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Alex Rodriguez and Steroids – How Did Illegal Drugs Influence His Career?

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Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez is a professional US baseball player of Dominican origin. He is known not only for his sporting achievements, but also for his love affairs with Hollywood stars and other celebs, such as Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Anne Wojcicki, Demi Moore, Torrie Wilson, and Bethenny Frankel. In addition, the athlete is a controversial personality due to steroid scandals.

Did Alex Rodriguez Take Steroids?

On February 7, 2009, Sports Illustrated magazine reported that Alex was tested positive for test & Primobolan in 2003. According to the report, Rodriguez used illegal substances between 2001 & 2003.

While playing for the Texas Rangers team in 2003, Rod received excellent player stats. He gained the title of Most Valuable Player in the USA League, and also was given the Silver Slugger Award. Alexander is considered one of the greatest sportsmen in the history of baseball, but his kudos was seriously spoiled by doping scandals. Moreover, Rodriguez‘s cousin, Yuri Sucart was sentenced to 7 months in prison for distributing HGH and anabolic meds.

Alex Rodriguez and HGH Scandal: is He a “Juicer”?

In 2013, Alex became the subject of another famous doping scandal. This year, the Biogenesis case was made public. It turned out that Rodriguez received supplies of GH from the Biogenesis, a clinic based in Coral Gables, Florida. Moreover, the official statement said that the athlete used numerous illegal substances, which allows us to conclude that Alex was not limited to using only somatotropin (HGH). In connection with this scandal, the sportsman was suspended from over 200 games. Although he tried to appeal this decision in the courts, the suspension wasn’t canceled. In 2014, A-Rod admitted using “juice” to DEA.

Sergio Escalona, César Puello, Jordany Valdespin, Everth Cabrera, Nelson Cruz, Jhonny Peralta, Jordan Norberto and others were also involved in this scandalous case.

Steroid Cycle of Alex Rodriguez: Test, Primo, and GH

Given official data, we can confidently say that Alex Rodriguez used testosterone (probably testosterone cypionate) in his steroid cycle.

Here are short descriptions of drugs used by Alex Rodriguez:

  1. Testosterone. This is an androgenic anabolic hormone. Its functions include the promotion of the development of muscle tissue, increased metabolism and increased bone density. Also, this hormone positively affects the general health and sense of well-being of a person. This means that people with a lowered level of this hormone in the body have problems with muscle mass, bones and mood (they can develop depression). Testosterone is naturally produced in the body. Its synthetic versions are available in pharmacies under a doctor’s prescription. Baseball players like Rodriguez use anabolics to enhance their athletic performance due to strengthening musculature and bone tissue.
  2. Primobolan. This is a well-known AAS, which is available in the form of tablets. It is popular among bodybuilders and other sportspeople, in particular among baseballers. The active substance of Primobolan is methenolone enanthate. Generally, Primobolan is considered as a drug with minor effects. It should be stacked with other steroid meds if a sportsman wants to achieve significant results. In addition, this stuff is one of the safest anabolic meds on the market. Baseball sportsmen like A-Rod use Primobolan to improve their performance during matches, activate fat burning and achieve a greater muscular definition. This leads to increased strength, power & speed, which is very important in sports.
  3. Human Growth Hormone (HGH). This is a vital hormonal substance, which is naturally present in the human body. However, it is also available in exogenous form. This form is used for medical purposes and to improve athletic performance in different sports disciplines. The results of the use of HGH in sports are good but they are not sufficient to obtain a pronounced effect. Therefore, they are often used only as a component of the steroid cycle. Baseball players use growth hormone to improve muscle growth, increase bone tissue density and accelerate recovery after intense training and debilitating competition.

Is Alex Rodriguez on Steroids Now?

Now the sportsman devoted himself to his beloved Jennifer Lopez. The romance of the artist and the baseball player began in March 2017. This year, Jennifer and Alex often showed tender feelings to each other not only in social networks but also in public. In December 2017, information appeared that Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez will celebrate Christmas and New Year together for the first time. That is why beloved ones, who will become a bride and groom soon, do everything to make the holidays magical. They began with a Christmas tree: the couple decorated the festive tree with the children. 48-year-old Jlo published several photos in the Instagram feed, where she and her 42-year-old lover decorate the Christmas tree along with her children (Emma and Max).

It is likely that Alexander takes pharmaceuticals now (even after finishing his sports career). If you look at his photo where he walks with his beloved Jennifer Lopez, you’ll notice that the former athlete looks unnaturally bulked. Some people find it hard to stop using steroids, because this leads to a quick rollback. Therefore, people develop a psychological addiction. We cannot argue that Rodriguez is psychologically dependent on “juice”. But most likely he uses these drugs up until this time.