home Chemistry.

There is also a section for Australian people on the forum.

JuicedMuscle – Small Discussion Site

JuicedMuscle (https://juicedmuscle.com/) is a message board with a relatively small readership. It contains a subsection called “General Chat” (a forum for all general talk), a subsection on anabolic steroids, sports supplements, etc. As of March 17, 2019 (09:01 AM), this forum had 41 users online, 1 member and 40 guests.

Other narrowly known forums where people can discuss anabolics: forums.hardwarezone.com.sg, iRoids.com, thinksteroids.com, geoexpat.com, thebody.com, ugbodybuilding.com.

Disclaimer. As stated by Fink J, Schoenfeld BJ, Hackney AC, Matsumoto M et al. (Phys Sportsmed. 2019 Feb), information, which is spread among forum users, nourishes the headlong misinformation and unsafe practices. The recommended dosages and approaches may be misleading to folks who cannot go to a doctor because of the trepidation regarding repercussions. So be careful, incredulous, canny and perspicacious. Have your head on your shoulders.